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LegendMUD History Trivia Contest!

The Trivia Contest is now over and we are no longer accepting entries.

On February 14th, 1996, the second anniversary of Legend's opening to the full Internet will be marked with celebrations. As part of the special commemorations, we'd like to celebrate the rich history that Legend has acquired in even this short time. To this end we're organizing this special trivia contest.

Below you will find 25 questions whose answers are buried in the mists of Legend's past. Fortunately, the answers can also be found buried in the back issues of the Legendary Times, the mud's official newsletter. Strung coupons will be awarded to the players who manage to answer all 25 questions correctly. There is a limit of one coupon per player!

There is also a secret treasure hunt. There is a Legend character who appears three times in the trivia questions and answers. Somewhere in all the pages on the LegendMUD web site is a page devoted to that character. Find the link to that page, and buried somewhere in it will be a code word. You'll get an extra coupon if you turn in the code word with the correct trivia answers.

Fine print: immortals and their mortal characters, and their families and all employees of LegendMUD (*wink*) are disqualified from winning coupons, but are welcome to try anyway. The winners will be announced at the Second Annual Expies Awards in February 1996.

Happy Birthday LegendMUD!

The Questions

1. How do you emote a possessive?

2. Who first called the Dark Lord a guppy?

3. Whose was the first wedding on LegendMUD?

4. What was the first area to open?

5. What was the entrance bug?

6. Who was the patriarch of Clan Connaught?

7. Who killed him?

8. Who had a vision and became a nun?

9. What was Revenant's real name?

10. What was the topic of the first Lecture Series event?

11. Who coded the moon phases?

12. How much was the ransom paid to Kiera by the Order of the Scroll?

13. Why did Dusty kill Kiera?

14. Who ran the Legend Superbowl Playerkilling Tournament?

15. What was stolen from Rusalka when she was murdered?

16. How many pairs of twins have been born on Legend? Give names.

17. Which part of Moira's heart was clogged up?

18. Who took over Africa?

19. Which is better against cloth armor, a club or a sword?

20. What is the most disputed property in the mud?

21. How many Masters of the Order of the Scroll have there been?

22. How many immortals have installed an area and then resigned from the mud?

23. Dusty let him go, he spurned Silk, he married Birdy. But who accused Greyscot of infidelity with G?

24. Name any one of the characters of the player who has reached level 50 more times than anyone else.

25. The ex-immortal who runs the Legend Discussion List also started something for the Legendary Times. Who and what was it?

Mail your answers to Best of luck!

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