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Posted by Stain on 12/02

Just curious, but am I going to be able to use this skill any time soon? For you wise-asses that take everything as an extreme tumble does go off once in a while now, but not nearly enough for having perc/dex as my primary stats. When I built this char snipers tumbled far more than other char types, I tumble about as much as my last fighter who had 60 dex and 30 perc today. oh yeah, any chance perc/dex chars will be able to tumble stuns like before, or even a little more than now at the very least? When I fought DH I was bound mostly, but since I am repeatedly wfw'd in every fight vs. mages and have tumbled a whole 2 stuns in this chars life, I don't think 'bind' makes much diff.

From: Darkheart Saturday, November 20, 07:42AM tumble does not go off often enough when you're on the receiving end, as i rarely tumble any bashes (died a lot THINKING i'd tumble the next bash attempt) or headbutts, but on the giving end, tumble goes off a helluva lot. I personally see tumble go off against and for me at least twice in a non-one-sided battle, which is just about once per 3 skills or so.

From: Thyme Saturday, November 20, 10:49PM it's karma, my sniper tumbles (or did) about 50% of all bashes that come his way. maybe it's the people I was fighting and their stats, but it works fine IMO.

From: Agony Sunday, November 21, 12:04AM I have noticed a big diference in tumble as well. I have a char with 60 dex that has YET to tumble a single thing. On the other hand i have a dex/perc sniper who has tumbled once in 30 levels. Givin that tumble was against a mob not another player. This char is the same but higher dex/perc and hasnt tumbled yet. I would like to see tumble work a little more and actually work a little bit vs stuns more too. just my 2 cents Don Agony

From: Abigail Sunday, November 21, 02:04AM Considering 60 dex is the minimum for tumble, and tumble was changed so that you couldn't tumble as well at 60 as you could at 100, don't expect to tumble alot. At 95 dex, I tumble rather frequently. Probably the same amount I did before the change.

From: Stain Sunday, November 21, 06:09PM I have 94 dex, and since this char wasn't around before the change I can only judge by how often my sniper buddys tumbled back then. I don't tumble even half as much as they did, always at 3 wary with about 10 more perc, too.

From: Tempus Thursday, December 02, 06:50AM what is this "tumble" you guys talk about? With 100 dex i am still waiting to see it happen :P


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