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3c create spells.

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Posted by Tatiana on 12/07

ok, I feel like listing a few spells that I'm finding to be slightly comical, and why. poison cloud - useless as a 3c spell since it makes the entire room agg to me, considering it's 2c counterpart doesn't make anyone agg. fever - could be a really great spell with a chalice, too bad I can only cast it on mobs or my pkill enabled friends. areasight - I don't think paying that much mana should simply tell me how much mv it takes to leave said room. maybe I'm wrong about some of these spells, and there are better uses for them, if so, please correct me. ;) -Tatiana

From: Asterix Saturday, November 27, 07:51PM wrong about the areasight spell awesome for discovering areas

From: Asterix Saturday, November 27, 07:52PM get chalice bag drink chalice get jug bag fill chalice jug put chalice bag put jug bag whoops

From: Sammael Saturday, November 27, 09:44PM Personally I use area sight a lot when figuring out quests and trying to find things I think might be in the room :) Maybe thats just me.

From: Tatiana Saturday, November 27, 11:32PM ok then, areasight has uses, what about poison cloud? waterwalk? fever?

From: Davien Sunday, November 28, 11:01AM You could add Rainbow Bridge and Paralyze to that list. Davien Holyoake.

From: Skar Sunday, November 28, 12:40PM Before I snagged a perma fly item, I used waterwalk all the time. It lasts a very long time and it removes the necessity of carrying a boat. When you have a strength score in the low twenties, any bit of equipment you can avoid carrying is a good thing. Rainbow bridge isn't as useful as fly, but if you can't fly it can get you into vertical rooms.

From: Tatiana Monday, November 29, 08:29PM ok, Skar, this is my entire point I think.. it takes a third circle mage to cast fly.. it takes a third circle mage to cast waterwalk.. it takes a third circle mage to cast rainbow bridge.. so why have all three? seems kind of pointless if you sit back and consider it.

From: Myrella Monday, November 29, 10:14PM Heck I'd be happy if we create mages actually got a spell or two that used Mrti and was actually useful. The two spells we do get are pretty pathetic. One is duplicated by a much more usefull skill and the other needs yet another skill to do anything usefull other than have people doing a certain quest bug you once in a blue moon. Myrella the Hedonist

From: Skar Tuesday, November 30, 02:52PM Waterwalk lasts a lot longer than fly -- long enough that you can use it instead of carrying a boat. The flight spell is far too brief. The two spells cost about the same, but waterwalk last much longer. As for rainbow bridge, I wouldn't use it unless I was a mage that hadn't learned the words for flight yet. I never disagreed that there are spells of marginal usefulness. I just don't think that waterwalk is one of them, since I relied upon it for months. Here's something that ticks me -- flash of light sets the victims to fighting rather than merely aggressive. This means that even if you are invisible and your targets can't see invisible, they will attack you. The spell should make them hate you, that's true, but they shouldn't be able to attack you until the blindness wears off.

From: Asterix Tuesday, November 30, 07:43PM Well... in my humble opinion, It doesnt really matters whether they are useful or not after all, a few more spells are better then none

From: Davien Thursday, December 02, 06:32AM I remember Rufus explaining the reasons that flask of light didn't set mobs to anything other than blind in a Q & A and then the spell changing a fortnight later. Something along the lines of "the flash is meant to disorientate as well as blind, and the mobs don't fight back while they are trying to clear their eyes, as opposed to the sudden blindness of the cause spell, where they remember the approximate position of the caster". ok, I can see why some people would consider this over-powerd in pkill as the victem would be unable to attack the caster until their vision returned, thus putting them at a fairly severe disadvantage. Maybe it would be better to address the question of why some mobs can see while blind, see invis people, etc without a really good historical/practical reason? Sidhe, sure, shopkeepers, ok, seriously hard group mobs, probably, but everyone? Davien Holyoake.

From: Thyme Saturday, December 04, 09:09AM Davien- I don't get the idea of pk'ers not having an advantage over other pk'ers, that's the whole idea, in MY opinion. what you've said sounds like "backstab has too much of a surprise element, it should be taken out". I don't buy that, a blind mob attacking you upon spellcast I can buy, as it may remember where you are, but if you were to flee/come back, that mob sure as hell wouldn't know it. Under the current system, the mob does.

From: Mugwump Monday, December 06, 01:03PM Considering that rainbow bridge costs more mana than flight, it ought to be a little more useful than it is. How about if the rainbow bridge spell created a timed climb tool? Not sure if that's possible, but it might make it a little more unique and useful.

From: Mariachi Monday, December 06, 09:47PM Create a tool? Wasn't this about cause spells? -boggle-

From: Manticore Tuesday, December 07, 02:11AM flash of light sets things agg both in pk and in mobkill, i thought. manticore

From: Clive Tuesday, December 07, 03:54AM Why would a post titled '3rd circle create spells' be about cause spells? ;) Clive

From: Mariachi Tuesday, December 07, 07:37AM uhh, cause i can't read.


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