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Posted by Rhungwynn on 12/18

I think there ought to be a spell of some sort like telekinesis that mages can use like the throw skill is used. Creates often have items that they wish to throw, and I, as a cause, just wish i had some way of getting a mob to come to me. That is all.

From: LadyAce Wednesday, December 15, 04:23PM You might want to just use throw or shoot -- I think it'd be cute if mages could make fireballs, but IMHO there are so many cool things we can do wit er with spells, replicating the throw/shoot skills doesn't make a lot of s sense. Up with uniqueness! :) -LadyAce

From: Craven Wednesday, December 15, 07:58PM I kinda think that it could be used in 2 ways. You could use it to do normal things like throw a vial or maybe a rusty knife, but also could be used maybe with a meteorite during battle to do some hellacious damage. Could be cool, a spell that requires a material object from the game and does good damage. Could still be stopped by juggle I suppose, but juggle a meteriorite eh :P

From: Manticore Wednesday, December 15, 08:32PM let's just give create mages a spell that knows the skill throw :p err, meant allowing them summoning one that knows how to throw. their 'dex' for the throw will be based on caster's mind and spell level, prolly half their mind + spell level = their throw ability. for cause mages, maybe a hurl spell that allows them to send throwable items towards an enemy for mana equivalent of stun, perhaps.

From: Manticore Wednesday, December 15, 08:35PM oh yah, to allow for some differentiation with the skill, the summoned mob should be an illusion so that ppl with det.ill cannot be thrown at, and for the cause version a sink should have a chance to stop the missile :p

From: Skar Wednesday, December 15, 11:13PM Usually the reason I want to throw is to get a mob to come to me. To that end, how about a magic dart spell that doesn't do a lot of damage, but will cause the mob to rush at you? Not as flexible as the throw skill, and absolutely useless when you need to throw a specific thing, but I'd like to see it. On the other hand, I did make the effort and managed to get the right stat balance to learn throw without screwing up my other stuff, and you can also pack a small bow with cheap rent to get a mob to rush at you. If you're a create mage, you can have your doppel do the shooting!

From: Lethargio Saturday, December 18, 05:14AM you guys missed her point...throwing/shooting should be reserved for chars like me, who only CAN shoot/throw :P You silly mages go play with your charmies, healing, stuns, etc. etc. Leth

From: Kyna Saturday, December 18, 07:44AM It really isn't that difficult for a mage to have minimum stats for throw. My 3c con/mind mage managed it. Ok, it may be a lousy throw, but it does the job that char wanted it to do. As well, I could carry around a bow and arrow -- my cause has the ability to create zombies, my create can make homunculi, doppels, etc to wield a bow. Kyna


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