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Posted by Poetry on 01/01

Its my understanding that the pkill ooc timer was designed so that pkillers cant fight, then hide ooc, re-enter, etc... reload even... Can we make it so that recall sets the pkill flag on? I recall people from safe rooms, and then they just go ooc the moment they disappear, and taunt or do whatever. Its sounds like an abuse of ooc to me. Poetry

From: Groo Sunday, December 19, 09:10PM Sounds like a good idea to me. Groo

From: Skar Sunday, December 19, 09:43PM Perhaps there should be some reconsideration of the role of the ooc lounge in the light of pkok. I suspect that it will be abused more often, not less.

From: Guelah Monday, December 20, 12:12AM Good idea, but if that's going to go in then I think recall would also have to obey level restrictions, and there would be difficulties with non-pk folk using recall on one another, necessary though it may be in certain situations.

From: Manticore Monday, December 20, 02:44AM just use the befriend code again.. if somebody that isn't befriended recalls you and he happens to be clanned, it sets off the timer, if not, it doesn't.

From: Moira Monday, December 20, 07:40AM Taking into account a certain popular area that requires recall to exit the area ... - (befriend idea) every clanned person on the run would have to befriend the recaller if they were clanned? - (level restrictions) given the wide level range on runs in this area, there would need to be several recallers of differing levels. I've seen this area run with a level 9 surgeon, so I'm not just talking about leeches. - (ooc tick timer) I can see the reasons for wanting an ooc tick timer when you've just spent mana recalling someone out of a safe room. But a tick timer would also affect those who have not been engaged in pkill activity, but who have merely been on a run in this area, which isn't pk activity, and therefore shouldn't be covered by the tick timer. This is just one example of non-pk use of recall by pk-enabled chars. There are other non-pk uses of recall, such as recalling to bank, to get out of a tight spot in mobkill, etc. I don't see why the use of recall for these activities should be subject to an ooc tick timer. Mind you, if the system could take into account the reason for the recall and impose a tick timer only when there is a pk reason for the recall, I would have no objections. Moira's player

From: Manticore Monday, December 20, 08:57AM how about a similar code as befriend that keeps a list of "enemies?" for example, if char a has char b on his list of enemies, char a recalling char b will set the ooc timer, if not, it won't. only pke chars will be given this 'unfriendly' list. or, if it's too bothersome, just use the gag list, and ppl recalling somebody on their gaglist will set ooc timer if the recaller is enabled. blatant misuse of this should be warned, of course, to circumvent lotsa extra code, perhaps.

From: Suicide Monday, December 20, 10:49AM how about we all carry really useful items, like scrolls? we don't have to worry about it then...

From: Sandra Monday, December 20, 11:54AM There is an enemies list(help befriend). I don't see a really good reason to add in yet more code for this addition to the timer though. If someone is in a safe room, they probably don't want to fight, wouldn't you think? Sure, they can go sit in the ooc, but then they're taking themselves out of the game that way. If you're recalling them out, then you're forcing them out of the game(into ooc) and neither of you get what you want. Why not just wait until they're out of the safe room?

From: Vandervecken Monday, December 20, 04:42PM Bah! All safe rooms should be no-recall rooms too. My $0.02

From: Manticore Tuesday, December 21, 01:18AM nobody is forcing them out of the game by recalling them, recall doesn't send them ooc, last time i checked. i think it rather sends them back into the game, where they can be attacked again. but then again, so much code changes go in without me knowing, i could be wrong here.

From: Cheesy_Poofs Saturday, January 01, 01:37PM Perhaps the timer would only affect those with full hp, mv, and mana? That would make it so those healing in the safe rooms are not affected, bu but, those sitting in the safe rooms, just because they don't wanna

From: Cheesy_Poofs Saturday, January 01, 01:42PM Bleh, oh well, you all get my point... Cheesy


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