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Posted by Infidel on 01/05

After just 3 days back, I came so close to getting nekkid again because of the way the rent system works.. I normally get around with about 2k free, more than most probably and I needed to make some money, I picked up a renty item to sell it and bam, some link goes down at sprintlink. Around 30 mins passed and I was sure my old irreplaceable eq & hard earned coupons had POOFED yet again due to connection probs.. (its happened a few times before). Well, luckily I was able to reconnect just in time but it reminded me of how easily this can happen. Alternatives have been brought up in the past like having say 1/4 of your eq removed randomly instead. I understand the concept of this system but don't think it should be so harsh.. I think at least one change should be made so it's fairer to those outside the US who're more likely to have connection probs. Ie. Increase the time before auto-rent kicks in if the character's over rent, 5+ hours would be nice.

From: Tritoch Sunday, January 02, 05:44PM yes damnit yes!

From: BigFool Sunday, January 02, 05:47PM Why not just make both autosave and autorent an option? Would it be very hard to code?

From: Manticore Sunday, January 02, 11:07PM having autosave an option would be okay, but having autorent an option would mean that ppl could simply leave their chars full of eq in ooc as storage for other players or even for themselves. how about autorent while overrent ditch everything in inventory, and if they're still overrent, then proceed with ditching the gear they've equipped? ppl don't carry much spam gear around that are worth a ton, at best it's a suger or some junk they've just recently picked up... Manticore, who believes verio.net is a dt that jumps ppl

From: Skar Monday, January 03, 05:28AM I believe that a failed save should not over-write a successful save file. If you picked up a single item that put you over-rent and you auto-rented, then you'd revert to the older save file that didn't include that item. This takes most of the sting out of being over-rent, but by making most crashes and shutdowns save equipment regardless of rent amount, the imms have already watered-down the over-rent penalties.

From: Elisa Monday, January 03, 06:13AM I think Manticore's idea of losing items in inventory first is reasonable. There should be some incentive to stay over rent, but losing everything is a wee bit too harsh. Losing only eq in inventory separates those who are had the bad luck of going ld while transporting goods (we can't all make charmies, after all) from those who are trying to cheat the system by equipping more than they can handle. Another idea woul be to have a larger pocket in which we could save but not equip. For example, a level 50 could save 55k rent, but not equip when over 50k. Just an idea :) Elisa the urchin

From: Ahurn Monday, January 03, 08:51AM how about ditching the highest rent items first, until the person is brough under rent. Such is the case with other muds where you try to save with items of higher level than your character.. you lose those items.

From: Sibwarra Monday, January 03, 06:20PM I like the idea of ditching EQ in inventory I am concerned about losing valuable bags in inventory, however Rune covered bags are not easy to come by :P and what about putting eq into bags? i guess that messes up my bag idea hrm, an interesting dilema, and i know my alts have had trouble with this issue a LOT (pokes his poor link) i farankly think the idea about reverting to last under-rent save is the best one posted here thus far. now the REAL question is, are the IMMS reading this board anymore and why are there 6 mortal posts and 0 IMM responses to date (make this numebr 7) Dev Sibwarra's player

From: Skar Monday, January 03, 11:45PM Taking items from inventory could result in you losing a chalice or a bag containing important things like coupons. Taking big rent things until you're under your limit could result in you losing your demon's claw or silver serrated sword, both high-rent items. I would rather not have some automated system making decisions about which items to toss, thank you. Your last successful save file will be likely to have the things that you use all the time -- the thing that put you over rent is less likely to be important to you. If it is, you should make sure you can save with it. If the mud kept the last successful save file, you still couldn't rent if you were over your limit; you still couldn't equip things that put you too far over your limit (unless you dropped something, just like we do now). It would just minimize the damage done if you happened to be over rent when your link got cut.

From: Beam Tuesday, January 04, 08:57AM Sorry to spoil your day, but you can't have it so that it reverts back to your last successful save because everyone could then carry as much eq as they wanted. More likely to be accepted would be idea of highest rent item being removed first. If you don't like an automated system making you go under rent, remember the alternative is losing everything. If your wondering why no imms are responding you must remember the ideas you give have to be within reason. Reverting to last successful save is not. In the case Infidel gives a possible solution might be to code a flag or command that makes it so that you can pick up items, but not save them at all. In effect marking them for sale. They might be made so they could no longer be equipped. Of course this would require some extra coding, and there would be certain problems. Most of these type problems don't have a simple solution, and of course the imms would say the system works, don't go over and there won't be any problem. Also this will probably be fixed when Carts are coded. Of course you still have the problem of picking things up and putting them into the cart. Maybe a Cartload command, which doesn't put the item into inventory even for a short period. Since having carts will still have this short period of time when the items will be in inventory, maybe a cartload command could be written and also bags could be created that could be filled using the same type of command as the cartload, but the items in these (bags used for transport to sell) would automatically be emptied upon a crash or loss of link. peace

From: Skar Tuesday, January 04, 09:48AM You can already carry as much equipment as you like -- polite crashes save everything you're carrying regardless of rent limit, and the shutdowns scheduled by the imms do as well. The only annoyance is the autosave, which merely prompts you to drop extra stuff and resave, then pick the stuff up again. Given that the penalties for going overrent have already been significantly reduced by these changes, I don't see where my suggestion is that unreasonable. All the coding you suggest to support some sort of 'for sale' flag seems like even more work and less likely to be implemented. And what if you change your mind? Will you be able to remove the flag? If so, couldn't you abuse that to continue leveraging your rent limit? If you're a cause mage and mark 20 saebels 'for sale' can you still animate them? Such a flag seems to have significant issues to me.

From: Beam Tuesday, January 04, 11:43AM Yes it has issues, i said it did, and no you wouldn't be able to take the flag off. As for all the other crashes and such not making you lose everything. I would bet that would make it all the more likely that they wouldn't make it so that autosave didn't make you lose everything, because if it is truly the only way anyone loses all their stuff, then the rent limit would truly be only to keep you from equipping eq, and you would be able to carry all you wanted with no worries. I think this isn't what was intended, but I guess you never know.

From: Huginn Tuesday, January 04, 03:34PM Just a quick note, carts have been coded. As soon as busy builder folks have the time and energy we should see some roaming about. Huginn

From: Manticore Tuesday, January 04, 10:36PM nice to know carts are coded, but what do they do? i'm guessing they're somewhat relevant to this post :p but as far as the autosave thing goes, there's the alternative of losing EVERYTHING, so i'd personally be happy losing a chalice and a half string... carrying coupons around is silly anyway, and soemthing i'd personally love getting lost via autorent/crash, if they're not going to be used. not like there are many who carry coupons around.. last i checked they were hardly ever on sale. personally could care less, have a pretty decent link at all times, and rarely pick up anything at this level anyway.

From: Wrecked'm Wednesday, January 05, 12:55AM Somehow I don't think carts will address all issues, can they be moved across water or be taken through diff time zones?


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