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Posted by Mimic on 03/09

As to my knowledge there are no +dam dex weapons. And There are +dam weapons for both str and con. How come? Mimic

From: Manticore Saturday, January 29, 08:11PM there aren't +hit for con, there aren't +hps for dex, there isn't a flamestriker for dex, there isn't a -spi for dex and con, there isn't a .... the list goes on and on. How many combinations do you think it's possible? Some things just haven't been placed into an area, that's all. Sides, damroll with a dex weapon is pretty worthless anyway, since for the same damroll con or str will just do more damage.

From: Brew Sunday, January 30, 11:31AM There's a +hp dex item and there's -spi on a dex/perc item

From: Asterix Sunday, January 30, 01:08PM there's a +hit con too

From: Splat Sunday, January 30, 02:31PM He was just talking bout weaopns Brew and I agree, unless you're a mage and can dish out good spell damage, there's only one dex weapon with stats that is 8kgs.. I wouldn't want to use any other as a sniper. Perhaps backstab should be based more on perc & dam and less on weapon weight or max dam so there'd be more options. I'd actually like to see more mid weight weapons for all types, something like 9-12kgs, the damage you get from a 5 attack weapon is just so random it's silly. In a pk fight the other day, I was obliterated and demolished from a bash, soon after the other guy was blinded, I was standing, and I was ripped to shreds!

From: Viagra Sunday, January 30, 04:50PM -nod splat- I was using a trident, I'd decimate, rip, rage, bash, then demolish. -shrug-

From: Tritoch Monday, January 31, 01:32AM my cats name is mittens

From: Manticore Monday, January 31, 02:45AM Fighting against str or a 5 attack pker is all about luck, he could do 0 damage or 88 regardless of the circumstance (well, not if the guy's stunned or not fighting you, but) without much consistency. Personally seen too many obliterates while bashed and the guy raging, as well as heaps and heaps of rips and nearly to graves while me standing and the guy not raging... I also agree with Splat that there should be more heavy weight weapons for dex and con that have net 5 stat points. With an 8kg weapon it's near impossible to cap even with 40ish damroll (as dex) while with a 18kg weapon you can cap with 20ish dam... and i still wanna know why it is that a 8kg staff can rip with 2 dam while 8kg dagger rarely does with 18-24... pretty silly, imho. Mmm. other than that, i think there should be more -spi weaponry that aren't net 5. That alone imho will give fighters more of an edge (tho, in the end, all fighters will prolly end up at 100/100/100 or close to that with just a variety of hit/dam/hp/resistance combos) Currently, having a fighter is pretty... silly. 100str/con with 90ish dex, 100dex/con with 80ish perc, 100str/dex with 90ish con... it's really too much of a tossing a coin when you put two fighters against each other, esp when both are wielding heavy weaponry. Seriously think there should be skills that work against the opponent using a certain skill if typed in a combat round before, has 2 round combat lag, and deals a serious whacking when the conditions are met. It's too stupid imho that even tho you know the guy's gonna bash you til his hps runs out, you can only pray tumble works.

From: Sammael Monday, January 31, 10:06AM Kinda like I know your going to headbutt me till your hp run out. It works with everyone :)

From: Manticore Monday, January 31, 10:39AM yep, it's dumb. i'd rather think "if i headbutt now, he might have expected it and i may pay dearly for it" or something.

From: Amadio Tuesday, February 01, 12:30PM There are pretty much an infinite number of useful stat combinations to put on items. I'd personally love to see a +10 con/-5 spi shield, since it would work out a bunch of my eq lists :p But unfortunatel there are a very finite number of areas to put nifty new eq in. I'm overall very happy with the new eq that's gone in since I started playing here, as it's significantly increased the possible number of nifty char ideas that I can think up, although most of these don't work as well in practice as they do on paper, but oh well... Anyway, I guess my point is that new eq is always going in, and there aren't too many really gaping holes in terms of things that really -ought- to be in, but aren't. Whee, another rambling append. I'm good at that. Amadio

From: Infidel Thursday, March 09, 11:10PM


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