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Posted by Poetry on 02/11

I really wish we could just remove them. I totally agree with splat that a str mage with crappy dex 100str and 80 mind shouldnt be able to get 35 hitroll (more than me). Imms worked so hard on the different fight types. It sucks that you can dilute the effectiveness of having high str or dex cause one item thats not all that hard to rent gives you the effective damageroll of +25 str. I would favor all damage items removed... all hitroll items removed... and +hp items removed. I heard the arguement that everyone has the option of using them, and therefore it should even out... Somehow, it doesnt work out that way, and you get really low dex people hitting as much str dex. That would really be great... fights would last longer.. luck would even out, and skill would prevail over the longer fights. I dont care if even out, and skill would prevail over the longer fights. I dont care if the change causes old eq either, Ill just jump everyone and get rid of it... just like morphine did to blinding wormys in the olds days. Poetry cant wait until you actually need str to do damage.. con to tank... and dex to hit.

From: Viagra Thursday, February 03, 10:26AM ok, Poetry and Manticore summed up my thought alot bteer that I did myself. thanks, guys. ;)

From: Sammael Thursday, February 03, 12:05PM well, I disagree. I have 98 str and 60 dex. I have, when fully agg, 31 hit and 43 damroll. The problem is, I'm very rarely fully agg because of the inherent dangers. I'm usually 1 or 2. WIth 2 I have 28 hitroll. Are you saying I don't deserve 28 hitroll? The only item I have are worn riding gloves, so if you subtracted those I'd still have 22. I just fail to see what your talking about. I'll tell you this now. Without hitroll, str dies. It just dies. When I was 30 dex and like 13 hit full agg/blessed, I DIED a lot because I couldn't do any damage. As it is damage is so freakin random its not even funny. While I'll agree that all classes are not even, I don't think taking out hit/dam/hp gear will fix it. I pay 5 points and a lot of rent to wear an amythest ring. That was a strategic choice I made. Could be good, could be bad, but so far I'm liking it. I think perhaps damroll/hitgear should be limited, perhaps you can't wear more then +10 or +12 or whatever of either one, or maybe even both. That would make things somewhat fair. As for hp gear....how do you expect fights to last longer with no hp gear poetry? I fail to understand that one...anyway, append with your flames, I'm sure as usual noone will agree with me :) Btw, sorry this is so poorly written, I'm really tired and I just woke up... -Sammael, Destroyer of Hope

From: Wrecked'm Thursday, February 03, 12:16PM I think the biggest problem is that strength can take better advantage of +hit/dam than other characters.. If you're con or dex, you generally want the least amount of strength to wield your weapon to max other stats, that being generally 22-35 strength. With just about all +dam stuff being +str, it's hard to fit in a whole lot, especially at 22 str with a light weapon. Then of course they have a +9 dam +7 overall stat (for plain fighters) weapon with huge damage while dex has no +dam and it seems con weapons +dam needs to be instead of the +stat?? Now even if dex or con eq had +dam attached, it's still out of whack cos 20% on top of a daggers damage is less than that of a sword and the gap widens the more +dam is involved unless damroll is simply added to the weapons damage rather than being a percentage bonus as it is now. So.. I dunno, ripping it is one option, another would be to spread out +dam / +hit to all stats rather than str/dex and not use a percentage bonus. or even make dex & con weapons do the same kinda damage as strength despite the weight. One thing's for sure, it'd be very difficult to balance char types the way things work right now.

From: Wrecked'm Thursday, February 03, 12:47PM Wish I could erase that and start over.. but hmm, on 2nd thoughts damroll does kinda need to remain a percentage bonus unless split between attacks and that seems kinda messy. Changing the standard weight +1 for damage seems the best bet so light weapons can do similar damage to heavier ones.. It may seem weird at first but we're talking being hit 12 times vs 5 after all and it would at least address the damroll issue.. Just as long as other stats get the +dam too o'course.

From: Manticore Thursday, February 03, 07:16PM The problem with hit/dam/hp is that they tend to throw char balance outta whack. The dex boots with hps, dex leggings with hps, str weapon with hps, etc, basically allows other char types to take advantage of them other than the "con lasts longer, dex hits omre often and str hits harder" archetype. If indeed dex got hit less often, +hps on dex would mean more than +hps on con (would mean more a chance to tumble, for one). Also, i personally think hitroll benefits str a whole lot more than it does the other chartypes. This is out of experience and common sense... dex and con, a little +hit won't alter total damage by a lot. And in the same way dam is geared towards str (which personally i think is okay) but dam is a moot point since as a str fighter, i'd invest in hitroll instead. Personally i would like every hit/dam be, at max, capped at the level of the +dam ring, with 3 dam/hit or 10hps or so per 1 less net stat... mebbe 15hps. Or, have them be 1-1 or 1-.5, instead of the current monster sword which is like 16net stat for a plain fighter. Personally, although i can feasibly accomplish 100 100 80-90 for a fighter, unless i am making a 'sniper' char i'll end up wielding a slashing/slicing/clawing weapon simply because it does more damage. Until we pull the monster sword (personally think that's the main problem, since there already is a pretty darn heavy staff) or place more monstrosities (a 12kg dagger with a 6pt secondary attack, mebbe) that'll continue to be the more efficient choice.

From: Viagra Thursday, February 03, 09:12PM ok, as a str/dex char, here's what my testing has come to. I use the big str sword. I decimate otfen, rip some. - I use the big dex weapon, I decimate alot, rip some. I use a little bit lighter str weapon, I decimate some, rip a bit more. - now, given that, and damcap is the same amount of damage inflicted on your enemy with any weapon you use, I fail to see the big str sword as any type of overpowering weapon. - honestly, and this is just me, I think nuada's sword just plain rocks, I do the exact same damage with it, consistantly, and I get a hell of a cool, and useful, special. - my opinion on the whole thing remains at this, and it's very simple. we have no spam now, so people are ending up with a bit more free rent to toss around, so they start adding +hit/+dam and thing start getting out of whack altogether. - throw this on top of a mage, and well.. look around and you'll see the outcome of such.

From: Beam Thursday, February 03, 09:55PM This is what you get with a classless, system. It's silly to ask to have items, removed, it simply needs to be balanced, or fixed. Whether that means going to one stat for damage, ie it used to be dex for all chars type system, removing the eq isn't the way to go. Also if you expect everyone to be able to kill everyone else 50 percent of the time, your nuts. the mud will suck. Be glad that you can make interesting chars at all.

From: Sammael Thursday, February 03, 10:25PM I find it funny str mages are under so much scrutiny lately -laugh- I need to stop building characters that don't fit in the normal "template" of legend...

From: Splat Friday, February 04, 08:52AM Another correction.. the weapons max dam needn't be altered from being generally +1 more than weight but the formula for amount of hits needs changing so lighter weapons do only slightly less than str weapons overall.. if it weren't for parry negating individual attacks they should do the same. Perhaps that should block a % of attacks, not just 1 to even things up even further.

From: Manticore Friday, February 04, 10:23PM Actually, from what i heard parry blocks a percentage of damage altho it shows up as if it's only blocking one swing. Well, it was from a source i dont remember, so i prolly won't put too much weight to that. As far as weapons go, i personally think it is fine the way it is, just need more weapons on the heavier side for both dex and con, and some lighter ones for str.

From: Zaba Saturday, February 05, 09:53AM I don't know about you other warriors, but in PK i have an ENORMOUS difficulty with anything magic, without me hitting hard, how do you expect me to survive? i damcap 'maybe' once in a PK fight, and i rip farely often, but with that i also slash extremely hard after hitting four of five, which boggles me completely. i have 48 dam and it is just too hard for me to hit hard consistently, with the removal of +dam eq unless some change is made to the strength affecting damcapping, i would be underpowered, and would lose constantly against every other char type whatever, my thoughts are there just not well organized

From: Zalbag Sunday, February 06, 01:52AM that last statement by Poetry in her post basically sums up what i feel.

From: Rommel Sunday, February 06, 12:55PM Kind of intersting from what I know of Poetry, that her propossed change would benifit her alot while hinder almost and str based character. My, my such ideas every str based character. My, my such ideas of balance. Rommel

From: Rommel Sunday, February 06, 12:59PM hrm ignore the 3rd line when reading my post I kinda messed it up -growl- Rommel

From: Manticore Monday, February 07, 12:32AM It's hard to say which chars are overpowered and which chars aren't, but in general, i've been most successful with my str mage incarnations that could heal an awful lot. Always could be that those chars were simply those that rode on the times well... but as i've tried high damroll with this char i'm seeing that it's pretty annerving. The difference between 14 and 40 is so large it comes to roughly 300+ pts of damage in pk (well, maybe the target chars are more vulnerable to this incarnation than the first, but it seems that i don't require healing roots to dish out the same amount of damage as i did before). This isn't that bad since it sorta means that warrior chars and mage chars are balanced, but it also tells you that a mage char with 40 dam has little to fear from a fighter char :p Oh well, have no idea what i intended to say. I'm personally having fun damcapping with a heavy brahman in pk, tho.

From: Asterix Friday, February 11, 02:14PM Few opinions here You can't jump those who aren't pk to get rid of old stuffs Taking away +hps item means more risk for tanks Min dmg on weapons should be raised Priorities should be alternating As a certain stat goes up, more benifits should surface, like more hps per 1 con at higher con, and dmg/hit for str/dex Con weapon's are insane at low level's Lastly' it won't do to just talk and talk and talk about issues you would like to see changed, if you really want to change it that much, apply for immortalship and actually doing it would be better


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