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Cure Blind

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Posted by Lancelot on 02/10

I think Create mages should have a way to cure blind Either by just healing the blindness or by making clear vials via a spell, just like ID and water death etc. Blinding flash already sucks why make it harder for creates to battle against cause mages ohh im not create mage just thinking from a create mage standpoint -Lancelot

From: Manticore Saturday, February 05, 01:51AM The way i see it, create mages can save 2.5k rent by not using a certain item, and 5 vials will be enough a deterent to most cause mages... it'd be interesting to have a unblinding flash of sort, tho, that will disorient those that weren't blind but in the room (also an agg spell)... it'd be sort of a counter-blind strike, but, heh, at a cost.

From: Viagra Saturday, February 05, 10:44AM Create mages do have a way to cure blind. well, 3c creates do. -shrug- read spell help files.

From: Sammael Saturday, February 05, 05:16PM I agree with viagra, you have a way if your 3rd circle. If your not 3rd circle, you can brew or your from klien, and you have other bonus's.

From: Manticore Saturday, February 05, 07:43PM If you guys were ever 3c create in pk, i'd actually give your thoughts a dime... but, uhm, as you weren't from what i recall, go fish. :P Seriously, as 3c create, you're much better off using cure blind vials because of the cost involved in the 3c cure blind. (need i also mention that it requires the use of a word which is otherwise nearly useless, and gotten fairly late?). Well, in any case, there are ways around it, and that'll be the truth regardless of what we speak of.

From: Viagra Sunday, February 06, 11:36AM ok, first of all, I've been around long enough to know what a create mage can and can't do in pk. - for the record, my last pk'er was a str 3c create, so I have a little ground to stand on. - secondly, the words used in that spell are fairly common words, two of which being VERY common in good spells - and just a thought, when your choice is spending 25 mana, or staying blind, 35 mana isn't all that much, given the sheer power of that spell. ;)

From: Manticore Monday, February 07, 12:30AM two of which? laugh, two of how many which? hrm, and it used to cost 45. also. the overwhelming power of that spell is part of the reason why it's such a dumb use to cure blind in pk. how much mana do you think you'll have to waste for cure blind if you were sinked, and had other beneficial spells on you?

From: Viagra Monday, February 07, 11:17AM well, I had a pk str 3c create, maticore, granted I never got past 35, but, I still couldn't find enough spells to use during combat to even make mana a remote issue. - -shrug- lightning bolt is cool, and I'm not the type to just stun like every other mage in the game. - sure, there are charmies, but I always had them before the fight and had gained back my full mana, with the exception of an archer, which is still only 100 mana. and maybe a sink.. - that leaves alot of mana left. ;)

From: Beam Monday, February 07, 05:51PM It should remove a random spell affect off you not all effects and be low mana cost, in my opinion. Though 3rd circle wasn't given an easy way to cure blind on purpose. The whole blind issue on this mud is sorta silly and outa balance. Everyone should be able to cure chant meue vant lak ex if sufficient level, but it should take them 2 or 3 rounds to get rid of it whether its a skill or spell. That way it has a use but isn't overwhelming. Could be changed back to the no sight chant meue vant lak ex also.

From: North Thursday, February 10, 01:49AM Wooo, finally people talking about 3c Create! And yes, dispelling blind doesn't really work well if ya want to keep other helpful spells on. Rather spend my mana on other things, like those filling roots. North


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