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Posted by Typ on 02/12

I heard a nasty horrible rumor that play and sing were dex based! I can understand the logic a bit behind it coming into consideration with play! But please change sing to be mind/spirit based. I'm sing of sounding horrible :P Give those of us who sacrifice all other stats for spirit something to be proud of! Typ -a cranky little lad

From: Splat Sunday, February 06, 02:57AM That used to be the case but I think it was changed?

From: Manticore Sunday, February 06, 09:21AM as far as i know, it is based mostly on mind, then on dex, then on spi.

From: Lonesome Sunday, February 06, 12:25PM Why does hunt have a dex requirement? :P

From: Kyna Sunday, February 06, 04:48PM Hunt has a dex requirement? I'd better tell my low dex alt to stop using it then. Kyna

From: Chimera Sunday, February 06, 09:44PM I seem to remember them being based on dex a long time ago. Sing I don't get, but it seems perfectly normal that if you're a clumsy oaf you aren't gonna be a violin virtuoso. I dunno if they got changed. And I'm sure not a coder, so I can't lend actual credence to the rumors or not.

From: Malach Saturday, February 12, 10:35AM Hunt has a dex req. Plus play seems to feature dex rather importantly. Try playing a certain instrument at a certain mob with a 60mind 30dex mage The effects are somewhat...detrimental. -grumble wasted prac- Malach


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