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Posted by Papercut on 02/11

Just outta curiosity, is there the same kinda formular in legend where metal is more susceptible to crush, leather and stuff more susceptible to slash, and cloth more susceptible to pierce, or any such thing? I now have, through some coincidence, 3 chars, each with 40-44 dam and 29-34 hit with respective weapons of str, dex, and con (sss, gae, hv brahman) respectively.... and been noticing that the con weapon wielding dude seems to do the most consistent damage, despite the fact that he's the char with the least of str/dex. Guess a lot of it is the code's benefit on stunned targets and my con/dex having headbutt as opposed to my str/dex and dex/perc, but still it's rather wicked. I mean, this char, i've had 40+ damroll for nearly a year and can still count the number of caps he had in mobkill and pk (not many), and the char with con, the one i've just used for like the past week or so already has just as many caps in mobkill and pk. (str guy of course still has the most caps, but, uhm, he's had a lot more xp opportunity)... Well, it's pretty annoying to have a dex char atm, esp if con can consistently outdamage dex. PC

From: Yvonne Sunday, February 06, 12:10PM Think it's mostly due to attacking stunned targets. This character, with advanced arms training, 15 hit/6 dam, and a light staff can consistently land obliterates/decimates on stunned mobs, with maybe a demolish thrown in here and there, and almost never less than that, whereas my last high lvl dex/per, with a bolg and 30ish dam was much more freakish with dam. Yeah, she'd get the occasional rip/cap, but got just as many massacres or so.

From: Ea! Sunday, February 06, 01:58PM To answer your original question, yes, different types of material are more or less vulnerable to different types of attacks. -Ea!

From: Mac Sunday, February 06, 02:03PM What in the eq being damaged or the person you're fighting?

From: Stain Tuesday, February 08, 05:34PM This char has 42/13 hit/dam, perc/dex char and is pretty con- sistant. Usually decimate, lots of times even when I am sitting, rips quit a bit on stunned rounds, too. Seems to me that the weight of your weapon/hit roll effect consistancy and dam the most. I do about the same dam now as I did before I got my herne's horn, just carry more weight now. I could just be a freak, or completely off (or both?) but theres my 2 cents, anyway.

From: Ea! Tuesday, February 08, 07:01PM The weapon type affects the amount that the item is damaged not the amount of damage that players take based on what type of armor is covering the spot that they're hit. Adding the latter is under consideration. -Ea!

From: Darla Friday, February 11, 01:46PM I think that you should code damage to take into account the type of armor vs the type of weapon, with the added consideration that smaller weapons will more easily get around the armor, or hit the weak spots. This would help people fighting with dex weapons. I also think there should be an ability to make a critical hit with a dex weapon (such as stabbing in the carotoid). This could be set to happen randomly during battle, with your chances based on hitroll, perception, or dexterity, and inversely proportional to the weight of the weapon used. And since if you hit the right spot, it doesn't require much force to kill, the damage might be an automatic damcap, or be scored somehow irrespective of damage roll. I realize there already is something called a critical hit, but it doesn't seem to do much. Darla

From: Asterix Friday, February 11, 02:43PM Actually I read in one of the old LT issues that armor damage was based on the kind of damage that hitted it, sword for cloths and such, the type of armor gives it an amount where it could take before getting damaged


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