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fighttype simple :p

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Posted by Manticore on 02/12

How about another fighttype option that unifies spell/skill damage messages? So that it'll say, You nearly send Papercut to the grave with your miraculous backstab! You decimate Manticore with a horrendous kick! You rip Darkheart to shreds with your immolate... and You hit Mo extremely hard with your Webley Revolver.. etc. It'd make life a lot easier (well, just telling us the points right off would make life really simple) and would be more fun for some snipers and stuff, who can then brag they cap with their backstabs.

From: Amadio Tuesday, February 08, 08:35AM I think something similar to this was suggested and disallowed a while back.

From: Sammael Tuesday, February 08, 10:24AM probably. Imms like to keep the information, and not share it whenever possible :)

From: Mugwump Tuesday, February 08, 11:31AM At least when you pkill you get some idea what kind of damage you do, but this is a neat idea. Or at least some kind of damage message to skills/spells. It's bugged me for a long time that I have no way to see how much damage spells do. Armslore at least lets you know the range of damage possible with your weapon. I think I asked this once before and was told that the information was in the spell helpfiles, but they all just say 'damage varies...' or nothing at all. Just to give a couple of examples, what does etheric void do, and how much? The help file says it lowers the victims life force, but no effort is made to explain what that means (hp? mana? move? all of the above?) Cause helpfiles are as bad (or worse, since cause has more damage spells), with the harm helpfile implying that the only spell that does less damage than it is cause light wounds. Wither says it saps strength and wellness, but as far as I can see it only affects 'wellness'. Mana cost is listed as the same as harm, but I can't tell which does more damage. Etc., etc. Some kind of damage message for skills would be nice too. It would be nice to be able to have some basis for deciding whether to kick or flamestrike.

From: Yvonne Tuesday, February 08, 11:45AM

From: Yvonne Tuesday, February 08, 11:50AM Hrm, anyway. If you really wanted to get picky and find out how much damage different attacks do, you could, for instance, immolate a mob, calm it, cast report on it. Yvonne

From: Mugwump Tuesday, February 08, 12:03PM The fact that I can't calm something if I'm the one fighting it aside, I've tried something similiar. It's not a lot of fun. And why don't fighters have to resort to that to see what damage they do?

From: Vandervecken Wednesday, February 09, 04:57PM Perhaps its time to reiterate that fighttype compact damage messages are no longer an accurate measure of damage inflicted since Rufus overlapped and partially randomized the messages some months ago. At the time he said that fighttype compact was to reduce spam, not to provide a damage tally, so don't expect anything being introduced soon. Captain Vandervecken

From: Splat Wednesday, February 09, 10:15PM Wow, what a ridiculous change that was.

From: Mugwump Thursday, February 10, 12:48PM I thought damage messages overlapped somewhat anyway, but it's nice of you to reiterate that anyway ( even though that's the first iteration I've heard). And maybe that explains why with a 6maxdam dagger and 30 hitroll (used to be closer to 40), I've never ripped with this char, whereas my con mage with a 6 maxdam weapon and 6 hitroll has ripped a couple of times ( and he's only level 42 yet). Oh, and damroll on both are a point apart. -shrug-

From: Elisa Friday, February 11, 10:24PM yeah, and that explains those times when I've only slashed hard -scuffle-

From: Malach Saturday, February 12, 10:41AM I very much like the idea of spell/specials giving damage reports similar to that of fighttype compact. I mean really. The only way I've bee able to find out spell damages to my satisfaction is testing them in pk. The option to calm a mob after hitting it doesn't really work even if you have the skill because of the overlapping numbers in fighttype compact where weapons are concerned. You cant really tell how much damage you did to them hitting with your weapon, and how much is due to the spell. And for unclanneds (as in without an enabled at all) there isnt any real way. way. Malach


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