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Mercantile Characters, Hack-n-Slash alternatives?

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Posted by Tuco on 02/11

Folks, I want to run a character who doesn't have to kill things to level. Charity says there is no realistic way to do this, and perhaps there is not. I made a bunch of suggestions re this years ago, but it's worth another note (and your thoughts). There are so many "craft" skills going to waste, it's sad. And who the hell (besides me) routinely does the China Tea trade for fun? There is so much potential in these areas that is being wasted. LegendMud has always been known for it's depth; why not expand this vision? Specific ideas for making a merchant a viable character class: 1. Mercantile quests (like the tea trade) pay in a special coin for those with merchant skill, which can be traded in for levels much like xp for fighters. 2. Tanner, weaver, skinner, etc all facilitate the making of decent alternative gear for various slots for newbies, mid-level, and even experts, based upon basic, advanced or expert tailor. 3. Expert tailor, etc, can mend gear exactly the same as TrueForm, and master forge can repair all weapons, and make comprable weapons. 4. The merchant has a means of "customizing" the things created, in effect, creating a minor string for X hours of labor, much like the make staff skill used to do. (does it still?) 5. Creation of excellent (98% +) items earns experience. etc., etc. You get the basic jist. Thoughts? Tuco Bendedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (rat aura)

From: Beam Tuesday, February 08, 01:14PM I think this could be done, a rp class/merchant class, and very interesting too. The thing is, if they don't want to kill, then they probably shouldn't start killing stuff when they get high level either. So just remove the kill command from this class. Who cares if they get to 50 or not, if they can't kill stuff. It could say something like this just goes against your nature. All harmful skills and spells would be unusable by them, but they could be master healers and good mages too, think this deserves some thought.

From: Tirasala Tuesday, February 08, 06:30PM This mercantile class sounds like a good idea. However, i don't think that the kill command should be removed for them. Everyone is able to defend themselves, or try anyway. A merchant should just have such poor fighting skills that trying to kill things would be a waste of time. The best way I can see to do this is to have high mind, spirit, and perception requirements for all the good mercantile skills. We don't want to start putting classes into the MUD, but having low strenght, dexterity, and constitution would encourage merchants to stick with buying and selling. While i was writing that, i just had a rather unusual idea. Now that we'v we have houses, why not have shops? I'm thinking a mob that doesn't move out of your house that will sell things that you give to him. Of course, you could just auction everything off, but it would be kinda neat to have people running their own shops. I would love to see a price war in England over carrots, cause sometimes all i have is one coin! Probably not very feasible, but who knows? Tirasala, Captain of the Dred Pyrats, Lord of the Oshan See

From: Ea! Tuesday, February 08, 06:53PM Allowing players to play characters who are merchants is something that we've been wanting to make viable for a long time. I'm not sure whether you'll ever be able to make it from level 1 to 50 without ever entering combat, but we certainly want to allow players to run shops, create equiptment, and so forth. A lot of thought and planning has gone into how to allow players to make equiptment that's worth having and using at all levels -- including high levels. Most of the work that's happened has been in preperation for skill trees -- I know Rufus coded at least 90% of the new forge skill and last time I looked at it, it was pretty useful. We've also got a lot of skills in the works that are for customizing your items -- both in appearance and in ability. I know that this message amounts to saying "wait until skill trees", which isn't really a fair thing to say, but it's the best answer I've got. We also want to work on making it so that players can buy rooms in houses that are specifically designed as shops -- but that's not even out of the design stage yet, it's on hold waiting on other projects. -Ea!

From: Manticore Tuesday, February 08, 07:56PM Just an idea to throw at merchant 'class' chars and their items... If an item made by them is to be useful yet not too overwhelmingly unbalancing (either through ease of obtainment or the resulting product) they should be 'timed' but not 'preservable.' Armslore should tell how long of a life the item has left on it, and those that have been used to their fullness could be renewed by other chars with the skill to create the original product. As much as i hate quests that are mud-timed, such as a certain meteorite involving quest or a quest involving many odd tidbits from all over the mud, i think those should be the basic idea for the new improved forge skill if they were to produce things significantly useful (i.e., forged items with stats of any kind). Requiring houses and specific furniture would be one thing, and requiring certain 'ingredients' that are either quest items or hard-to-get for the production of some high quality items would be another. The clues for these could be spread among the skill teachers for the new forge skill -- when they teach you the skill, they'd point to some interesting combinations, you make the combination, bring it to the mob, the mob points you to another and gives you xp :p Personally, i'd hate to see failures that would force chars to re-acquire the ingredients (we don't need more brew/make staff-like failure rates, much less mix potion), simply those that will say "you're too tired to try this again today" perhaps (maybe like pick lock/pk timers?) Anyway, my two cents

From: Mariachi Tuesday, February 08, 10:22PM This does sound interesting... of course, it would be real cool if we could have all sorts of different specialized professions, such as the merchant type, a successful bardic type, a druid type who can tame animals, more than two types of mages, martial artists, a monk-like thingie, and all manner of things, most probably difficult but would be neat. I been talking to a friend who plays ultima, her complaining that the tailoring of armor there has been changed drastically to make it harder like everything else they do there. It makes me think hey i wish i could make useful items here and sell them. maybe somed ay. we'll see, right. raise a glass to skilltrees and sleep on it, see what you believe in in the morning. i'm rambling. i'll stop.

From: Beam Tuesday, February 08, 11:51PM The main idea was I think, and the most interesting idea too, in my opinion, was the option to not kill any mobs and level to 50. Lets not be short sighted. Just because there was a type of char or class that could level to 50 without killing would not mean that any skill would have to be limited to this class. They would have time, since they weren't warriors and fighters to learn their skills at a much higher expertism than the rest of the mud. Removing the ability to kill would be one option, making it impossible for them to learn any fencing, swordsmanship or arms training would be another. There would be many ways to do it, and no, it would not ruin the mud to have it so that some people could level up to 50 without killing a single mob. There just needs to be some distinction between these types and the rest of the mud, similiar to joining a monastery. We could have a special healing class, that did just so spending their entire life on the healing arts, and if they strayed from this they could lose their entire power. I guess what it comes down to is not many people are interested in not killing mobs. Is that it?

From: Splerk Wednesday, February 09, 02:18AM -has a character that levelled from 1-49 without ever killing a mob (except trans and quest mobs)- -thinks its not that hard- SplERk!

From: Asterix Friday, February 11, 02:55PM Actually if the tea route was going to give xp, what's going to stop a "merchant" from making aliases and macros, fly himself and then start spamming all over? Restrictions to 1 a day? As for making shopkeepers in houses, players could then give items they wanted to keep to their shopkeepers and lock the door to prevent visitors and thus save the rent? but then, rent issue on houses has always been crazy


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