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Posted by Danar on 02/13

FYI, if your posts keep getting eaten by the board, the easiest way to get it to discard your post is to restart your post (at least, that always works for me). I bugged this a while back, but there it is. Anybody else see this happen? Danar PS. When you screw up a post, it is not necessary to re-append and tell us you screwed up, okay? We know. :b

From: Mac Wednesday, February 09, 05:54AM If you don't post again, the next message POOFs too. So if hung up, append again with nothing b4 re-writing it all else you may write something an imm doesn't like and then have all your posts deleted! -shake-

From: LadyAce Wednesday, February 09, 02:12PM Posts get deleted if they're illegal -- whether we like your post or not. Lost appends are a bit of a problem, which hasn't been fixed due to the pain of the board code. My suggestion is, if you're writing something and don't want to lose it, write it on a piece of paper then post the paper. That will put a copy of what you wrote on the board and leave one in your inventory. If it gets eaten, you can just re-post it. -LadyAce

From: Splat Wednesday, February 09, 09:58PM But you can't append from a piece of paper can you? My complaint about having posts deleted isn't about those that may be be illegal being removed but others as well, as some form of punishment?? The illegal post came about from having my append POOF twice due to being hung up first, then from a bug cos it drops the following append too. I went and rewrote it a 3rd time in a seperate append to my cursing and it was deleted! I didn't have a copy of it anymore since Wraith didn't mention he'd deleted BOTH. I wasted over an hour on that and man I was pissed.

From: Wraith Thursday, February 10, 09:34AM I erased a single append from the discussion board last week. If another is missing, then it wasn't there to begin with. You should write on notes and then post them to boards. This works for appends. If you don't know the syntax, enter post by itself. You should also read your post once you've finished to make sure it is there (and on the right board). If the first post of a thread more graphic/explicit than it should be, it is quite possible that I would remove the entire thread. I do not have the option of removing the original thread while leaving the appends. I also cannot edit posts to remove or alter parts of them. Even if I could, I would not. - Wraith

From: Mac Thursday, February 10, 11:24AM testing append with a note!

From: Mac Thursday, February 10, 11:24AM Not that it'd help much, probably still POOFS when hung up. Anyway I'm quite sure it was there, I don't think I would have written it 3 times without checking it.. More likely if you didn't delete it that erase deleted them both since the thread was messed up somehow by my initial disconnection.

From: Splat Sunday, February 13, 07:52AM Seems posts POOF when @restart is used too.


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