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Posted by Yvonne on 02/13

...is screwed up. I was fighting Saladin today, this is what happened. I initiate combat with a warcry, wimpy all the way up. Salah gets prio, kicks, I flee. I go back, warcry, Salah gets initiative, kicks, I flee. I got back, warcry, Salah gets initiative, hits me, I do some not fleeing for a few rounds, finally manage to squeak out. I heal to full. I go back, initiate with a warcry, Salah gets prio, and kicks. Jandar bashes me. Two rounds later I'm dead. Okay, I think, no sweat, Saladin's down a fair amount, I'll go back, heal, and finish him off. I go get my stuff, heal to full, go in, initiate with a warcry. I para him, go me. -twiddlehitdecimate- for a few rounds. Salah wakes, he gets prio, he kicks, Jandar bashes me, I get up two rounds later down to about 100 hp. I flee, heal to full, go back, initiate with a warcr warcry. Salah gets prio, he kicks, Jandar bashes me. Two rounds later I get up, use the rest of my mana healing to about 50%. Now, at this point I probably should've just said, "hey, not my day" and gone away. -pet self- I go back, initiate with a warcry, Salah gets prio, hit me, I fail to flee for a couple of rounds, Salah finishes me with a kick. Now, let's see. Yeah, obviously things went against me in other ways, but I'd just like to point out that I didn't get prio ONCE. Not once. Now, at least I'd like to get prio when I've just stunned the mob and it's all groggy and waking up. I mean, it sorta makes sense that if I just screamed at someone loud enough to knock them out for a few minutes they're gonna be a little woozy and not at the peak of their form when they get up. I dunno, I'm just really frustrated right now. Not ONCE!

From: Perseus Saturday, February 12, 05:18AM Why were you max wimpy? If you want to hit first, go full agg. That level of wimpyness indicates you standing well back and being very cautious. While this may be a good way to fight, you won't get the first hit on someone who is fighting aggressively and coming after you. Get aggressive, get in his face, hit him hard, then run away

From: Malach Saturday, February 12, 10:51AM Perseus, think you're messing up wimpy and wary.

From: Perseus Saturday, February 12, 05:21PM Yeah you're right I am. Was late last night. Anyway, the point still stands. If you were 3agg and never got prio on the mob, that would suck. If you were at normal, I would expect a 3agg mob (is it?) to get prio 90% of the time

From: Yvonne Saturday, February 12, 07:19PM I'm nearly always 3 agg.

From: Perseus Saturday, February 12, 08:19PM hehe, well, you almost certainly got ripped off then

From: Splat Saturday, February 12, 11:18PM I went like 8 rounds without getting a hit in cos of priority and max wimpy, I was max agg.. I then went max wary just for the hell of it and I got priority for the following 5 rounds or so. Yeah, the opposite of what it should be.. -shrug-

From: Manticore Sunday, February 13, 09:06PM Should've tried renting out, i found that despite the fix, it still figures into priority when fighting mobs with fellow players. All in all tho, my experience is that a stunning special will set priority to the stunner in most cases, and will stay so until the next initiation.


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