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Posted by Poetry on 02/18

Im just wondering.. but if you have 2 characters... one with a 8kg strength weapon at 100str 30dex 60con... and one with a 8kg dex weapon at 100dex 60con 30str.. and they fought with no specials... would they do the same about of damage at the same ac? Im just wondering if this was they way that the balanced system was SUPPOSED to be working. I could take this a little further and give the str character 50 damageroll and 20 hitroll.. and the dex character 50 hitroll and 20 damageroll.... would these come out even? Are they even supposed to be even? Im asking cause it seems that extra damageroll to a str fighter does a lot more damage... and extra hitroll to str fighter makes them hit ALOT more.. however... extra hitroll or damageroll to dex fighter only seems to make minor changes. Maybe Im just getting confused cause hitroll doesnt really matter on stunned people while damageroll seems to really multilply on stunned... And of course a lot of people with damageroll have sacrificed hitroll for some sort of stunning attack that usually has other benefits too... (mana or hps). I dunno, I do fine, but I still wonder about the damage that people with low low hitroll seem to do. Makes me feel silly when Im a full dex fighter and I hit less than some dude with 50 dex. Just wondering, Poetry.

From: Asterix Monday, February 14, 06:55PM Incidentally, did you read those appends on your last post?

From: Poetry Monday, February 14, 08:46PM I did, but somehow, nothing stands in my memory as useful informations. No imms addressed it, and it seemed like a bunch of players saying how they "think" works or it should work. I guess Im wonder what the true word is. Poetry

From: Lagmonster Monday, February 14, 09:53PM Personally tried Con weaponry, they do a LOT more damage a LOT more consistantly under the same hit/dam circumstances than dex or str, with an 8kg weapon. (I've never capped as consistently with a str or dex weapon, regardless of weight, as much as it seemed like a freak incident).

From: Splat Monday, February 14, 10:25PM The biggest factor is skills, with 47 hit and 19 dam, I decimate about 1/8 rounds, the rest are pulverize, demolish, hit hard etc This is in pk btw.. I'd like to know how much hitroll is required to be equivelant to sitting or stunned, is that a 50% bonus? Is there a damage bonus on top? This's also why I asked about agg/wary to not reset when sitting as we lose a bunch of hitroll when bashed.. Actually come to think of it my con mage with less hitroll and just a couple more dam did a lot better damage when sitting.. Perhaps there is a problem with dex weapons after all.

From: Rufus Tuesday, February 15, 04:22PM I'm running a statistical test right now, I'll let you know how it goes. I had to up the secondary stat (dex, str) to 40 so they could each wield the 8kg weapon you mention. -Ruf

From: Rufus Tuesday, February 15, 05:33PM Here's my results, the first set is done at: STRENGTH: 100str, 40dex, 60 con DEXTERITY: 40str, 100dex, 60 con both have 8kg, 9maxdam weapons the second set: STRENGTH: 100str, 40dex, 60 con DEXTERITY: 40str, 100dex, 60 con dex weapon is 8kg 9max (best dex weapon) str weapon is 17kg 18max (best str weapon) STRENGTH: Avg: 34, High 67, low: 3, < 10: 14, > 50: 54, numtimes: 600 DEXTERITY: Avg: 40, High 66, low: 15, < 10: 0, > 50: 87, numtimes: 600 STRENGTH: Avg: 40, High 94, low: 0, < 10: 18, > 50: 64, numtimes: 300 DEXTERITY: Avg: 40, High 65, low: 20, < 10: 0, > 50: 38, numtimes: 300 Average is the average damage, high, the highest dam hit, low is the lowest dam hit, < 10: - number of times damage was less than 10, > 50: - number of times damage was over 50 points. -Ruf

From: Lagmonster Tuesday, February 15, 10:06PM darn ruf, should've done a test for 100 con 40dex 40str too!

From: Raz Friday, February 18, 10:22AM Rufus- I know this is all random, but the results seem real strange for dex weapons. Can you explain why the number of times dam was over 50 points was 87 times with the first weapon and only 38 times with the second? It seems that the dex weapon is identical (9 att 9 maxdam). Does it have to do with any other factors? Such as parry, ac? +Raz

From: Cheesy_Poofs Friday, February 18, 02:27PM It's probably because the first weapon he tested 600 times Second only 300


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