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Posted by Trample on 02/15

STR chars, everywhere I turn. str mages, str half-mages, str druids. even snipers, with 30 - 40 damroll. - is it a trend? no, it's not. it's very simple, the reasoning behind this. because all of that damage on a sitting victim is just so powerful. - I've tried everything I can think of, I can't beat str, without being str. not in a "real" fight, anyway. - A real fight being of equal levels, of course. admittedly, I'm nowhere near the best pk'er here. - The mere -thougt- of a str poulticer strikes (peer typo) ..fear into my heart, it's just vicious, to do that much damage, and be able to heal to full in a few poultices. - now, you see, this is what gets me. on a sitting victim, hitroll seems to play a very small part in the amount of damage done to your victim. It's just sad, that damroll means SO much, and hitroll isn't much of a factor at all. - To make this plain and simple, there just isn't enough disadvantage to having low dex, which seems to be the option of choice in todays pkill world. - anyway, append, or flame, but post your thoughts. | | -Trample.

From: Sammael Monday, February 14, 10:14PM All I have to say is this. I don't agree. Str is no more powerful then its ever been. It just rocks in certain combos, such as str/con, and to a lesser extent, in my mind, str/mind. The only reason your all bitching is because tahts what everyone is for some reason. Don't worry; I hate being trendy, so I won't be around much longer. What I'm saying is, str isn't as potent as you think. Dex though, in my opinon, needs to be fixed so its less of a "you win if your lucky, lose if your not" stat into something a bit more reliable. I guess thats just me though. No, I don't know how to do it or anything like that. As it stands, I agree with whoever said con/mind would probably still dominate. A str mage is choke bait, headbutt bait, and usually doesn't have many hp. Maybe your just approaching it wrong. And as for str poulticers, well, not to demean anyone, but I've fought a few, and I've yet to lose. Again, low hp, regardless of healing ability makes it hard to compete. Flame away, but I think your all over reacting. And for the record, my new pkiller is NOT str, and I don't forsee me losing 90% of the time to every str fighter who rolls off the assembly line. -Sammael

From: Lagmonster Monday, February 14, 10:22PM strength has been powerful ever since the mud moved away from the dex-only scene, it was just that the "better" pkers never capitalized on it... we had Nothing and Agni who were 3c str mages that did well, but it wasn't until Mo that ppl thought to actually make one for themselves (guess augmenting str mage sounded more reasonable and doable than a 3c chant vina vant dyn ex mage). They're not any more powerful than they wer e then. The main problem is that our mud is basically down-right silly against like-built chars, and str/mages USED to be a combo that wasn't 'trite'-- meaning, if you knew what you are doing, you aren't gonna have to rely on the coin-toss scenario most other chars end up in. I still think the most powerful char type overall is a con-mind 3c, the stats a mage of that sort can achieve is daunting for most other chars. As far as hitroll and damroll goes, you should try getting high hit/dam with an 8kg weapon. It'll make enough of a difference in any char type, and unlike str, it will do damage much more consistantly.

From: Dusk Monday, February 14, 10:45PM I never particularly like str fighters myself... the most str I have ever had on a character is around 36. I am a dex fighter, I have around 32hitroll, bout 12dam... I don't really pay much attention to damage messages when i am pkilling.... but I rarely lose. Actually, I can only recall one instance where I lost in a duel situation in the past 3-4 months, and that was to a 100dex/100perc/70str fighter who got two back to back parralyzing backstabs.. -wince- and even in that situation, I still managed to get him to DYING. -shrug- I tend to be more cautious when fighting these huge monster str characters, but I don't think they are any more powerful than the large array of plausible characters that currently exist. It is more a matter of adapting to situations, knowing your enemy, etc... If you think str is so dominant, make a str fighter, and see how often you will die to non-str. -shrug- People think to much about mathmatical logistics behind pkill. Just fight dammit. Dusk

From: Poetry I dont know what it is, but something is messed up with damageroll comboed with stun attacks and low hitroll. I think most everyone agrees at least with that. Even Lagmonster agrees with that. And Sammael is changing his pkiller away from str because IMHO, he feels guilty for being cheesy! muhaha Something is definately messed up. Poetry

From: Amadio Tuesday, February 15, 12:02AM Hrm, personally I think most trends are sorta silly. Let me explain that. Since I've been on this mud, I've heard the following char types called "dominant"= 3c dex mages, 3c str mages, 3c con mages, snipers, 2c spam augmentors, 2c nospam augmentors, str/con spam augmentors, str/con nospam augmentors, sniper/spam augmentors, sniper/nospam augmentor con anything, plain ole' str/con, and now apparently str anything. This is all in pk, by the way. What's the common factor? An above-average pkiller made one of these char types and -gasp- started KILLING PEOPLE! Horror! And there was much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, and then everyone said, "hey, I can make a pkiller just like that! go me!" and boy, did they ever. Remember when every pkiller, just about, was a dex/cause? Remember the glut of snipers? So this went on for a little while, and then another above-average pkiller (or maybe the same one) got bored of his dexmage/sniper/strcon/ whatever the hell else because everyone else had one, and said "hrm, I bet I can make a chartype that'll kick all of those dexmage/ sniper/strcon/whatever's asses." And Lo! they did. And many Infos rained down from on high! And at first the mud said "Imms, this chartype is overbalanced, for it kills me every goddamn time!" And then the mud saw that this chartype (whatever it may be) was Good, and they made one of their very own. And thus the cycle repeated. Sooooo. What's the message? In my opinion, there's no such thing as one dominant character type. It's merely that the players here are getting more and more sophisticated in making their characters, and so characters that absolutely rocked three months ago suck now. Whatever, trends are silly. Bah. Amadio.

From: Nothing Tuesday, February 15, 03:18PM -ponder Laggy- wow, I got mentioned in a post... Does this mean I'm famous?


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