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Posted by Poetry on 02/17

You know, forget everything I ever posted on this board. I think Im just going to go postal. -seriously losing it, Poetry. There are obviously problems that no knows how to fix.

From: Forsaken Tuesday, February 15, 12:53PM It's easy to forget you can't make a difference huh.

From: Stain Tuesday, February 15, 02:46PM I think saying "There are obviously problems that nobody WANTS to fix" would be more accurate.

From: Rufus Tuesday, February 15, 04:24PM There are problems, I want to fix them, I have a rough idea as to how to fix them. I don't have time to fix them. -Ruf

From: Asterix Wednesday, February 16, 01:18PM Why don't you just apply to immort?

From: Poetry Wednesday, February 16, 03:04PM I suppose I could apply and probably help out a lot. I have some ideas and time to spend on it. I dont want it to take away the magic either... Somehow, I think Im too active a pkiller to have access to all that information. Can you guys imagine me pkilling with information on every factor that goes into the percent chance to parachoke or other fight skills? The exact chance to wfw given all the variables that go into the equation? I would feel too guilty to attack anyone with all that info! I have a good idea of the way a lot of stuff works.. but only from what I see. If I had access to the code, I think my psychotic compulsive perfection disability would drive me mad. Im already quite mad as a lot of you already correctly think. Also, I would hate for someone to tell me "You beat me cause you could look at the code and just make the perfect character." Or even better "Poetry beat me cause she checked my playerfile and saw that I had no this.. or that or whatever". And how would it look to newbies to have a pyscho imm alt that talks to herself and attacks her best friends? I also have fear that, in my hands, the mud would become so balanced that it gets boring. Its not easy to balance things and keep them alive at the same time. The complexity is required in a way, so that players like me cant figure out simple fight equations and make perfect characters. That was the problem with dex mud. (although I do miss some aspects of dex mud.. longer fights, 2.stun) In other words, becoming a coding immortal here sounds interesting, but would make it hard and no fun to play this game the way I like to. Rufus does fine too, he just doesnt seem to have the time to test stuff all day and sometimes things dont get changed quickly and we have to wait. I would rather make "observations" and let HIM make the changes. I spend a lot of time observing and being "out in the field" taking notes. He seems respective of people like me and Darkheart (and Splat.. sometimes) that have some first hand xp with the system and its downfalls and pluses. That relationship works for me. I dont want the code anywhere near me! Understand? Getting mad about the code is also part of the fun, hehe. I wouldnt want to lose that. -wink- Poetry

From: T'Zarlen Wednesday, February 16, 06:31PM Not to mention, it still says this in the immort code of conduct: "...immortals' morts may not engage in playerkilling or stealing without extremely clear in-context reasons that are clearly evident to the victim. If the victim is not aware of the reason, then the immortal is at fault. Yes, this limits the scope of an immorts' actions as a mort, but all immortals MUST serve as an example of ideal player behavior, or the credibility of all immortals is undermined." ...

From: Asterix Thursday, February 17, 12:12PM Speaking of politeness, I personally feels that if a player answers one of your questions on chat It's only polite to say a simple thanks even though that person might just be a newbie, some of the players here simply look down on others who are lowlvl,doesnt have tons of whoises or have the title, the newbie, I myself never help "said person" again no matter which form I'm in if he's rude to others well. just my opinion -Asterix

From: Asterix Thursday, February 17, 12:15PM Nm, wrong append to board


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