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Posted by Lagmonster on 02/25

Coupons, unpk, and pretitle... is good, but let's add a few more :p How about a chance to reroll hp or mana for a redemption point? There are a few chars out there that have rolled rather low for some reason, and a chance to amend that may be interesting. It'd also be interesting to be able to spend 3 redemption points to lower the spell level by 1 for all the spells in the mage's spellbook. Elimination of housing rent payments and houses that stay even if the owner is archived would be interesting, for, say, 7 redemption points. The elimination of rent would only apply to rooms, and not the stuff withi them, of course... could prolly add that for a few more redeems :p Ability to chat or gossip with their respective pretitles should be possible for 1 redemption point. Would be interesting. And for a redemption point, the player, if targeted by praise, will never induce praise-failure while when targeted by satire they'll never allow the other person to succeed... prolly not something a lotta ppl will pay a redemption for, but would be interesting. Honestly i think this should be automatic for anyone with a 100mil whois :p Oh well, just got bored, that's all

From: Splat Saturday, February 19, 02:48AM 1st 2 no good since it makes chars better than others.. even if your reroll could possibly reduce your hps/mana, some weirdos will keep accumulating til they roll good. Housing rent, umm.. there shouldn't be any rent on them anyway, at least not beyond the 1st room. The other 2 are ok since I wouldn't feel I -need- to get them. :P

From: Golbez Saturday, February 19, 05:17AM Heh, why not.. would give oldbies something to actually look forward to Golbez, necromancer 4 life

From: Brew Saturday, February 19, 09:19AM I still want to use a redeem point or five to move one stat point to another stat like change your 61dex and 99str to 60dex 100str

From: Tarbash Saturday, February 19, 08:49PM eq does that

From: Darkrift Sunday, February 20, 11:52AM Golbez is a gangsta! :P -Darkrift (observational humour)

From: Cheesy_Poofs Tuesday, February 22, 07:28PM I think, it would be intresting to use a redeem to swap stats. Say, you have 53 base con, and 24 base str, it would be intresting to be able to swap em, and have 53 base str, and 24 base con, ect Also, to be able to unlearn skills, and get the prac back Like for when you were young, dumb, and stupid, and learned something like boatmaking =p Cheesy_Poofs

From: Sammael Tuesday, February 22, 08:01PM as for the stat thing, I find it mildly amusing I suggested this at a q&a and now everyone thinks its a great idea -peer- Whats wrong with you people!.

From: Stain Tuesday, February 22, 10:43PM we hate you and want you to die a horrible death? ;)-

From: Darla Wednesday, February 23, 12:08AM I like the idea of chatting, etc with titles. Since it takes three redemption points to get the title, it should be a little more worthwhile. Darla

From: Mac Wednesday, February 23, 03:19AM I suggested stat swapping many years ago :P Only slightly different, unfortunately both methods have the same flaw in that plain fighters are able to benefit most..

From: Sammael Wednesday, February 23, 08:03AM agreed. Thats why spirit needs to be a req as it is. I think possibly this might help this sudden surge of fighters. I'm sick of being beaten by someone who has insane stats because they have 1 spirit, 30 perc, and 25 mind. I say spirit should be needed to headbutt, cuz if you don't have faith in yourself to hit, you'll likely just stun yourself everytime. 20 or 25 should be sufficiant, and maybe some of these stupid fighters that win by spamming headbutt with have to actually think of something different to do.

From: Splat Wednesday, February 23, 08:44AM -nod- I'm a plain fighter but wouldn't mind reduced stats due to a spirit pre-req on important skills.. It's too easy for builders to unbalance char types with -spirit gear.

From: Lagmonster Wednesday, February 23, 08:52AM Dunno, never thought -spi to be imbalancing, even with a 100/100/100 char. It still doesn't make up for the loss of spells and use of mana. Lagmonster

From: Yvonne Wednesday, February 23, 10:16AM Mmm, putting a spi req on fight skills. You realize that that would totally screw half the unclanneds on the mud? Like it or not, this still isn't a pkill mud.

From: Infidel Wednesday, February 23, 11:57AM Actually has nothing to do with pkill..

From: Yvonne Wednesday, February 23, 02:49PM Sure it does.

From: Lagmonster Wednesday, February 23, 11:38PM It has something to do with a redeem option allowing to switch stats, and how it will benefit fighter chars more than mage chars, pk or nonpk. The actual argument here has nothing to do with pk.

From: Yvonne Thursday, February 24, 09:34AM Mmm, I was responding to Sammael's suggestion that fight skills have a spi req, not the general thread. Maybe it makes sense for pkill, but there are plenty of unclanned fighters with 1 spi who would be screwed by that change. Doesn't bother me in the slightest, I've got 80 spi, but if I was a fighter, I'd hate to see it. So yeah, I do think that proposed change is about pkill. -shrug-

From: Splat Friday, February 25, 02:46PM I'm at -2 spirit and clanned and I'd still like a spirit pre-req. There just needs to be something to make up for the stat loss.


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