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Posted by Stain on 03/01

Tonight I had to get my 3rd tunic of flame this week. Yes, in one week my tunic scrapped 3 times, not to mention several other items scrapping as well. I have to be tformed at least twice a day, and I tend to avoid fighting mages. Even in mob kill (I admit I don't do much of that) I see my eq damaged a lot. Since I am not a mage and a good 3/4 of my eq is tform or no repair, if I was the only one that used him Marauder would still make a LOT of money. I can't think of a way I could have any kind of exceptable ac rating without a lot of tform eq either. I am not the most knowledgabe person here, or in any way good at making eq lists, but i'm convinced that eq damage is crazy f---ed up high and needs to be toned down. I have actually had mage buddys of mine kick on wfw's instead of immolate because they feel badly about destroying my equipment. I don't know much about how formulas/code and all that work, but common sense (ok, so i'm not a very good example of common sense :P) tells me a fix would help far more than it could hurt even bleh.. Even the flame throwers that only use immolate every other freakin' round couldn't complain too much. With eq dam the way it is now, even after it was toned down a bit, you'd still be able to cripple someons ac's. In one fight having an item go from un damaged to scraps or falling apart is just hard to the core. Yes, this is mostly pertaining to pkill, but since it would only benefit the non-enabled, they should cry foul, too! Considering the pk damage cap is lower, why the hell is eq damage so much more potent in pk? Not sure why I posted this, since I posted/appended to similar posts more than once in the past.. just sayin'. (grumble) - the someone behind the sharp pain in your back.

From: Splat Friday, February 25, 02:55PM Ah it's complain about eq damage time once again, well as always I agree.. It still needs fixing.

From: Cheesy_Poofs Friday, February 25, 06:31PM It prolly won't help much, but I agree too ;)

From: Wyvern Friday, February 25, 10:16PM yeah, it spams me whenever I immolate.. ;) yeah i agree, it sucks for non-mages to get their eq burnt What I suggest is..say the total number of eq that is damaged and put on fire is 6....2 in flames and 4 slightly damaged.. why don't you take out eq DAMAGE and convert all six into just FLAMING..it at least gives the person a chance to douse himself :)

From: LadyAce Saturday, February 26, 01:01PM One thing that you might want to think about is wearing eq that is harder to scrap, particularly in areas that tend to get a lot of hits. Metal and leather are a lot harder to scrap than cloth. I know that there aren't as many non-cloth options out there in every slot, but this might be helpful for at least some of you. Also, if you tell us specific items and types of items that you think are really missing, we might be able to put them in. This hasn't always been the case, but if you look at our record over the last 5 months, you'll see 5 new areas. -LA

From: Darla Saturday, February 26, 11:53PM It is even worse how easily weapons get damaged. I'm glad that with this character I have a repairable weapon, but many weapons are only tform and get damaged quite often, even against mobs that are just soft and pink. I understand that the silver serrated was once repairable. What was the rationale for changing it? It seems illogical and cruel.

From: Mac Sunday, February 27, 06:41AM It's not worse.. yes they get damaged a lot but they can also take a lot of damage, if their effectiveness was reduced with damage it might matter but I've yet to scrap a weapon and it generally takes weeks and weeks before my weapon becomes moderately damaged. Certain other eq on the other hand can and does get scrapped in a single fight. As for LA's response.. please find me an alternative to the crimson cloak, black horseshoe, lion's scalp & seoni earrings. Sure, you can go without such things but I don't wanna get my butt kicked in pk.

From: Lagmonster Monday, February 28, 12:03AM Eq damage wouldn't be that bad if getting them didn't require a huge group. Crimson cloak is just the paramount of idiocy, since the group it takes to get the item most likely will scrap the item. It's also fairly interesting that ppl's eq seems to scrap a lot more often then when they were on mobs, since the amount of damage done to mobs is greater than damage done to players. Personally i find the tunic of flame in farily neat conditions after killing the mob who has it (most of my chars used to just get a new one instead of bothering with tf) but in pk, it seems things get scrapped far easier. Common sense tells me that there should be less damage since there's less damage being done and since most chars have less hps than the mobs (even with the pk dam reduction, sniperlings and dexmages still have less than mobs with good eq, i think). There's no easy solution to this, i guess, but i think it should become harder to damage eq once they are damaged, instead of easier, for one. It's pretty difficult to imagine cloth 'scrap', and once something's damaged there's a better chance that things go past the armor (where it is already damaged) just like the lowered ac ratings, instead of hitting the damaged thing again... oh well, we can justify things later when it's coded.

From: Cheesy_Poofs Monday, February 28, 01:27AM I fought Zalbag earlier, and with just a few immolates broght my AC, down by 44, and it kept going down, untill I had time to douse I just thought I'd say that cuz I'm mad and I wanted to vent it =p Cheesy

From: Poetry Monday, February 28, 04:09PM Hm, if you reduce item damage, then you have a whole bunch of items that are way too cheap rentwise... the cheap rent being because of their flimsiness... If you increase the rent on those items after you decrease damage, then you have a bunch of old eq in the game. How about a VERY mana intensive spell or a skill that requires some high non-fight stats that recovers items from scraps? or a mob, or a mini-quest. Poetry

From: Splat Monday, February 28, 08:18PM Huh? you think it's balanced right now? It's such a pointless aspect of the game, materials may as well be the same rent or you could rip eq damage altogether and it wouldn't bother me a bit.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, February 29, 11:58AM One reason you may see more scrappage these days than in the old days is that certain types of attacks scrap more than others. It follows logic, swords rip stuff up a whole lot quicker than staffs, etc. -LA

From: Stain Tuesday, February 29, 02:45PM I like the idea of eq becoming more difficult to damage after being damaged, makes as much sense to me as your 'swords hurt' idea. My point is that if I don't check for tf/repair after EVERY fight, the chances are really good that something is going to scrap. Constantly needing someone to fix my things detracts from my fun, considering how much I have to do it and the vulnerable position it puts me in, removing my gear. It also makes it real hard for me to fight more than one person (something I have had to do a lot lately) since a single char tears my eq to scraps in a single fight. I have to be far less aggressive, or be willing to go replace my items repeatedly. It's frustrating to have the hp's to fight another enemy, but need tf so badly that even if I win I am the real loser in the end, since I have to mobkill for more eq.

From: Forsaken Tuesday, February 29, 05:02PM Silly people, eq damage is too harsh, fix it.. simple as that.

From: Lagmonster Tuesday, February 29, 07:59PM Another thing that imms seem to neglect is that the only reason ppl don't voice eq damage as much as they used to is not because it got fixed or because it's even close to reasonable, but because we have Marauder botting for us 24/7, just about. If the problem is not going to be fixed in eq damage, then there should be a Marauder-bot installed somewhere in the game.

From: Rufus Wednesday, March 01, 12:41AM Well, fwiw, I don't know if anyone will allow this to go in but I severely limited the amount of damage that can be dealt to an object in a single blow -- both via spell and via fighting. I'm not going to report exact numbers, but it's still a HUGE deal lower than what it was previously. However, since everyone seems to use the flame tunic as an example, get different armor there. Same with cloaks of sunshine. They're extremely weak. Even with the limiting, they can only take about 5 or 6 hits before they're garbage (on the other hand, a suit of mac lir's can take approximately 20-40 damaging hits before it scraps). -Ruf

From: Mac Wednesday, March 01, 08:26AM I'll allow it, don't worry! I don't think many would complain about 5-6 hits.. I'm sure many of us have lost eq in just 2.

From: Lagmonster Wednesday, March 01, 10:51AM 5-6 is plenty under the current duration of fights to last one fight, at least. It'd be a lot better if there was a mob that would just add rent to the item and make an item more durable... personally i'd gladly pay another k of rent to make crimson cloaks as durable as maclirs :p

From: Milamber Wednesday, March 01, 06:59PM Gold clasped red cloak - scrapped twice last 3 days, once in PD and second time with Witold, both from perfect condition in two hits.. :( Eq damage needs to lower, i have problems with high damroll str characters with swords. They are hitting my eq very badly. Milamber


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