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Posted by Croaker on 03/14

Opinions on imm applicants should be sent to the department heads only, not posted on public boards :) Thanks Croaker

From: Davien Tuesday, March 07, 11:19PM I missed them? Damn! BTW, will applicants get to hear what was said about them as long as the person who said it is not mentioned? Davien Holyoake.

From: Oxalis Wednesday, March 08, 12:42AM I'd also like to know whether the comments are completely anonymous, obviously if sent by email there is no character name attached, but the dept head may know who the commenter is. Ox

From: Trample Wednesday, March 08, 11:00AM -ponder- guess I was right, after all. and again, with permission, I'll post my thoughts, in public. - it is my opinion that one of the admin applicants is a bit much, that being Fraegis. I've had several encounters with him as an alt, all of which showed a certain level of immaturity, and I simply don't think we need people like this in the admin department, the other two applicants, I think, would make good imms however. - Another thing that I feel is important, is Fraegis being the spouse of a current immortal, I just think he has much to prove before he can take the step to being an immortal. - I really don't care about who gets imm'd in other departments, because the power they receive is much less, IMO. - but anyway, I'm done rambling, these are my opinions, and my opinions alone. -Trample.

From: Zandy Wednesday, March 08, 11:08AM Please... if you're going to post here... realize that this is not required reading for voting imms. If you would like to be certain that your opinions are read, e-mail them to the department head. Most immortals will not give much, if any, weight to this discussion. Should you choose to have this discussion, fine. Keep this discussion polite. There's a fine line between slander and opinion, stay on the opinion side, I will remove any posts that I feel to be harassing, threatening, or rude. Ideally, I'd leave RL out of this as much as possible as well. Imm's (or morts) personal relationship are largely irrelevent on Legend, or at least they should be. Not trying to squelch discussion, just setting some facts straight. (and, to answer a question, the comments forwarded to department heads will not be given to the applicants regardless of the outcome of the voting.) -Zandy

From: Perseus Thursday, March 09, 12:08AM Why not? Might be a good way of getting them to look at themselves I know I would like to hear what other peoples concerns are in order to avoid making mistakes in those areas. I feel a summary of any issues that other people raise would help me quite a bit, even if it is just, who the hell is that?!

From: Zoe Thursday, March 09, 12:29AM "I've had several encounters with him [Fraegis] as an alt, all of which showed a certain level of immaturity...." I think its really unfair to blame Fraegis for the fact that you showed a level of immaturity in your encounters with him. Judging by your general behavior over the last few years, I'd say you probably show a level of immaturity in your encounters with everyone, not just with Fraegis. -snicker- On the matter of showing applicants comments, I don't think it matters whether they see them or not, but obviously they can't now since it was stated already that they wouldn't. But if somebody raises a specific allegation, I think the applicant should get the chance to clarify it through questioning, without revealing who made it.

From: Ton Thursday, March 09, 03:02AM I agree, if allegations are made against a cantidate, don't assume that they are true without putting some effort into finding out for sure, no matter who makes the allegations. Ton

From: Lagmonster Thursday, March 09, 09:22AM Just would like to say, I consider myself fairly active on Legend (arguable, i guess) and I find it slightly irritating when i see applications from characters i hardly recognize. Personally would think it should be mandatory for imm applicants to be at least having been nominated for an expie (not that i recognize ppl there all the time either). I don't expect everyone wanting to be an imm nominated as best citizen or something, but one should at least be in the candidacy for best gm (simply head a clan!) or any of the other categories where candidacy isn't as limited Laggy

From: LadyAce Thursday, March 09, 12:16PM If there are specific incidents mentioned in a comment, we'd certainly look into it, as we've always done. Generally, however, the comments tend toward issues of attitude and reputation, which mortals are uniquely suited to provide us with perspective about. -LA

From: Perseus Thursday, March 09, 10:31PM In regards to what Lagmonster said.... - Not matter how active you are, you can't play in all time zones - Have you been that active for the last 5 years? After all, the player in question could have played as a full time occupation before you knew the game was here. In fact, you might well have run with him/her/it on many occasions and simply forgotton about it. - I have been nominated for an Expie. Best mud citizen as I recall. It wasn't this me though, and no I did not win. I would also point out that the expies nominations hardly represent a cross section of the player-base - Why should a player imm his/her/it's favourite character? The one with the most established role play? After all, imms are ooc all the time, they can't take part in much. It ould seem a waste to have all that ability built up over time taken out of the game. Why not put some life back into one of those archived characters? - Like other people said, its not a popularity contest. The strength of the proposal and the good that you will do for the mud counts more than your popularity imho. Perseus

From: Ton Friday, March 10, 04:24AM Sometimes I think people don't realize that there is more to an imm application than just proposal. While popularity shouldn't be a factor, past behavior, respect from other players and imms, as well as general organization and skill should be. Respect from others is overlooked, but if/when someone that isn't well respected in the community reaches a higher position (such as imm) some of that disrespect will find its way towards the previous imms as well. "why would they imm -player A- if they are a known rule breaker? Don't they know? Don't they care? What are they trying to accomplish by doing this?" Its happened before. Ton

From: Tarod Tuesday, March 14, 07:37AM Well said, Ton.


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