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Posted by Lagmonster on 03/10

The rate of fire should be adjusted. Currently i think i roughly get 2 shots per 3 rounds at best, and considering stunning shots get woken by no-weapon hits just about the next round, it's pretty close to useless. With bows it's even worse, you get like 3 shots per 5 rounds perhaps... considering some guns don't even allow you to have a 3rd hold slot (basically you're just full with a gun and something else, even if it's not a weapon) it's pretty lame...

From: Trample Wednesday, March 08, 11:18AM I just want giant fireballs to shoot out of my eyes, instantly killing my opponent, at random.

From: Poetry Wednesday, March 08, 12:28PM That was an obnoxious post, Trample... Lagmonster took the time to state his opinion and ideas... and you sidetrack the tread with dog doo. No wonder he doesnt like you.

From: Lagmonster Thursday, March 09, 09:58AM oh yah, and i think bash should only prevent the use of "stand" command for the duration of the bashed lag... allowing ppl that are bashed to reset wimpy, type score, quaff potions, or whatever while they are bashed. Currently a successful bash is better than a staggering headbutt if it wouldn't be for the bashed attacking, with much much better odds.

From: Trample Thursday, March 09, 10:05AM sorry, Poetry, I'll try to refrain from having any comments on this board from now on, since people can't take a simple joke.

From: Kunnar Thursday, March 09, 07:16PM The idea behind a bash is that you've been knocked on your rear and lost your wind in the process. It's not realistic for someone to try to regain their wind, stand up, attack someone, defend against an attacker, and then quaff a potion. Changing wimpy, looking at score, an and other things that aren't actions should be allowed, i agree (though I imagine it would be tough to code them) but anything involving thought combined with action should not be allowed. kunnar

From: Stain Friday, March 10, 12:19AM I think looking at skills and trying to use 'realism' to justify stuff is just idiocy. Magic/ammount of damage taken/time/movement range are nowhere near realistic. But if you wanna look at it that way, speaking from personal rl experiance, gettin' knocked on your ass is much easier to roll back up from than havin' your brain bounced around the inside of your skull. Bashes don't tumble very much at all here, and the dam + gained from it makes a str char with decent hit able to do crazy heaps of damage with little risk considering how small a chance there is of it being dodged/tumbled. I said this with my last char who used that skill quit a bit, in case it sounds like a sniper wanti bah.. wanting to be super man and tumble/para/stun shot EVERY time.


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