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Posted by Lagmonster on 03/12

Great, you can't quickdraw two handed guns with the change now. I wouldn't have minded as much if this change came after adjusting no-weapon shoot so that it's actually viable not holding a weapon, or if you could hold two held items and the two-handed gun just the way one can wield a two-handed weapon and two helds. There's probably no pk-active player atm that doesn't think snipers are seriously underpowered. It's pretty much close to a joke playing a sniper char, and without trying to balance the spiel, a code change goes in that further reduces the viability of a sniper. Allow no-weapon shoot a guaranteed 2 shots/round with a gun (especially a two-handed one), at least. At the current 3shots/2rounds or so, it's dumb using no-weapon shoot, and when not using it, you can't use a two handed gun with a decent weapon.

From: Infidel Thursday, March 09, 11:10PM Ahh gotta love them changes for realism..

From: Darla Thursday, March 09, 11:23PM drink cup This change makes me seriously contemplate forgetting about shooting at al if it means either give up held items, or seriously limit my choices of guns. But then, that would make me a non-magic casting non-shooting dex fighter, and that is certainly inviable--pk or not. This is silly, if you want realism, everyone would go around whacking each other with canoes, because you really can carry a boat, a weapon, a bag, two held items, blah Sorry, I'm not making much sense. It just seems that an underpowered char type is just being made worse.

From: Stain Friday, March 10, 06:17AM I heard that this change was put in because con snipers were too powerfull with 2 handed guns being quickdrawable.. Just seems sorta strange to me, considering I can't think of a con sniper who actually used one of these. In fact, I can think of only 1 con sniper that actually plays even semi-frequently. Even using a tommy gun with quickdraw, without a fair amount of tumbles and multiple backstabs, I didn't win by very much. If I won at all. The sad thing is I didn't even question the idea that this was done because some immort(s) felt con shooters were overpowerd even after so many chars have said snipers are UNDERpowered and all the complaints about STR being too potent. Guess I have just gotten used to the idea of immorts completely disregarding most the player's oppinions/observations. I do not understand downgrading skills for a char type everyone I have heard from says is by far weaker than the rest. If this dumb reason for changing the skill is not why it was done, please, append with the real reason? I can't think of a good one, myself.

From: Poetry Friday, March 10, 11:16AM Didnt you post on message 27 that "snipers are just fine?"=p I agree that snipers are underpowered... and was annoyed at your first post. Im glad you finally realized=p -whap- Poetry

From: Lagmonster Friday, March 10, 11:18AM Well, they were just fine! Until i realized that you couldn't even wield a sharp wit and a two handed gun without a single held item, or that you couldn't hold a two handed gun and have two helds (even if you wield a weapon two-handed, there are numerous times when you can hold two items!) If i knew i couldn't wear a m-82 and a wit at the same time, even while sacrificing a held slot... grrr.

From: Roy_Jackson Sunday, March 12, 03:56AM GRRRRRRRRR!!

From: Ishmael Sunday, March 12, 04:36PM I'm a straight mage and I think that big guns should be allowed to 'quickdraw' because it is easier to shoot from the hip with a rifle than with a pistol anyway.


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