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Posted by Poetry on 03/13

I have been losing lots of appends recently... Im just wondering if anyone else has. There is nothing worst than having to re-write something you lost. Poetry

From: Splat Sunday, March 12, 10:31AM O'course, I lose them all the time.. and then my following appends with cursing and so forth magically POOFS soon after.

From: Flea Sunday, March 12, 04:01PM wait, I'm confused, Poetry... Is losing posts even worse than heavy weapons?? Try to clear this up for me, Flea

From: Flea Sunday, March 12, 04:02PM -tweak-

From: Danar Sunday, March 12, 04:01PM Go back and look at my post on this very subject :b To summarize, @restarting your append will cause it to poof. The only cure I've found for this is to not screw up the first line. Everything else can be fixed with @back. Danar

From: Cheyla Sunday, March 12, 05:38PM Simple fix: POST BOARD or POST <note> BOARD <post number> Works wonders, really! Write what you want on your card, ending and appending to it as often as you like and just post it when you're done... lot fewer worries about losing everything you've written if you lose link, takes no longer to write it on the paper and put it on the board. No, edit doesn't work ANY better, but y'all know it doesn't work anyhow so why keep trying? If editing boards gets changed I'm SURE you will see it among the weekly code updates. Cheyla, who wouldn't have made it through the expies posts otherwise. <p> <h3>From: Sammael Sunday, March 12, 08:07PM the point is they shouldn't have to use a card. <p> <h3>From: Kalyani Sunday, March 12, 08:50PM no, they -shouldn't- have to use a card but cheyla posted a perfectly good work-around for the problem. sometimes you have to be flexible to get around life's little nuances. if you can't be bothered to be flexible then i guess you're just gonna have to live with life being more difficult than it could be. boards work, i'm sure they are practically at the rock-bottom of things for the immortals to fix, and would be a real pain to fix, at that. <p> <h3>From: Mac Sunday, March 12, 09:16PM Gimme the source, I'll fix it and add highlighting of new posts! <p> <h3>From: LadyAce Monday, March 13, 06:03PM Another thing to watch -- seems like if you append to a post wherein the 'appends' count is different than the number of appends you can read, it means there's a messed-up append in there. Another sign that post is the way to go :) -LA <p> <center><img src="../../../images/bigbreak.gif" width=342 height=34 alt="_____"></center><p> <center> <td><a href="../discuss_00.html"> <img border=0 src="../../../images/board.gif" width=105 height=75 alt="Current Index"></a> </center> </body> </html>