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Posted by Ptwang on 03/14

Nobody wants the change to quickdraw, nobody wants the pk timer to stop counting down in safe rooms, nobody wants about half the changes since dex MUD. So.. who can we blame for all the poor decisions? If you don't listen to us, at least let us know who we should be focusing our anger at.

From: Nobody Sunday, March 12, 11:08PM Well, it sounds like you should be focusing it on me ! -gulp- Nobody

From: Stain Monday, March 13, 05:50AM (nod Ptwang) I agree, lots of unwanted changes have gone in, but asking for a name is like asking who shot JFK. You wouldn't get a straight answer even if there was one, and what good would it do anyone, anyway?

From: Ptwang Monday, March 13, 08:39AM Well I could be peeved with just one instead of all them. :P

From: Ptwang Monday, March 13, 08:55AM Actually, I'd really like to know so that when I talk to them I'll get a response with the possibility of being able to put forth a reasonable argument and maybe even get a change reversed or altered. Using the discussion board is obviously pointless.

From: Poetry Monday, March 13, 11:03AM something is definately not working up there.. I dunno what it is

From: Ea! Monday, March 13, 06:04PM You can blame me for all of the changes that have gone in during the time that I've been Head Coder. It's part of my job to review the code that is in the queue to go into the Mud and it's my fault when bugs go in that we should have caught. Not all of the design decisions are mine (put simply: I don't deserve all the credit, but I'll take the blame) but nothing has gone in that I've found entirely objectionable. As for the specific changes that you've mentioned, I'll give some reasons: I'm not sure how people can expect that rifles (or other large guns) should be quickdrawable, particularly when you're using another weapon in combat at the same time. If someone can explain to me how this could possibly work, I'd be happy to review the decision. As for the safe room timer change, it was primarily a shortcut on an idea for pkok -- it was brought up at a Q & A (or maybe it was the idea channel, I forget) that people shouldn't be able to dwindle away the timer that controls how long it is before you're allowed to remove someone from your pkok list while in a safe room. This seemed like a sensible idea, so I implemented it -- it has the side effect of making it so that the rent timer doesn't decrement either. I can pull the change out entirely or I can waste a bit of memory and make it so that the rent timer decrements but the pkok timer doesn't. Either way, it seems pretty sensible that if the idea is that you're supposed to be out and vulnerable for a certain period of time in order for people to have a change to fight you, then it shouldn't decrement, despite the ability to recall someone. -Ea!

From: Stain Monday, March 13, 07:09PM I guess your right, Ea!. Fighters wielding a big ass sword and holding 2 items at the same time seems right, but a 3 handed sniper is just WACKY, what was I/the rest of the mud thinking? theres a bunch of other changes that people should be mocked for, as well but I am sick and tired (both figureatively, and literally). as for the tick timer, it shoulda been put on houses and no recall safe rooms. recallable safe rooms is where pkers SHOULD go to heal. You promoti bleh.. promoting suicidal pk chars? when your hurt, you kinda wanna heal i in safety, and having to stand in the open for 10 tics makes the chances of ever being able to rent/ooc for any reason kinda slim.

From: Stain Monday, March 13, 07:19PM btw, the biggest reason I dislike the change to quickdraw is that, once again, if i'm inspired I am pretty well dead. Since perc dosn't figure into tumble (why?) (more complaining about how little I do that, btw) and my dagger being too lite to really hurt much on stunned rounds more than every once in a great while, the small damage from 1 hand guns isn't worth it. that tommy gun I used for a while there only gave me about a 50% chance of winning against inspirin' mages anyway, didn't in any way over power this char, and I can't see how even if I had high con how it would. I saw it as an equalizer. At least with a gun that actually hurt I could make it resonably close. think the best I did against inspire was get Zemus to 200 hp's, while he still had tons of mana.

From: Mac Monday, March 13, 09:23PM Hadn't you noticed that hardly anyone used a rifle in the past? You had to give up a decent backstab that only did like half bash damage, give up 5 stat points for all but one rifle and probably give up a 2nd held item too. Backstab needs to be changed so lighter weapons are an option which in turn makes held rifles an option. There's still the down sides of no stat or in the case of the +5 gun, high rent, no polished scale or herne's for that slot and reduced damage on the lighter dagger. Snipers kinda need all of it to compete but you're not even meeting us half way.

From: Darla Tuesday, March 14, 10:43AM I would like to see a compromise with quickdraw: have the skill allow you to use a two-handed weapon with one hand. That would allow a lot more flexibility for people using rifles, and the skill would not be a total waste.


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