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Posted by Poetry on 03/15

How about making it so that snipers set you to resting when they get a "bashing" shot, instead of sitting? If Im correct, the bonus given to hitting on resting is bigger... that would give a nice little boost to snipers. And yeah, the quickdraw change _seems_ to make sense (how do you quickdraw a huge 2 handed weapon?) but since snipers are weak already, all it actually does is annoy people=p. What imm made this decision? and based WHAT? care to step forward and tell us? And doesnt it suck that any mage with 100prestige, magic sink, and stoneskin can kill any sniper? How about a change to stoneskin? (the dumbest spell ever). Lets make it so that if a stoneskinned mage walks onto water... they drown.. What else sucks, hm.... oh yeah... big dummies that are holding weapons that weight a lot should be falling on their faces.. a lot. Low dex... big weapon fighting someone that dancing around with 12 attacks, seems to make sense to me, to make up for all that damage they do. Lets remove weight from the backstab equation, so that snipers dont have to wield big spears to do damage with backstab. How about this, make small daggers para more often? because they are easier to "aim". What happens now, is that the 35 min str for those big daggers is close enought to 40.. people just get deadeye and use bows. Wouldnt it be nice to have a weakling sniper with a gun only? so that a gun wielder could get an extra 10 stats over a deadeye... 30 str.. instead of 40... and comparable backstabbage! Maybe you will see more gunslingers... How about a skill that gives you a chance to wake up from stuns more quickley.. or stand from bashes faster.. based on weapon weight? If you are super deft, you could bounce back more quickly, no? And those wielding the big spears, dont get those bonuses. The biggest problem with no weapon shooting, is that what happens if you get bashed for 2 full rounds while not wielding a weapon? you do no damage. Thats why all the no-weapon shoot code is next to useless.. its that risk. This is kind of about snipers...but about mages too. A 50 mana recall should fail LESS often than a 125 rent new scroll... Even cause mages use new scrolls!... A 30 mana blind spell that has to be cast from the same room and causes agg, and is in place of a special should crash more often than a dipped arrow thats practically free! Are you a fighter? arent you sick of getting blind crashed by easy-to-come-by dipped arrows? And the create spell, dispel magic... Either weaken the dipped version.. or strengthen the casted version. Hm, it would be nice to be able to dip throwing daggers... How about an expert throw skill for London? One dagger per vial shouldnt be too powerful. And now, probably my lest popular suggestions.. lets put a short short lag on headbutt and bash... so that mages can enter a room, and have a chance to chant before the spamming knocks them out.. If you do this we could weaken WFW and not get those ridcules up and down fights. Make "dazing" stuns, and weaken WFW! Make it less all-or-nothing... With a wfw, I win, without one, I win too buts its damn hard and takes some trix! And whatever happened to making fights a little longer so we can bother with spells other than big damagespells, and the famous, "chant guh lak vay ex" and hope for wfw? Oh yeah, I never land stuns on snipers... so I just immolate them cause immolate NEVER misses... shouldnt they be able to dodge those and take like 1/4 damage from them? You could make it so only area affect spells are undodgable... that should balance a little. Anyway, nothing pressing, but these are just some thoughts I have about the combat system that Im always testing in someway or another. Ill tell you, wfw/immolate gets boring. With so many spells the spellbook it would be nice for it to be worth it to try some others. So I guess this post is about more than snipers too! Lucky you. Post your thoughts.. if you agree, post it! or people will never know.. if you dont agree, post it too:) Im just trying to make pkill more fun with more options to get creative with. Poetry

From: Sammael Monday, March 13, 02:46PM I agree with most of it, but not the dexy stuff. As it is dex people dodge enough of my crap anyway. I think the chances just need to be evaluated. Its just like stun in its own way in that if you tumble 7 times in a fight, you win. If you tumble 0, you lose. I still think parry should be a dex only thing, though i agree with you on weapon weight and backstab. I really doubt these things will be even considered not because of the content, but because imms are just too busy. I suggest that ea! appoints one of his coders that has some time to issues like this Just balance. I think that an imm, perhaps huginn or snapper who was only devoted not only to pk balance but nonpk balance too would help the system dramaticly. We would know who to talk to about ideas and know that someone is listening to them. I personally feel for the imms, especially the coders, who have so much work to do but so little man power. Unfortunatly, unlike the other departments we have to walk into yours with previous knowledge. Not an easy thing for most of us. I would hope that you take some of the ideas on this board seriously. I really would like a "balance" coder. Thats it for me, flame away, and like Poetry said, if you don't append noone will know if you agree or disagree. Their is always the smallest chance that if enough people appended, it might get changed. Good luck coders.

From: Drakkon Monday, March 13, 03:34PM I think maybe half the stuff you said contradicted each other, you were saying that mages should be more powerful in some ways, then you said snipers should also be more powerful, then you left out the fighters you said that they should be weakened with the lag on headbutt and bash i think fighters are getting left out, hell i've seen so many dex/str bashers lose horribly because they have no hp, making these people weake is not in my opinion, balancing the system :P just my opinion -drakkon

From: Poetry Monday, March 13, 03:36PM They were just a random bunch of ideas:) some good, some not good. Some really good, though.. imho

From: Z'x Monday, March 13, 06:47PM

From: Z'x Monday, March 13, 06:48PM BAH! stupid board Hell I love pking with a sniper No matter if I win or lose, more losing I do admit, im not the best, nor the worst. I love the chance of a para that kills someone -for the most part- and tumbling then fleeing and backstabing before they can do anything. I love crashing people into mobs, sneaking hiding, and being very -sly-, its fun. Sure if you make snipers more powerful, i'd love winning more then losing, and the number of "sniper" types would prob ably increase dramatically. All I really have to say is I love pking with a sniper, and you should make differences between a sniper and a con/str f fighter Z'x on snipers

From: Stain Monday, March 13, 07:31PM any way dips could last longer, or rent on vials be lowered? I have noticed filmy dips last about twice as long as the rest, the time there seems about right. Why don't the other ones last as long? It's really frustrating to have someone wait off my dips because by the time they go, I havn't healed much do to low con and thier healin' and stuff. 2 or 3 tics isn't enough. I havn't used just 1 vial per quiver in a single fight since I went back to the bow.

From: Mac Monday, March 13, 09:33PM I appended this on an old thread so may not have been read.. To increase fight lengths I see no reason why we shouldn't just be given more hps. We had the equivelant of 1000 odd hps in the past and mobs weren't altered when that was yanked. Return to us half of what you took away and all will be good. Ie. aprox 800 hps at 100 con.

From: Lagmonster Monday, March 13, 09:34PM I average 2-3 filmy's per fight, and that alone doesn't bother me too much, since the effect on them is worthwhile. Dip is fairly overpowered other than any sink stopping them, but even there a dipped dispel is overpowered in that it kills any kind of sink. Lighter daggers not being an option wouldn't bother me as much if there could be guns that were worth using. At 2/3rds the damage of kick while missing a lot more often, and a firing rate that amounts to roughly 2/3rds of kick, shooting really isn't that great other than for getting past a fighter char who keeps spamming something in one room (in some cases i managed to snipe those spammers ;). Shooting isn't really all that worthwhile unless you find nifty tricks so that the opponent has no choice but to get shot at (and unless they're super dumb, for 3 rounds max, perhaps), or after a tumbled bash to get a few potshots in (if they don't have autorush) and still manage to flee before their skill lag clears. No weapon shoot should be upped bigtime, and if not, guns should be added to the list that can be "drawn" midcombat, among other things. Also, every gun should double as a con weapon even if it's just q2 or so, and rifles with bayonets prolly double as a q2 piercing or slashing weapon.

From: Darla Tuesday, March 14, 10:55AM I like the idea of people falling from the weight of their weapons a lot more often (unless they're actively balancing)

From: Splat Wednesday, March 15, 02:15AM But they already fall over more often without balance or tumble. Not that everyone with big weapons has low dex but such things should be determined considering 30-40 in other stats, ie a high mind str mage, high mind dex mage, high mind con mage.


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