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OOC letter i would like to express

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Posted by Chunk on 04/17

First off i would like to thank Kae and Northstar for being so understanding and supportive the past month. Also LA and Sandra for being there for me to show and help me with the various problems that have gone on during that time. First thing i would like to talk about is the problem i had with Egon. I regret what i did and i am very sorry how things turned out over an arguement concerning a weapon. I can't change my actions but if i would have known things would have come out the way they did i would have given it more thought... This is what happened after the incident.. Ever since my alts were given out over public channels, they have been the targets of looting, multiing, and verbal harassment from players and guests on an almost daily basis. After all, I'm only human, like the rest of you, and can only take so much of this abuse before i finally snap. If you really don't like me, and don't feel i should immort, then don't try to drive me off the mud, but do what was suggested on the welcome board and write to the appropiate immort and express your feelings that way. Finally, A close friend told me the other night, after i snapped, that i would be looked upon as a sympathy case, which is something I don't want. I want to be judged fairly by the immorts here, and do not want to be immorted just because someone feels sorry for me. I want everyone to look at me, Chunk, and think about all the contributions i have made to this mud as a whole. Now.. This is what i ask of you, as mortals and players of Legend I want to know if you think i should be judged on the past month that has put me through hell and back or the me you all really know me as.. Chunk.. the on that is trying to immort.. the oldbie you know the best.. Please append your support or write to the appropiate immort if you rather not support me... sincerely, David

From: Visi Tuesday, March 14, 05:52PM Well I think that you were just having a bad day the other night. Everyone has bad days, and applying to be an immort puts a lot of pressure on you to be perfect, and some people use that against you either just because that's how they get their jollies or because they have something against people applying to imms. I think you should try not to let it get you down and not withdraw your application. Again, everyone slips sometimes, so don't be too hard on yourself. -Visi

From: AnaStejia Tuesday, March 14, 11:09PM Chunk, you do have friends you know, ones who've liked every incarnation, unconditionally I would probably even like the imm one -wink-

From: Crackle Wednesday, March 15, 08:13AM I think you are a spazz and you take your game playing and CHARACTER was too seriously to be an immort. If you chant meue dyn bhu ex off the handle when something doesn't go your way in the game what are you going to do when you are an immortal playing morts? Not that that should hurt your chances here at legend because some of the higher/older immortals can't deal with dying in pk either and fly off the handle as well or have in the past at least. I don't think they shoulda imm'd either so you'll be in good company. But, on general principle, putting your loser sob story up on the discussion board is reason enough to not have you as a person with power over me. -WHIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNE-

From: Elisa Wednesday, March 15, 11:10AM I've found Chunk to be a kind, generous person, a competent leader (ie in SL), and an exemplary personal slave. I believe that he would make a fine imm. In response to Crackle's comment, I've noticed that pk often brings out th worst in people; you are no exception.

From: Foley Thursday, March 16, 02:22AM I've always liked Chunk and his PKer I had never heard of the alts he perma'd the other night. I do hope you're staying, Chunk.

From: TheThing Monday, April 17, 08:18PM Chunk, I snapped once myself and stil have not lived it down I love yah man, yer the best, so :P to the people who took advantage of information they didn't deserve to have TheThing mr opinionated


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