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Posted by Poetry on 04/17

Not that Im imply that imms NEVER listen to our ideas... but... When was the last time an idea was implemented from this board? Im sure it happened, I just cant seem to remember when! Was it recent but something small that I overlooked? Poetry

From: LadyAce Wednesday, March 15, 06:16PM I skimmed over the last 2 weeks' worth of code changes (the ones before that aren't on welcome anymore). Here's the ones I saw which I remember being player suggestions...: rent timer not ticking down in safe rooms (source: Q & A) pretitles displaying more often (source: idea file/Q & A/tells) new liquid types (source: idea files/generally people wanted them) group/report using color codes (source: Q & A) wall changes (source: discussion board, Q & As, in-person discussions) That's just a rough sampling of the last 2 weeks, I may have missed some. -LA

From: Infidel Wednesday, March 15, 08:09PM So there ya go, this board is pointless.. save your suggestions for the Q/A thing. Hmm, and I always thought that was for newbies.

From: Typhoid-Mary Wednesday, March 15, 08:33PM That's the idea I get too, all quoted were Q&A, even those said good on this board don't get imped.

From: Aegis Wednesday, March 15, 09:27PM Reason for that is simple. Q and A people interact, hammer out the immediate downfalls, and something simple can be solved on the spot, though at the risk of only listening to the people present. Imms don't reply often to posts on the discussion board, hence not much from this board is implemented.

From: Rufus Wednesday, March 15, 10:23PM Just FYI, the posts from the discussion board pretty much established our working bible on what needs to be considered for balance changes. At one point I had the URL posted for it, it hasn't been updated though since I originally posted it. http://www.legendmud.org/rufus/design.html I don't have time to keep it up to date, but when I get a chance, I'll add stuff that I see here. -Ruf

From: Mice Wednesday, March 15, 10:40PM I noticed pretitle suggestions back in the redemption point post which has since been implemented (sans redemption point useage) and -poke welcome- recent changes to hit/dam stuff, which is practically the only subject matter on this board. From what I've seen imped, this board actually influences a large number of changes in the game, whether they're the ones suggested here or not. The issues are read and acted upon in some fashion, it just takes time (imagine that). Mice of Angesley

From: LadyAce Thursday, March 16, 10:16AM Another thing -- look at the types of ideas which come in through this board as opposed to other sources. This board is most often used for balance change suggestions and big ideas. Those are the kind that go in more slowly, in general. I couldn't put this on the list when I posted earlier, but now I can -- the issue of damroll was discussed at great length in many locations, not the least of which was this board. -LA

From: Poetry Thursday, March 16, 04:39PM I wrote the post before all the changes on hit/dam.

From: Tyrant Monday, March 20, 10:06PM saying 'discussed at great lengths by morts' sounds more like it to me. Well, looking at this board, anyway.

From: TheThing Monday, April 17, 08:22PM ok, im gonna add my two cents and try to be civil for a change I agree with Poetry, I see a lot of great ideas posted here, and seldom so i see an append from an Imm on the ideas it would be nice to at least see what you Imms are talking about, or at least that you ARE talking about it sample append: what a great idea! I will talk about it with the Imm staff. we will post more appends here as we come to some sort of resolution OR anything like that would be keen -steps off his soap box- TheThing p.s. I myself don't go to Q&A because the spam is hard for me physically so this is rally my only way to get my ideas across, but since i agree with Poetry, I have stopped posting new ideas here


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