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Posted by Lagmonster on 04/17

I personally think it would've worked better with a curving scale implemented to stat-based hit/dam as well. Current hit/dam bonuses simply don't distinguish from high stat and low stat with bonuses, and think the max attained by stats should be upped to 30 each, leaving the gear the way they are with the change, but with a curving scale that gives bonuses more frequently at higher str and less so at lower str (esp since the str spell now is worth a LOT more, same with bless, curse, etc). Right now what we've done is tilt the scale once again toward cause mages in general who have access to spells that gives them free stats, and now a lot more than they used to get. Even with a curved bonus chant meue vant dyn ex spell would knock out a lot of it, making those spe weaken spell would knock out a lot of it, making those spells actually useful... curse should probably be looked at to do % now that hitroll is harder to come by. Lagmonster

From: Night_Falcon Wednesday, March 15, 11:38PM Did mobs get capped as well as PC's? If not why not? A change to PC damage must surely make mob damage out of spec

From: Lagmonster Wednesday, March 15, 11:41PM mob damage can always be outta spec, they just need more lines of attacks, and a lot of the mobs have that already.

From: Infidel Thursday, March 16, 01:31AM Give us more hps!!!

From: Sandra Thursday, March 16, 06:21AM in response to Night_Falcon: Most mobs don't have anywhere near 27 damroll from eq. In fact, most mobs don't have 27 damroll at all. ;) However, the cap will affect them as well. -Sandra

From: LadyAce Thursday, March 16, 10:19AM The idea of a sliding scale was discussed, but in the end we decided not to put it in (this is in response to Lagmonster). I'll explain why... 1 We wanted to keep the definition of damroll meaningful and useful to both players and imms. That means if I put DAMROLL +2 in the list of an item's traits, I know as a builder that it will increase player damage by 2%. A player wearing that piece of eq knows the same thing. If we made the benefit dependent upon other factors, that definition becomes meaningless -- we're left with explaining that 'it helps you do more damage, maybe, depending.' 2 We have a principle of trying to solve problems in the location where they arose. We don't want to spend lots of effort building around a code bug, or coding around a building bug. Instead, everyone should fix their own bugs :). In this case, the coding dept made damroll meaningful in combat after a period of time when it was not meaningful or useful to players. This was good, but they did noinclude any controls on it. Everything else relating to players has a practical limit -- 100 in most stats. There was another problem...in an effort to make new and cool items for players, builders started putting in +dam items, and since there were not many controls on those items from the item specs, the amount of +dam gear in the game went up and up. So another part of facing this problem was looking at the way builders determine what is legal for items, and applying a clearer and more thorough set of guidelines. I hope this is a useful explanation to you -- of course, it may be more info than you really wanted to know :) -LA

From: Night_Falcon Thursday, March 16, 10:46PM Nice to see mobs will follow the same rules for a change but ..... The point was PC's have suffered a downgrade, but mobs have not. Hard mobs will now be harder and in many cases the gear that was obtained will now be worse. Does this mean the mob will suffer a downgrade? or maybe the xp value on mobs is about to go up in compensation for the extra effort? Being part mage/druid and as such reliant on my stats for spells/skill reqs, this change does not look good for me. I had 10K free rent and so I figure herbies will fill some of the gap. But 10K is a lot for a part time druid, so I went and swapped the base, easy to get stuff for some of the other nifty stuff that is now out of spec that also used to rent for more. Blue carbuncle turns into a horn, things like that. Use up the rent in a meaningful way. Now that the bonuses they had count as stats, and I need my stats for skills/spells, I'm going to have to go back to the plain old stuff and go looking for other things to fill up the rent. Like someone else said, are there any tools I should be looking for? I can see that maybe things were a little overpowered for some people and I can see this will hinder them and bring them back. But its also going to hinder people that were pretty well balanced before. Poor druids like me in for an upgrade to compensate?

From: TheThing Monday, April 17, 08:31PM LadyAce, my hat is off to you once again Your append here is not only well spoken but very helpful in understanding the change, the reason for the change and the thoughts behind the reasons. I really wish this kind of information was avaialble on every major change BEFORE it was implemented, with a really nice explanation


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