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Posted by Lagmonster on 03/17

Barring skills of any kind, comparing 100str, 100dex, 100con with 30 of each stat... 100str has... 92max dam 23% more damage 100dex has... 72max dam 23% more to hit acs (to include dodge or not..) 100con has... 72max dam and roughly 250 more hps (guessing) In pk, damage is 70% of total, so. 92maxdam 23% then .7 of that. 72maxdam, .7 of that, then 23% more 72maxdam, .7 of that and still the hp diff. Hard to say, i guess, but i'd just like to know how those three match up against each other. can we do a test, say roughly 10-20 times, giving each char such stats, and see how they do?

From: Infidel Thursday, March 16, 01:26AM Then throw in skills, bash makes the str fighter hit as much or more than dex, the mob doesn't last nearly as long so is like having more hps as well.. The big difference in max dam on weapons makes it impossible to balance even if skills were the same. -poke rage too-

From: Infidel Thursday, March 16, 06:43AM Sure you can try balance it starting at 23% on top of 92 max but that just aint gonna work.. add another 20 dam and it's a much bigger bonus for those with big dam weapons. Anyway, I think I've said that enough now but will anything be done about it? Why is such a big balance issue as this simply ignored?

From: Poetry Thursday, March 16, 04:46PM The real test is going to be over the next few weeks in pkill. Guessing what the changes are going to do to balance before you test, is pointless. Poetry

From: Lagmonster Thursday, March 16, 07:25PM Nothing will be tested in the next few weeks in pkill. There are roughly 2-3 ppl in pk that had damroll over 50 as far as I know, and all of those prolly had max 56. So those affected by the cap will suffer 6% in their max dam. I seriously doubt that'll show any sign of difference. And with this change in, I somewhat doubt new pkers enabling as plain fighter chars -- unless somebody experienced in pk is enabling to test something. From experience, those few who enable to experiment rarely contribute to testing whether if anything is balanced. Moreover, this is a test that should be done so we know where the three fighttypes stand before any kind of bonuses from gear. It's pointless trying to figure out why dam/hit gear is whacked if it was basic fighttypes being outta whack to begin with. Lagmonster

From: Drakkon Thursday, March 16, 09:39PM what about huge spiked quarterstaff?

From: Lagmonster Friday, March 17, 12:25AM If we wanted to test those, we'd need to test it using chars with 100 in con, then 72 in str, etc. Not sure if we even need to test chars with 100 in every stat, i think i can see the old serrated wielding 100 100 100 beating other chars that may be wielding huge spiked or gae-bolg.


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