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Posted by Z'x on 04/06

hope this isnt game info but... how about taking dam roll away from them completely making the lowest mind char -fighters- who need them the most not be able to get it is sick...its late and I can only think of 2 major str helds, and they're both minus mind now...to me its a problem...just my opinion..only matters when i make sense :)

From: Splat Sunday, March 19, 11:00PM What should have been done is to remove all the hit/dam on those items that were to be changed leaving a reduced rent version with the same stats. Then update all the player files with that version and then change the hit/dam stuff in the game to what it is now. Nobody would be over rent or have messed up stats but most importantly old characters won't dominate pk and pk tourneys for years to come.

From: Poetry Monday, March 20, 01:51PM yeah, I like the new hit and damage stuff, but its true that old players will dominate. Something has to be done about that. I know imms hate changing playerfiles, but hey, it might be necessary this time. You should post this a possibility, and see how much people hate it. In the name of change and making legend better, you might be surprized at how many people wont mind. Poetry

From: Sammael Monday, March 20, 02:36PM as much MORE as I'll suck then I do now, I'm for it. I can always redeem :P -Sammael, the poopy str mage

From: Z'x Monday, March 20, 04:14PM I agree with splat...it is another alternative. Here we go saying skill trees, but arent they going to genuine classes? make snipers, snipers? make str fighters hit hard? con hit not very hard b but have lots of hp? mages do lots of damage with only spells...? well tak -ing away all the dam-hit roll eq would bring it one step closer but all this might be something I heard wrong...who knows -

From: Zaba Monday, March 20, 05:21PM Well with the new stats, that change will take away many of fighters abilities, like expert swords. and to take away many people's fighting sk skills is just plain mean :P. Anywho, the only way i see a pfile change working, is if the herne horns went back to their old stats, but took away the damroll, and lowered the rent. -Zaba the nearly retired

From: Visi Monday, March 20, 06:50PM I just want to agree that although DTs and such help to phase out old eq, there will be a significant number of people with old hit/dam eq for years to come. With most other eq changes, everyone didn't have the changed items, but I'd be willing to bet that more than half of people over level 40 have an old herne's horn or two. It's really unfair to new people and people who DT. I personally have 27 dam from eq, most of it old eq, but in the name of fairness I wouldn't be against a pfile change for this.

From: Nothing Monday, March 20, 07:15PM I'm a str fighter who hits like crap now, but hell, change the pfiles, I'll always adapt. And with extra rent I'd be even more fun =P

From: Job Tuesday, March 21, 09:44AM Yes. I agree. Let's remove -> all <- the old equipment from the player files. Old eq sucks anyway. JobbyJobJobJobJob

From: Tyrant Tuesday, March 21, 09:58AM how many blinding wormys you see around today? Or even 3 years ago? there are plenty of other items from the past I have heard people drool over in conversation that I don't see around today. Yeah, people with old stuff will dominate for a while, but it eventually phases out. Why pwipe for this change and not for the others? Yes, hit/dam affects quit a few items, mudwide, but pwipe is sorta extreme, no? I see old eq as a kind of bonus for having an old char, incentive to keep your character a while instead of making 'disposable pkillers'. I plan to enable this one as soon pkok rears it's ugly head (twists the dagger) and this guy has no old stuf Maybe it'd be best to wait and see just how much of a differance all this really makes with a fully new-eq'd char, huh?

From: Sammael Tuesday, March 21, 03:47PM a major difference is that blinding wormies weren't around for 2 years. Also you could only use one at a time. Now adays I'd say 60% if not more use herne horns and use 2 if possible. I think it should be removed, but it probably won't, so don't worry.

From: Oli Tuesday, March 21, 06:09PM I say, do it, remove them, the goal of these changes was to balance with all the old eq, it balances, new chars, and leaves old ones with an extremly unfair advantage, I say, remove all hit/dam items give 100 str, x dam, 100 dex x hit. And add a spir req on things to prevent people from making godlike 100x3 chars. Oli

From: Teot Tuesday, March 21, 10:55PM Well I for one don't like the idea of modifing pfiles to reflect the new changes to hit/dam gear. All this talk of people with old eq dominating pkill is a crock. If your good enough you'll still beat them. I put in alot of hours on each of my characters, modifying their eq to get the kit that I like with the stats that I like. As an old character I should be allowed to have old gear. Why should I have to have my eq adjusted because it gives a so called advantage in pkill. To bad for pkill. Alot of us don't whine and complain when 'balance' changes go into the game to adjust whatever type is dominating this week. If you wanna make changes to gear in the game, fine, good but don't punish my non pkillers for a sake of balance in pkill. Pfiles should be left as is. Teot

From: Ptwang Wednesday, March 22, 02:04AM I wish people would read things properly, adjusting the pfiles wouldn't mean you get the current version of the hit/dam eq but you'd get the same stats without the +hit or +dam. That is if it's done right o'course, no hassles this way for anyone but the IMMs. It also isn't just a pk thing but being able to kill mobs a lot easier than others is still an imbalance that has always been corrected in the past.

From: Barabas Wednesday, March 22, 10:57AM I'd support a change to the pfiles, even though it'd mean losing stuff. Barabas BoneCrusher

From: Typhoid-Mary Thursday, April 06, 01:09AM I'd like to see Ptwang's idea imped in spite of the fact that I and a lot of mine are hit/dam monster. Typhoid


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