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Posted by Rufus on 03/26

I pondered posting this on the welcome board, but then the discussion board has been my main vehicle for communicating with players (contrary to some rather strongly voiced opinions). Skilltrees is on indefinite hold, until Ea! can assign someone to completing it. I did the technology side of it, and implemented a great deal of things to make it work the way its original intent was designed, however I lack both the time and motivation to write or re-write 200+ skills. Ea! and I have discussed refocusing the coding effort towards balance, rather than new features. The ultimate direction is up to him, but it will be much easier to fit a skilltrees system into a balanced game rather than expecting skilltrees to balance the game. Besides RL, I've taken on some other projects which take up most of my time. I'm going to stick around and work on technology issues, but you likely won't see my opinions on game design and whatnot. Right now, my heart isn't in it, and the decisions I'd make would probably be more ill-received than the ones where I truly have a lot of stake in the design and implementation. And one final note... don't stop posting ideas. Even though imms don't reply all the time, they're listened to. A great deal of my e-mails (both sent and received) start with the line 'hey, I saw this on the discussion board and ...'. Doesn't address all the problems/concerns with immort/mort conversation, but trust me, things are listened to. Sincerely, Rufus

From: SkullKrusher Friday, March 24, 01:30PM A sad day on Legend has fallen upon us all when Rufus says... ""....you likely won't see my opinions on game design and whatnot."" and ""Right now, my heart isn't in it, and the decisions I'd make would probab ly be more ill-received"" -sorrow-

From: Sammael Friday, March 24, 07:22PM I dread to think of things like game balance in the hands of people like croaker or wraith.

From: Brew Saturday, March 25, 11:04AM I think you should shove all that work onto Danar -grin-

From: Baelish Saturday, March 25, 05:50PM Your work will be missed greatly Rufus, godspeed. Baelish

From: Kunnar Saturday, March 25, 07:47PM

From: Jesus Sunday, March 26, 02:55PM once again, it seems, in the tradition of this mud, skilltrees is only a thought in our heads. well, I like the balance idea, the hell with tress, they are never going t to happen.


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