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Posted by Ishmael on 03/25

Here's an idea that is totally off tangent/target. I don't think that mortals in the ooc should be able to communicate unlock w open w w close e lock e any fashion with anyone that is in the game. It makes chant vid jiv ex or whatever....sorry my 'in' alias fired. oops so did my 'sense' alias, ha ha. Do you all think that this is a good idea or just make your life an even bigger pain in the butt and not help anything at all??

From: Splat Thursday, March 23, 10:38PM I linger OOC so I can talk or just have something to read when I come back from being OOW/AFK.. I think I'd just rent if I couldn't do that, what with timed eq and all.

From: Mariachi Friday, March 24, 08:27AM I don't really see why this idea would be necessary or helpful. In fact I think (and someone has said before) that we should be able to see the full whos list from ooc and talk to them, since you can't sit ooc with your spells on anymore for pk purposes, what's the harm in letting people sit ooc? If I want to sit ooc because i'm only on the mud to talk to someone or other, i don't see why they should have to come ooc too, if they want to be playing while they talk. Or if I'm talking to someone and want to check boards... there's plenty of reason I should be able to talk to someone ic from ooc but none i can see why i shouldn't other than to make ooc more separate from the rest of the mud. Mari

From: LadyAce Friday, March 24, 10:23AM We do want OOC to be "separate" from the rest of the mud, but that needs to be balanced with the need for OOC to be usable and worth visiting for players. Is there a particular problem you were trying to address with your suggestion? -LA

From: Elisa Friday, March 24, 03:25PM I never used to go ooc at all, since I'm never out of character, except in tells. It would be rather odd to prevent people from communicating ooc when ooc (unless they have icq). The problem is when pk'ers use ooc for taunting, but that's none of my business. Maybe if there was a more clear distinction in the channels, one being more for ooc and one for rp; then t rp channel could be cut off for people ooc. Still somewhat odd, but I say run with it. The Incorrigible Elisa

From: Brew Saturday, March 25, 11:06AM whoops.. I changed my mind hehe

From: Jesus Saturday, March 25, 02:41PM it's illegal for a pk'er to taunt from the ooc, if you see someone doing such, report them. -Jesus Christ.

From: Sammael Saturday, March 25, 03:58PM no its not

From: Stain Saturday, March 25, 06:55PM It's also illegal to sneak into the country.. doink!


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