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Posted by Vortigern on 04/06

Being that charmed mobs, particularly greater summons mobs have such a hellacious casting cost, why bother setting them on a poof timer? They poof way quicker than they die. I can bring my titan through my xp run and have him survive, then while waiting for the next xp run, he poofs. This time, he poofed and I figured that I should make another one immediately, this way I could recover the massive casting cost before repop came about. Well, I spent the mana to make the titan, and before repop I could even use him, he poofed before repop. I wasted the mana and a lot of time sitting about regenerating. I'm not sure I see any "balance" issues, just an inconvenience. I don't think that other charmies poof, but they aren't as expensive anyway. So, let's take them off a timer and let them actually have use until they die from lack of hp.

From: Poetry Tuesday, March 28, 03:01PM Once upon a time, a create mage named Dune made titans, doppels, elementals, roots, lots and lots of roots, and then sat, spam meditated, and chaliced... got all his mana back.. and then attacked a group of pkillers with 400 hps of healing in a bag, full mana, full hps, a titan, and 3 elementals. After a couple months of havoc, immortals decided to change the fill rate of roots, and to "adjust" the length of time that titans lasted. Maybe these changes arent as import thesedays, now that titans dont have holy light anymore.. and people cant spam meditate, or eat 9 million roots. Poetry

From: Scream Tuesday, March 28, 08:50PM There are the Eternal greater summons, but they hardly ever come out. My create mage has had only 2 eternal angels unlock w open w w close e lock e his entire mud life and hes been here for a while now get chalice bag,camel bag drink chalice fill chalice camel put camel bag,chalice bag

From: Scream Tuesday, March 28, 09:02PM bahh triggs what I was saying is please make the chance for a eternal greater summon higher like 40-50% or just take away the chance at them poofing away -scream

From: Vortigern Tuesday, March 28, 09:12PM In response to Poetry's post about the titans eating roots, I tried with my charms eating roots before, they dont use roots like we do, they eat them like normal food, leaving portions and such behind.

From: Kerstin Wednesday, March 29, 12:14AM I don't think Poetry meant that the titans were eating the roots ;)

From: Poetry Wednesday, March 29, 02:12PM -nod Kerstin- I ment the overall downgrades to create.

From: Ishmael Wednesday, March 29, 02:57PM I totally agree with this post, the poof timer on greater summonings is a matter of inconvenience especially since everything they are holding poofs as well this change wouldn't bother me so much if the items would drop to the ground when the creature went away.

From: Trish Thursday, March 30, 02:03AM I agree with Vortigern's post. I left my angel to sleep, took a newbie around to get kick in the same area, trans'd to get choke, trans'd again t to industrial for some wierd reason then went back to the original era to find my angel has poofed. i did not take that long at all, and i highly depend on that angel to level up it was a waste unfortunately. that's how i feel Thank you

From: Typhoid-Mary Thursday, April 06, 01:17AM

From: Typhoid-Mary Thursday, April 06, 01:20AM Bleah, lost link. I agree with Vortigern. Now that charmies can't eat roots to any effect anymore, a greater summons costs 250 mana to make AND does the equivalent of junking all the loot its carrying if it poofs, in addition to the fact that zombies don't poof or decay or do zombie-ish things like that, I don't see why the chance of a greater summons being permanent can't be upped a to at least 50% or even be automatic. Typhoid

From: Typhoid-Mary Thursday, April 06, 01:22AM Err 200...fuzzy-brained and feverish.

From: Sandra Thursday, April 06, 05:14AM I think you're comparing incorrectly. Zombies don't decay, correct. Zombies also don't have a fight act, are not all that common even for 100 mind, certainly not 50%, not to mention that you've got to actually kill the mob before making the zombie/skeleton. =P I"ve had my greater summoned mobs last upwards of 30 minutes or longer, and not be permanent(as my create mage morts). While I could agree that the chance for a permanent one might be increased slightly, I don't think that a large increase is necessary. Anyway, that's mho. -Sandra

From: Oli Thursday, April 06, 06:38PM Why not, have it so that, for a certain amount of extra mana your garunteed a non-poofing sommon? maybe something after the ex Just a thought, I don't mind the poofing charmies so much, and I am a 3c create, so...but the inventory poofing as well, is slightly an annoyance... Oli


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