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Posted by Kerstin on 04/12

I think hit tables could stand to be reexamined now that +hit eq isn't so prevalent. Let me explain sorta where I'm coming from. 23 hit is what a character with 100 dex naturally receives, yes? Fully agg, I have 26 hitroll. So why is it, then, that I'm only landing 2 or 3 out of 8 attacks against mobs a mere 3 levels above me? Whereas against a mob my level or below, I land 7/8 or 8/8 every round. This isn't a fluke, this is consistent. If we're to believe that 23 hitroll should be more than enough for most characters, then why is it that, even with 26 hit, level difference seems to play such a huge role? I suppose I'd be better off just sticking to killing mobs my own level, but honestly, that's boring. I'd much rather fight something that can actually hurt me, but I don't believe that the rewards are commensurate with the risks.

From: Z'x Monday, April 03, 05:14PM I think that 23 hit/dam should be the "cap" taking out ALL hit/dam eq. t this would simply lower the cap...23 dam would have to be the max dam so i it would have to be given a stronger worth making 23 dam, damcap, and 23 hit, hit VERY often this append was brought because I was standing against a standing mob and I stabed hard...I then missed a skill, and sat, I then decimated. That is a HUGEproblem...im sure people have posted this before but I dont post often...so this is my point of view.

From: Drakkon Monday, April 03, 11:09PM Yea well i have 49 hitroll and most of the time i hit 5/9 or 6/9 that's umh, all i have to say :P

From: Kerstin Tuesday, April 04, 10:32AM Interestingly enough, my str/con with with -1 hitroll hits the same percentage of attacks as this character. Against a mob his level or lower, he very rarely hits less than 4/4. Against mobs of a higher level, he'll get 2 or 3 of 4.

From: Vortigern Tuesday, April 04, 11:41AM -eyeroll- Isn't it obvious that only str/dex characters are supposed to be able to land their hits and land them well? So if mages want to hit, they must be dex or land worse for wears, because with my 2 unagg hitroll, my 45 damroll doesn't seem to be doing me any good. Yeah, yeah.. people are going to whine and tell me to raise my dex. But to be honest, as 100 str/mind with rudh, I can't even a afford meditate nonetheless 60 more dex to raise my hitroll enough to land even 3/5 attacks on mobs my level. And the cynical one will say, "Well why do you need 100 mind?" Well, it he helps with mana regen since I don't have meditate, it gives me a greater chance of wfw'ing something.. animals most likely since all human mobs are mystically as intelligent as 100 mind mages. And finally I need the mind to back my damage spells, since my sword attacks don't land. I've got all the old equipment.. It's not really doing me any good. I agree with Z'x here, yank the hit/dam bonuses.. it'll give us all free r rent, less headaches, and the ability to retaliate against mobs who don't miss their attacks and do consistant damage. If you're not going to yank the hit/dam (and chances are you won't) then somehow slide the scale so that standard combat isn't so heavily influence -d by how much hitroll or damroll you have. Make hit/dam more of a bonus like it was intended to be, rather than a necessity. I understand damroll does really act like a bonus because con/dex hitters probably shouldn't ri rip or cap on unstunned mobs. Dex has its uses other than standard combat rounds, more dex means that you can flee, and damn near all the skills are based on dex. The more con you have, the more hit points you'll have. So essentially, that too doubles other than a fight stat. Having str as a fight stat is only to use a sword. (ignoring con for headbutt, str for better bashes). The bottom line is, after all of my ranting and raving, the combat system shouldn't be so heavily influenced by hitroll. Having hitroll is a necessity. Having damroll is not. Dex/con mages without damroll still obliterate, decimate etc. That's good enough for a non-str fighter. However, having no hitroll means you don't even get those obliterates and decimates.

From: Ptwang Tuesday, April 04, 05:19PM I agree, and I've always been pushing for balance in char types based on mage stats, dex is probably best (in mob kill) for a 100 mind mage, con can still reach 60 dex with 100 mind so they aren't too bad off but str is another matter, dex and con can have 20 strength and don't really suffer from it much.. 20 dex for a str character and you have 10% chance of fleeing, can't land hits and suffer in other skills.. However, simply making str hit more is going to make them so overpowered with things how they are, seems you want more consistant damage rather than relying on bash/stun to connect but heavy weapons high max dam just makes it impossible without reducing the effect of bash/stun. I'd rather weapons be changed along with a whole lot of other things and I don't see that happening any time soon.

From: Stain Wednesday, April 12, 03:03PM I have complained about hit tables for a long time. Way I see it, if you have the stats to keel something, why the hell shouldn't you be able to?


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