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Posted by Poetry on 04/08

So I heard that pkok was successful for the most part. I was just wondering, how close are we to implementing it? I heard rumors that a single certain skill, and how to handle it and all the possibilities that could happen with ok, unok, etc complications.... is really the main hold back. Is the true? If it is, can the coding immortal assigned to pkok post this problem so that we can brainstorm and figure it out? Poetry

From: Ea! Tuesday, April 04, 04:12PM We're being held up a bit by steal -- some of the issues with it are tricky, and, unfortunatly, they're not easy issues to deal with without understanding how the code works. Huginn and I have been talking about how to come up with a working version of steal for pkok, and I think we've got a good game plan. -Ea!

From: Oli Tuesday, April 04, 05:11PM So does that mean, once you get the steal figured out, were gonna be chilling in the wonderfull world of pkok? Or do we still have A long wait to go?

From: Ptwang Tuesday, April 04, 05:01PM I found accept all to be a real problem in testing, ie. nobody is going to use it! If you do, you can be wolfpacked and your clanmates can't help cos the aggressors only accepted you! Have you any plans for this? Like perhaps auto accepting all of those in the targets group at the time of the attack or something? Seems silly to ask someone if they'll accept me so one day I may jump them, I dunno how I'd feel about jumping people I had a friendly duel with earlier.

From: Sincere Tuesday, April 04, 05:22PM Simple, keep the enabling system. You can pkenable and be accept all to all. Or you can use Pkok and only duel with people who SPECIFICALLY accept you, otherwise you could accept a person who is really enabled, jump into fight with him and turn it off 10 ticks later. Sincere, just call me Sin.

From: Ea! Tuesday, April 04, 10:27PM We've still got a bit of testing and so forth to do -- I haven't yet had a chance to go through the logs of the bugs that were reported on the first, and I'd like to address the issues raised there before it is installed. I'd say that it's not a long wait, but there's still a wait. As for accept all -- if you accept all and then reject people you don't want to fight (you can reject by person or by clan), you can limit who the accept accepts. It goes from least specific to most specific: if you've accepted all, but rejected evilclan and accepted evilmember (where evilmember is a member of evilclan), everyone except for the evilclan will be able to attack you -- except for evilmember who can attack you. That said, I think you're right, you'll want to be pretty careful if you run around accepting challanges from everyone. It'll be quite dangerous and quite a challange. As for keeping the current system of pkenabled in addition to pkok the code will support it, but we won't be using it. If we find it's a problem to not have it, we can revisit it, but I think we'll find that it's good without it. -Ea!

From: Tirasala Wednesday, April 05, 02:05AM All I can say is, I'm glad I'm really good at running away from fights. If pkok had been instituted a while back, whenever everyone and their brother was trying to kill me and my mates, we'd all have been multied to excess. The only thing that kept us alive was A) running away or B) getting clannies to help out. With pkok, the lynch mob could have easily just rejected all, accepted me, and then killed me to their hearts content, my friends not being able to assist. Of course, people will say that I should reject all and just not fight. Well, where's the fun in tha jump say i'm afk Personally, I will never reject anyone. That is an open invitation to all you people that still hate me. Come kick me around the MUD whenever you like. Another concern that I have is pkill healing. Force enabling is no longer a viable punishment. What are imms going to do when this happens? You know it's going to. Will you permanently accept all on the healer? What if the healer accepts challenges from some, but not the character his friend is fighting, is that ok? Or say the player turns pkill on during the fight, then turns it off soon after, preventing any sort of revenge. What do you do then? Healers have always been a part of pkill, and that's fine with me, cause i can kill them. I've always thought that the level limit is somewhat annoying in that regard but i've dealt. Healers that I can't kill will put me at a disadvantage. I envision a pkill system that soon developes into who has the best healer instead of who fights better or who has a luckier tumble. Personally, I'd rather rely on luck than some unkillable healer. That's all i've to say on the issue for the moment. I'm sure I'll come up with a few more things in the future. Arrrr!

From: Ptwang Wednesday, April 05, 04:40AM Actually I think retaining the current clanned system along with pkok would address the accept all issue. That is if clanned isn't equivelant of accept all and are kept seperate, a clanned would have to accept an unclanned before they could attack. Well, that's one method but would people even enable with the old clan system with pkok.. There would need to be some benefit in doing so. Using pkok alone, hmm.. well being able to accept and attack without any delay on someone that is accept all is part of the problem, making it take 10 ticks before accepting individuals kicks in would help a bit. Ya know I reckon we'd be a lot better off if you couldn't specify individuals, make it so it's on or off and those wanting duels will just have to be careful about where they fight.

From: Elisa Wednesday, April 05, 10:23AM How about, if a person is in a pk clan, they can't be accepted as individuals; you have to accept the whole clan. Then there is still an advantage to being in a pk clan: you always have back up. I also think that perhaps steal should just be eliminated. So often, it leads to multie and a lot of whining that most of us would rather not hear. The Incorrigible Elisa

From: Celia Saturday, April 08, 08:28AM I'd like to know how the issue of pkill interference is going to be addressed. Every time the issue is brought up somebody says something about healing, but healing is not the only type of pkill interference. For example, I was dueling on April 1st and somebody else in the room who had not accepted me inspired during the fight. If that was the real pkok, what redress would I have? Would I only be allowed to interfere in fights if I have pkoked all the people involved? What if I can't remember in the heat of the moment who I have accepted? What if I ok them during the fight while I interefere (by waking or inspiring for example) then turn it off again right away? (no timer, because I wasn't actually fighting). Can I interfere against somebody because I accepted them even though they aren't in my range anyway, and I haven't accepted any of their friends who are in range? What about contracts? Can I place a contract on somebody I haven't accepted? What if I accept them, but they aren't in my range anyway and I don't accept anyone else? What if I'm fighting in a group and I want to inspire/calm etc but I've accepted some members and not others?


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