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Posted by Jesus on 04/21

seems these skills would be much more useful if filling a container from a flavored/fouled source carried the effect over to the container. I've already suggested the idea, but would like some input on it. -Jesus

From: Sammael Friday, April 07, 06:29PM I believe it used to work that way. it doesn't because you can flavor a waterskin with bless and never have to flavor it again for 4 months. Anything benefitial can probably be abused. Sucks eh.

From: Fuego Sunday, April 09, 01:43AM To fix the little 4 month flavoring thing, couldnt we just make the water containers timed? its not like they are irreplaceable... whatever just an idea

From: LadyAce Sunday, April 09, 02:00PM Actually, I'd rather see it with a timer on the spell aff itself -- just like spells on players are timed, etc. It seems kind of silly to have a skin suddenly poof into thin air just because you mixed a little tea in it :) -LA

From: Pelleas Sunday, April 09, 07:05PM flacoring can be viewed altering the lining of the container, being caustic or whatnot, rot the container, rust it, speed up its decay heck my plastic coffee mugs wear out after a few months, Im sure leather will.

From: Sharana Saturday, April 15, 08:52AM but make the container poof? it would be really irritating i feel but if you make tea, the tea in your container doesn't become water, does it? won't it be better if when you flavor something, it lasts as long as the fluid inside it?

From: Gwalchmai Friday, April 21, 08:09PM Actually I find flavor is just fine the way it is, and I don't like the flavor wearing off as soon as the fluid inside the container is gone because I like being able to stack flavors by using very small drink containers. Hence flavor bless, drink, pass container around to friends, then flavor same strength, and repeat. What I would like to see is for portioned foods not to lose their flavor. Gwalchmai ap Lot

From: Jesus Friday, April 21, 10:00PM you guys are getting way off the original point I made, being that filling a skin from a flavored or fouled well should carry over the effect in the well.


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