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Posted by Mars on 04/22

Okay here's what the deal is and this is first and only warning....sorry Asguard about junking the sidhe tunic but those are easy to get so not a big deal....if I am standing in reception and you give 'mar' something and it defaults to me I'm going to junk it no questions asked, and no if's and or but's about it I'm not going to say anything just junk item....I got royaly screwed when I went afk in teh room and someone gave 'mar' an amethyst ring to preserve....I don't presrve and don't plan on learing anytime soon. I lost a cloak of midnight with no stat minus on it and I'm pretty f'ing pissed off about it since a bunch of you know who gave me the ring and won't say because it's an illegal thing to do and you don't want to get your fellow pillow biter in trouble....the mud has been warned.

From: Archmage Monday, April 10, 06:23PM get chalice 2.pouch drink chalice fill chalice trough put chalice 2.pouch Why don't you just drop the item? -ponder- Archmage

From: Archmage Monday, April 10, 06:24PM how about not going afk at the reception? Archmage

From: Abigail Monday, April 10, 07:28PM How about people type out 'marauder'? I'd probably do the same thing Mars says in his post, personally. If you give me an item, without my asking, and are too lazy to type out the entire name of the person you're giving it to, you deserve to lose it if you put me over rent with it. Abigail, the lass that used to always get attacked by her pkenabled groupmates too lazy to type out Rachael.

From: Blackthorne Monday, April 10, 11:26PM Just a warning to you Mars, im not even sure its relavent but people can probubly fool your triggers with emotes so you might be junking items that you yourself own. You might figure a way past that or think of a new stratagy. Blackthorne de'Dannan'

From: Narcisse Tuesday, April 11, 03:44AM wow....angry... I think many of us have had experiences similar with the problems associat with being able to abbreviate character names and such, experiencing everything from misplaced items and attacks, through to some righteously offensive mistells, etc. perhaps a way to avoid this in the future would be to make the afk command also turn of a players ability to be given items whilst afk. this might possibly put an end to these furious posts from players hell bent on venting their spleens, and hang the consequnces. I understand Mars is angry, but 'pillow-biters'? really...how sad. Narcisse

From: Mars Tuesday, April 11, 10:21AM Archmage -- It isn't my responsibility to not be allowed to sit around whereever I want without having randoms give me stufff, and in addition it is illegal. Read the rules, doesn't matter if it is an accident. I will not be afk in the reception anymore anyway, but I will be there a l lot as I have for the past 5 years when Marauder wasn't there. If you giv e me something and I am at keyboard it's junked. Narcisse---try not to take yourself so seriously and whine b/c you think someone may have said something non-PC. I can be a lot worse.

From: Zelda Tuesday, April 11, 10:28AM No, Mars you are the one whining, he was just commenting that you are a sad case. Not that I have a clue what pillow biter is.

From: Kerstin Tuesday, April 11, 10:42AM I don't know Mars, I wasn't there when this happened, but to everyone who says he's whining...well, how would you feel if you lost eq because someone was too lazy to type 5 extra letters? M-A-R-A-U-D-E-R. It's not that hard.

From: Kunnar Tuesday, April 11, 04:27PM Narcisse - lots of people use the afk command to simply catch tells while on runs or zooming thru the MUD or just cause they're lazy. Restricting any commands whilst afk would be very annoying. Mars, you're justifiably upset, but don't you think that junking items is a little too harsh? Personally, I always found it kind of fun, under pkill alts, to steal and hide items of people that annoy me. You might want to try this instead of junking things. It's much more fun for you, and people will learn from their mistakes, once they find their stuff, instead of just getting pissed at you. Kunnar

From: Fatale Tuesday, April 11, 05:45PM Mars isn't whining. He's doing just what anyone else in that situation would do. It's not his fault for going afk. It's the fault of the person not typing out the whole name. My recommendation to him is that he sell back the items at a ridiculous amount to whoever gave it to him and if they refuse to pay him for it, then he can junk it if he wants to. It's -YOUR- fault for making the mistake.

From: Zelda Tuesday, April 11, 10:51PM If you actually read the responses you will see nobody is accusing Mars of whining for threatening to junk equipment. He accused sobody of whining for making a negative comment about his behaviour. He is negative comments about other's behaviour in his post. Therefore if Narcis is whining (which he isn't) so is Mars. I personally find it sad when somebody who sneers at the rules (eg by gloating about warnings on chat as thought it was something to be proud of then starts insulting other players for not reporting rule violations. Actually it says in the rules that to put somebody over rent intentionally is illegal. If immorts punish people for an accident th since the rules are frequently not enforced exactly as they are written. However, I find it odd that apparently it is not illegal to intetionally deprive somebody of their equipment by cheating them on auction or offering to tform their equip and then keeping it, yet apparently it is illegal (according to some) to put somebody over rent by accident. When you have people punished for an accident but not for doing the same thing deliberately through dishonesty, I think its an odd situation.

From: Zelda Tuesday, April 11, 10:57PM Oops, sorry about my raw telnet there. Meant to say, it wouldn't surprise me if rules are not enforced exactly as they are written.

From: Wyvern Wednesday, April 12, 05:00AM What if some dumbass walks up to you, gives you a pieca eq puts you overrent? and you lose all your crap and you had strings, old crap etc. Well, i'd be pist..i'd probably do what Mars is doing cept i'd whine and bitch too =P And again, i don't think it's THAT hard to type in a couple extra letters! Hrm, Typhoid-Mary mentioned to me they should put in config recieveeq.. i think that should be imp'd!

From: Archmage Wednesday, April 12, 05:44AM Here's an idea just in case that idea doesn't get imp'd. get chalice 2.pouch drink chalice fill chalice trough put chalice 2.pouch Dunno if you would wanna do it though..just a suggestion. How about, if you are afk, hold a whole lot of gold so noone would be able to give things to you. Don't take it the wrong way, but i'm just offering suggestions so you don't lose your eq cause personally, losing eq sucks. Archmage

From: Poetry Wednesday, April 12, 11:32AM Go Mars! I would do the same thing. Losing an old cloak sucks:( Poetry

From: Job Wednesday, April 12, 11:22PM junk junk junk junk it! lazy ppl shuld be shot jjunk junk junk it! i wud too

From: Brew Thursday, April 13, 02:26AM actually mara is an acceptable substitute for Marauder it's the one I always use. As for people giving someone something that puts them overrent you would have to know how close they are to their rent limit to intentionally put them overrent in the illegal case unless you happen to be dumping blackthorne rings and gnarled wands and plat. leaves onto people Mars is just a freaky doo dah I myself have an old eye which I would hate to lose moreso my single personal string, or the one pertaining to a past relationship. However that is little cause to get bent out of shape and junking people's EQ I liken this to the PKer who multi's someone because they accidentally backstabbed them using the wrong keyword. just an oops. Cheeze.. be nice to people. -Brew

From: Melanie Thursday, April 13, 05:16AM I really don't blame Mars for his feelings regardless if some think that junking items is a tad bit excessive. It's not really that difficult to take care in typing just a few more letters to spell out MARAU or even MARAUDER. And while we're on this subject, people should just try to do a little simple task of typing 'ask marauder report' when you come up to use him. You'll not only see how much ma/mv he has to spare, but you'll also be able to notice if your abbreviation of Marauder works. More or less just make an effort to type at least MARAU for your sake as well as any potential person that may be put overrent by carelessness. =Melanie C

From: Mariachi Friday, April 14, 09:00AM Hrm.... First off, this has happened to me, too. Simply put, people should not just use Mar to mean Marauder because there's lots of Mar's around. Offhand I can't think of another Mara on the mud. (if there is one I apologize). Being given an item to tform has only happened to me rarely, more commonly I get told services or asked to fly someone or give an orb and such. When I am given an item, I know this is a wacky idea, I give it back and say 'try marauder.' Maybe I'm just too polite. Maybe I should try to sell it back or junk it or some such. I'm always at the keyboard when this happens so I'm not in danger of going over rent. (partly i have way too much free rent for my own good, partly I tend to go ooc when i'm afk for a prolonged period.) Of course, the config receiveeq is a nifty idea, but takes away from some things, like my str-fighting pk'er giving an annoying sniper several thousand gold coins to hold them in place whilst I wallop them. Then, maybe we could have eq-ok, like pk-ok, but for getting eq. But that would be downright silly. Honestly, Mars, I think it was your fault for being afk and where someone could give you eq (read: ic), and especially silly of you with a name starting with Mar to be in the recep when you certainly have been asked to give someone a newbie kit and fly someone and such before. You should have known someone might accidentally give you eq and even if the rent issue wasn't a concern, you might be concerned that the involved party would like their old, strung, or simply hard to get eq back as much as you'd have liked to have kept yours. But that wasn't your concern now was it? You lost eq, so therefore, anyone else abbreviating (or even making a typo, mars and mara aren't far apart on the keyboard) must lose their eq too. How very mature and considerate of you. So seriously, if someone gives you some eq by accident, just give it back. What are you going to do to avenge yourself on the heartless masses that ask you 'praise'? Satire them? seems appropriate right? Then the people who have the nerve to ask you flight or orb, why don't we just pkenable and hunt them or their alts down. Sounds about appropriate, after all, they spammed you the seeing what they ask instead of seeing them ask marauder something. The utter nerve! I have decided, you're right. From now on, anyone looking at me like they might think I'm someone else, I will probably just hack your computer and destroy your hard drive for the first offense. Second time I'll come hunt you down in RL and torture you until you scream "I know you aren't Marauder! I'll use whole names from now on!!!" OK? Mariachi aka Mari, who always signs things with abbreviations but won't anymore lest someone think this was written by a different char abbreviated Mari. PS for those of you who might be easily upset or frightened, the last paragraph was total sarcasm. The extent of my ability to hack your computer would be to write you a mudmail reading 'consider yourself hacked. you have a virus now, you should reformat and stuff.' which, you know, doesn't do anything.

From: Lemming Friday, April 14, 02:23PM Hmm, a new thread. Lazy typing. One of my -biggest- pet peeves. R u going 2 giv that back, or junk it? -snarl- Tons of people here are lazyasses when it comes to typing. they deserve what they get. Now then, on to Marauder. I like his player. A lot. Do I like him as a bot. Hell no. Dunno exactly what tengent I'm taking myself off on, but hey I said some things I felt I needed to say. -drool- Rodentus

From: Kerstin Friday, April 14, 11:14PM I'll stay by what I said before. If people are too lazy to type out 5 extra letters, I think they deserve to have their items junked. Or sold, or kept, or whatever. M-A-R-A-U-D-E-R. It's not hard, folks.

From: Hitman Saturday, April 15, 04:29AM just remember that typing marauder may lead to giving items to his doppel if it happens to be in the reception. Hitman

From: Kaeos Sunday, April 16, 02:27AM I'm going to make a char named marauderz, stay in the reception, and wait for all the goodies to come racking in....muahhahahahaha okay that's enough Kaeos

From: Orphen Sunday, April 16, 10:32AM giving stuff to MARAUDER ends up with his charmies.. $0.02

From: Gwalchmai Friday, April 21, 08:19PM Giving stuff to 'MARAUDER' does not end up with his charmies unless he has homunculi, doppels, or greater summons. Elementals, which he does seem to have around these days, can't hold things. Like Mars, I'd junk the items. I have had alts who've been given the same things by lazy people and no, I wasn't afk. I was standing there, reconnecting 12 times in 3 minutes with response from the mud for 1 comman every time I managed to reconnect. So I KNEW I was well and truly over rent with that nice SSS someone was so kind as to give me. I didn't junk it that time. But I do view it as my own prerogative to do so. So if that person you accidentaly give the old SSS to happens to be an alt of mine, be forewarned. Gwalchmai ap Lot

From: Gwalchmai Friday, April 21, 08:22PM Oh as to the giving to wrong charmie etc. Just check the room. And alias having marauder tf eq.

From: Fairfax Saturday, April 22, 03:20PM The way I see it, doesn't matter at all which opinion I support with regard to whose fault it was for the loss of that old cloak. The simple conclusion is that if someone gives me a piece of eq without my consent I have the right to do whatever I want with it. If it's nice I may even keep it. =) Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)


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