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Blinding Flash

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Posted by Flea on 04/18

Having been informed that blinding flash doesn't crash by a create mage pkiller friend of mine, I was wondering what was the logic behind having the cause blindness spell and dipped arrows make pkillers crash into mobs, and mobs crash into mobs, while the spell that blinds everything in the room does not cause any crashing at all. You'd think that when everything in the room is blinded there would be more chaos and more people crashing into others. This would also give the create mages a little bit more power, because at the moment most will agree that cause mages are superior in pkill. Flea

From: Craven Sunday, April 16, 05:40PM You just want the spell to crash so you can use a certain sword flea. Don't pretend you didn't write thise for your own person gain.

From: Myrella Sunday, April 16, 05:56PM Well Blinding Flash does crash all the mobs... Just into the caster :P If it did cause the others to crash into each other it'd be a bit too powerfull I thinks. Oh and Craven, Flea lobbying for something that'd make his character is no different than a good 75% of the babble we see on this board. Somebody coplains casue they think they are too weak........ wimps! :P Myrella

From: TheCowboy Sunday, April 16, 08:49PM I have to agree with flea on this say your walking along and then bang, shabaz, zip an invis cause mage has just blinded you, sending you crashing into the jaws of the ravenous Aengus. This as we all know to well leads to a quick and extremly painful death. Why not then make the create mages spell do something like this where there is still a chance the mobs will crash into the caster but now they could crash into each other and other pkillers. When i have been blinded by a foul cause mage i find myself thrashing at people who turn out to be either demi-god like mobs or helpless rabbits instead of the cause of my prediciment. And if i were to blind a whole room full of people why do they home in on me i hope my repetitiveness has helped make people see the create side of the force. TheCowboy (Beta of the Hermetics)

From: Kerstin Sunday, April 16, 09:04PM Like Myrella said... flash already blinds the entire room, which can be a hassle at times, but under the right circumstances it can be deadly. If flash had the additional ability to crash players, it would be pretty overpowered. I've pk'ed with a create, and flash saved my life a couple of times. I don't think it should be upgraded.

From: Raz Monday, April 17, 09:06PM I think its nice that flea, someone who can't use flash would want it to be upgraded. That's a Knight for you, someone looking at the interests of others. But Mercenary wore some people out with that spell, let me tell you that. I'd love to see flash crash, but really it would be to powerful...as much as I would want that to happen... Ohh Well...lets work on entrance instead. Razzzzzzzzzz+- read next

From: Flea Tuesday, April 18, 04:00PM Maybe a compromise could be made, making blinding flash crash but have less of a chance at crashing than blind from spell and dipped arrows. Would add some more seemingly much hated luck to the game, but would also serve as a good last ditch effort for the few create mages out there. Flea


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