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Posted by Kerstin on 04/18

It seems like the vast majority of mobs are either good or neutral. Which is great if you want to go evil, but kinda sucks if you want or need to be good or neutal yourself. It seems like many good aligned human mobs are good for no real reason, except that they are. Is there some reason why this is so, or is this just the way that the mud's developed? It gets frustrating to have to either pick on mobs that are far below my level or pay out my hard earned money to keep my clothes from falling off. -tug self-

From: Drakkon Sunday, April 16, 11:08PM hey I've noticed this too, and a lot of the evil mobs (the few there are) are kinda hard to kill and have nasty special.

From: Kunnar Monday, April 17, 01:44AM That's funny, I run into evil type mobs all the time, as well as good and neutral ones. You just need to go places where there are high concentrations of evilness. In your average town, there aren't going to be many evil people, or the town would just kinda fall apart, ya know? On the other hand, if you venture out into the wilds, there tend to be more evil type mobs, especially in dangerous areas. Evil mobs tend to be harder to kill because they act evil. Trust me, they're out there. kunnar

From: Foley Monday, April 17, 02:41AM Robin Hood and his Merry Men 'nuff Said

From: Groth Monday, April 17, 03:28AM yeah most of the evils are like..too low or way too big but wow good point Kunnar...evils wouldn't be in a heavily populated, popular town like Tara! :) On the other hand...look at the run down, filthy city of Agrabah.. :) Lotsa thieves!

From: Fatale Monday, April 17, 11:23AM I've actually noticed that there's a good variety of good/neutral/evil mobs at low levels, usually concentrated together. (alhambra, abbey, klein) At higher levels, however, I've found it easier to raise your alignment doing nothing but killing mobs, and harder to lower it.

From: Orphen Tuesday, April 18, 07:51AM maybe it's me, but I constantly need to kill that sheriff.. 2


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