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Old hit/dam gear

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Posted by Robb on 04/22

well I went LD during the suprise q and a, so here is my question yet again. What is going to be done about the huge imbalance in the game between chars with older hit and dam eq. they do signifigantly more damage, hit a lot more, and generally make the characters I have without older gear look useless. Its not a problem that will go away with a few DTs or even a few months.

From: Myrella Friday, April 21, 10:07PM What huge imbalance?

From: Galan Saturday, April 22, 12:55AM the huge part of the imbalance must be in your head, I'm doing fine, and I'm a new character.

From: Kingfisher Saturday, April 22, 02:16AM It is my impression that you would scream loudly in protest if you had a character with old eq, and an eq-wipe was done. It will balance itself out eventually, and that way it creates gtell heal lot less problems than an eq-wipe, I would think. Considering that every single time there has been eq changes, there has been no eq-wipe (that I know of), and things has always balanced out.

From: Skar Saturday, April 22, 11:34AM Actually, there has been precedent for adjust eq in player files, if the imms thought it was warranted. I'm only making this observation, my comment isn't intented to be an opinion on the current issue.

From: Hastur Saturday, April 22, 01:38PM No eq changes? What about old oars? -Hastur

From: Pelleas Saturday, April 22, 05:54PM old oars and sharp wormys were changed to do damage based on weight I believe that was skar's precedent

From: Medlir Saturday, April 22, 08:59PM Fishshape was changed in all player files


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