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Posted by Saga on 05/06

What if I pkok someone, kill him loot all his corpse (owned items on me) junk all his corpse (no more nasty owned eq) unok from him. Sounds nasty to me

From: Porthos Thursday, May 04, 04:29PM I would think, you can't junk owned items, like before, if you aren't the owner. my question: what are ooc timer-type rules going to be? same? and can everyone who has any char ok'd only go ooc at innkeepers or does that change? Porthos the Pirate, Musketeer

From: Huginn Thursday, May 04, 10:07PM Porthos is correct. You can't junk owned items. Huginn

From: Paradon Thursday, May 04, 10:10PM There are other ways of getting rid of eq besides junking them Paradon

From: Celia Friday, May 05, 07:03AM Its fairly easy to dispose of owned items without junking them, and I think the problem is that the system might encourage people to junk looted items instead of looting for RP/IC reason. Although I suppose if you looted an item for a RP reason you wouldn't want to unok somebody anyway, so maybe not.

From: Huginn Friday, May 05, 09:40AM Yes, I'm aware that you can destroy owned items, even though the junk command won't work. However I think that anyone who started doing this would quickly find themselves without a target pool. If you heard of this type of thing, would you want to take the chance of pkilling with this person? So although it would really suck for the one or two people who were the victims, overall I think that the playerbase can influence this type of behavior. Huginn

From: Tirasala Friday, May 05, 04:27PM But half the fun of PKill is that you have to take that risk! Every current PKiller knew the risk when he or she signed on and accepted it, because the risk is worth the fun. Besides that, dealing with bad behavior by simply unoking people is pathetic. It's avoiding the entire problem. My personal experience is that a good beat down is a much better tactic. It certainly works on me. Say I killed MafiaGuy1, took his weapon, and hid it so it'd be a while before he could come after me. Then he goes and gets MafiaGuy2 through MafiaGuy6 to beat me up while he finds a weapon. I very soon learn not to loot weapons from any of them. Instead, if they all just rejected me, I would move on to doing the same to others without and hesitation. If I got beat down by them though, I would be much more careful about who I do that to next. That hesitation would also carry over to any other pkiller I might create, now knowing the consequences, while any pkiller that's simply alienated can just keep making characters, have fun with them until everyone rejects him, then make a new character, because nothing bad ever happens to him. Tira

From: Huginn Friday, May 05, 08:48PM Well I think this is falling on deaf ears, but I might as well express the opinion again.. For you, the fights with MafiaGuy1 were fun and that's what pkill was about. That's valid, feel free to keep playing that way. As long as your targets all feel the same way then things don't change. For others, the old system of pkill wasn't something that was fun. Some enabled and found they hated it.. others didn't enable, not because they didn't like the idea of fighting another character, but because they wouldn't be able to mold their pkill environment to be what they wanted. Why couldn't they? Because they didn't have the same viewpoints and wouldn't go to the same extremes. -Shrug- Refusing to play someone in a game when you disagree strongly with the way they play isn't pathetic. People play games to enjoy themselves, if you're making the game unenjoyable for others, then why should they waste their time playing with you? To prove something? I'm not saying that we don't need bad guys.. there certainly has to be a balance. But some people can RP a bad guy well without being completely unpleasant to others. That's the difference between "Those you love to hate" and those that you just plain hate. So as I said before, if you want to continue to play the same way you always have, then that's fine as long as others want to play that way too. From what is mentioned on the boards, people had a great time in pkill and there was no drop in paricipants, no seeming the same old players behind different characters and little to no new blood. Since all those people think the same, they should have a good time continuing the same method of play as before. Huginn

From: Tirasala Friday, May 05, 11:11PM Huginn, Your posts aren't falling on deaf ears. I completely understand what you mean. For a long time I didn't pkill because I didn't think I liked the way that it worked. But then I enabled a character and found that I really did like it. I think that PKOK would be fine for testing out PKill, and it's great for playing around on April Fools day, where nothing counts. But I don't want to be a part of it. I would be perfectly happy with PKOK going in, if there were some alternative that is very much like the current system for those of us that don't want PKOK in out lives. I want to log on and be able to ID what characters can kill me by looking at the who list, like I can now. I say, let people use PKOK against other PKOKers and let PKillers stay as they are, only fighting amongst themselves. You are right about one thing, though. This is a game, and games are for fun. I'm sure that PKOK will make the game more fun for some people, but it makes it less fun for a group of us that like it the way it is. As the system is now, I can usually figure out which characters prefer to only duel by just how they play. I try to keep my jumpings to others, specifically people that have jumped me, or ones that I know wouldn't hesitate to jump me back. If a pkiller doesn't attack me, it's a fair chance that I don't know that he or she is enabled. In spite of what you seem to believe, players that don't mind jumping and being jumped won't still be able to play with eachother, because no one will be dumb enough to accept all. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to PKill with characters that haven't really been enabled. I don't want to have to think of the entire MUD as being a threat to me. Players like me won't have any accept all characters because we don't want to be suspicious of the entire MUD, it's not fun. But, if we're not accept all, then there's no way to keep a good list of all the characters I'd be willing to pkill with. As most people know, this character has been around for a while. But lots of players switch pkillers every month or so. The same players will have different characters that I won't have accepted. It seems to me that, while you claim PKOK is going in to make more players happy, there are a hell of a lot more posts on this board questioning pkok and outright attacking it than there are supporting it. Take out imm responses, and there are virtually no supporting messages on the board Think about that Tira

From: Danar Saturday, May 06, 04:02AM Couple points I wanted to make here: - It's true. You can just remake your character every time you accumulate too many rejects. Then either a) people would start organizing to reject you even before you jump somebody, or b) people who worried about that would stop accepting anybody they didn't trust. both are reasonable solutions to me. both are improvements over the present system. - You won't have to be dumb to accept all. There are a lot of people, as you yourself pointed out, that feel the same way. Everybody who likes the pkill environment the way it is can accept all and pretend the whole pkok thing just doesn't exist. There is no way our adding choices can possibly reduce your options. - A lot of people have been making the point that "pkill is supposed to be (nasty|evil|a challenge)!" To which my only reply is of course "sez you." - Your argument about posts is fallacious. Naturally people who like what is going to happen feel no need to post on the disc board. This board is for complainers =P - Accepts and rejects won't change at the drop of a hat, except with the system exploiter crowd. Apart from them, you'll still be able to tell >pretty much who can kill you and who can't using the who list. And hey, you can always reject them =p That was more than a couple. But, um, still. and stuff. Sincerely, Danar

From: Huginn Saturday, May 06, 10:24AM Well your point about not wanting to have to worry about the who mud is well taken. One way around that, that isn't accept all is to identify the pkill clans and accept those. It sounds like those in pkill clans as it is now would probably be thinking the same as you. And then you wouldn't have to worry about someone who just wants to dauble getting in the middle of your fight. Obviously if pkok takes away more than it gives, it'll be revaluated. Guess we'll see after its installed. Huginn

From: Tirasala Saturday, May 06, 04:55PM I don't have time for anything long atm, so I'll just say these two things: First, I always thought this board was for discussion, not complaining. If I strongly supported PKOK and saw all the messages that are questioning it's viability, I would certainly put up a post defending it. It's true that most posts on the board tend to be pointing out things that players think are wrong or should be fixed, but other players usually come to the defense of something they support. Secondly, I like the idea of still having PKill clans out there. If there are going to be any clans that require acceptance of certain clans or characters under PKOK, please let me know. Tira


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