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pkok and mage summons

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Posted by Robb on 05/15

does the accept flag on summoned charmies occur when you summon them or when you accept/unaccept? what I want to know is , can a mage sit around, make a large army of charmies, then accept and use his charmies, or does he have to accept then summon charmies?

From: LadyAce Thursday, May 04, 06:46PM The code will check for the pk status of a person only when the fight commences -- i.e. when they issue the attack command. Before a pk attack begins, the code isn't interested in the pk status of the parties. What this means is that a mage can indeed build up an army of charmies and then order them to attack.

From: General_Al Friday, May 05, 05:26PM But really, thats not much different, from people sitting, in non-recall safe roms and summoning them now. -Shrug- I don't think this will be too much of a problem, anyso more then it is now, aside from the plain fact there are gonna be lots more pkill mages =p General Al

From: Ishmael Monday, May 08, 04:43PM Why can't pkok be added and a permanent type of pk be kept in the game where you can only have 1 character participating in it at a time and there is no party of jackasses supported by even bigger jackass immortals who want more power in the whole pk thing this sounds like a communist way of solving the problem collectively. I know you all keep answering the question with why not PKACCEPT ALL here is why, because then you have to play the game on other people's terms and not your own... no longer can one be a maverick, now one has to conform to a certain viewpoint held by the masses....and live in a system controlled not by rules but implemented by immortals where the rules change towards you depending on the general perception of the public of your moral character. This kind of judgement is, in +OK mailbox for butler.brian@usa.net ready poops what people think of me. That's why we need a PERMANENT pk flag that you choose to put on yourself as you do now. PKOK should be an option as well to everyone, but the 'REAL' player kill should be kept in the game. Are you all just so friggin arrogant that you believe you have solved all of the perceived problems with pk in one feel swoop???? I think it is a great idea in that it gives the weeniers who always whine about the pk egoists an outlet to do little 'puppet shows for the mud', and maybe there will be more to write about in the LT, but who reads that anyways besides people who need to get a life outside of the game. I don't want to be forced to play to other people's way of doing things....I like hiding invisible with charmies and jumping people when they are low on hp. But now, if they aren't in the mood at the moment to pk or whatever, they can just shut it off. The beauty of PK is that it never turns off, you don't go afk inside the mud, you don't walk around with low hp, you don't talk smack to the big boys, and then level into their range and not have to pay the piper when you are 10 levels lower. The pk system is all I've ever known I'm afraid, I've never had an unclanned character, I never will ---I will give pkok a chance, but from the description given by huginn et al, it sounds like it will take everything I enjoy out of pk and throw it away. This game is governed by rules, not by anythign else, why not allow people to pkok each other who want to do that for whatever reason and let people who screw use poultice joining pk or talking smack at level 25 to a level 50 not have such an easy way out. This is really a way out of the problems you perceive and is akin to running away. Don't chant vina pur mrti ex your backs on the old system because you think you have solved everything, you haven't. Please don't rip pk from the game.

From: Kyna Tuesday, May 09, 07:34AM What an elitist attitude! Before I chose to create a pk-enabled char, the thing that MOST annoyed me about a small section of the pk community was their elitist attitude -- that somehow they were 'better' than those who had chosen not to enable. So now, those few elitists are worried that their perceived proof of being superior will be taken away if any char can pk. I think creating 2 levels of pk - one for the 'REAL' pkillers and one for those 'lesser' mortals who never chose to enable before - would take away one of the benefits of the idea. There won't be 2 classes of players any more, with each class feeling superior to the other, for their own reasons. Kyna (who enjoys reading the LT, enjoys writing for it, and even manages to have a life outside of the mud)

From: Tirasala Tuesday, May 09, 01:04PM Kyna, the reason that a certain section of the pkill community has that attitude is because surviving for any length of time as a pkiller is much harder than surviving as simply a mob killer. If you stay out of all the areas with agg mobs, a mob killer has nothing to worry about. Doesn't have to watch his back, can sit down in the middle of the road and go to sleep, no worries! Pkillers can't do that. Pkillers have to constantly be on the watch for a jump. One can never let one's guard down, because then one will get one's butt kicked. Because of this 'lifestyle' for pkillers, they have to develope some skills that mobkilling players never do. As would be expected, some people look at these skills, then at people that don't display them, and think that having these skills is better than not, hence people with these skills are better than people without. It's not exactly a great attitude to have, but it is perfectly understandable. There There is no question that a pkiller has a harder time of it than a mobkiller, simply because a pkiller is a mobkiller with added risk thrown in. There are lots of people on the mud that like this challenge. With PKOK, players can turn PKill off when they want to lie in the middle of the road and go to sleep. PKOK also takes away the fun of the jump. I certainly won't go thru lots of preperation, tracking, hiding around the corner, when I don't even know whether or not MafiaGuy1 has decided to be a pkiller today. The only reliable jumps that I can think of would be taken from watching the death announcements on info, and killing people like that tends to be frowned upon by most. If PKOK went in alongside the tradition clanning system, then we would have two very happy groups of people (call them classes if you want, don't make no difference to me). We'd have the old PKillers that still go about their business just like before and we'd have the mobkillers that can dabble in pkill when they want, and turn it off when it annoys them. With the current plan of only PKOK we will have a group of people that want to only kill other certain players, and we will have a group of people that look down upon all the wannabe's and are not happy with the new system at all. Tira

From: Raz Tuesday, May 09, 04:37PM Lets just make 2 classes of pk. pkok and pkalways (which would be the current pk system). 'nuff said Razzzzzzzzzz+-

From: Sandra Tuesday, May 09, 04:46PM Sure, those that want to be pkalways, type 'accept all' and leave it on. There, two systems. -Sandra

From: Ishmael Tuesday, May 09, 05:51PM no, because you cannot choose for the other people whether or not they have pk accept all on. That's what sucks....I pk to win on the mud, I like the war aspect of the thing. If I want to win I will 'unpk all' whenever I am+Oat a disadvantage, whether that be because I DT'D or am killing mobs or am going to SL with a group. Why would anyone in their right mind have 'pk accept all' on when they are going to SL in a group??? Thus, there will be no more of jumping SL groups which in my mind takes the biggest cajones of all b/c if you die you are not likely to get any help. What don't you understand about the fact that 'pk accept all' is not the same thing as 'pk always'. It is such a simple concept. Why won't any immortal even act like this is a valid idea instead of being so damn consolidated into this 'pkok is the answer to all of our problems attitude'??? THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM WITH BEING ABLE TO TURN OFF PK STATUS AT WILL. If you can't see this I think you either a) haven't pk'd unlock w open w w close e lock e awhile or b) never liked the challenge of being killed for no reason or being jumped or watching your back at all times. This is just like being able to go ooc not at an innkeeper....you weren't supposed to do it, but if that was what it took to win or not die or whatever then everyone did it. Can you not see that people are going to attack you if you have 'pk accept all' on and if I lose and rent out and come back a week later to jump them and they are in the middle of leveling or something they will have 'pk reject all' on for the convenience of faster leveling. I don't play everyday nor for very long periods of time....I get my revenge by fighting dirty, but since no one wants to be 'cheap killed' then there will be no more cheap kills in the game although that should be a valid form of retribution. I will never be able to beat a level 49 character at full strength but maybe I can jump them when they are at low hp and get revenge or a kill in after an argument that happened awhile ago. This just takes all that out of the game and it is really frustrating to see all of the immorts spewing this same propaganda answer that you all obviously devised in some sort of meeting. I understand the fact that if everyone wants the same system then they can pk accept all at all times, but everyone I play against and who challenges me wants to do everything they can to win which really blows because they will take advantage of this system and it will no longer be fun for me at least. I will find it hard to keep 'pk accept all' on after I lose all my equipment or just finished fighting a level 50 mob and am at 10 hp. But that's just me. Argh you guys are frustrating as all hell. PLEASE DON'T TAKE A PERMANENT PK FLAG unlock e open e e close w lock w OF THE GAME. Or else make the changes take a lot longer to take effect in RL terms. Say if you change pk status it takes 2 RL weeks for it to go into affect. At least that would make dirty retribution a more viable option.

From: Raz Tuesday, May 09, 06:03PM Im not going to pkalways when there are punks out there that can kill me, then not pk me again. kinda like thething doing his weak crap and pk'n and then retiring, cept now you got it multiplied and the immorts pretty much placing a system in that supports that kinda behavior. Razzzzzzz+-

From: Sandra Tuesday, May 09, 06:23PM In the past, Ishmael, people have -had- to put up with your 'dirty tactics'. Now, YOU have to deal with how you pkill. They don't have to put up with your tactics if they don't want to. Putting the responsibilty on the players of the game is what pkok does. If you like fighting dirty, I'd say that unless there are others in your range that feel the same, you will probably be fighting your shadow alot. In the past, we would get numerous complaints about so-and-so being unsportsmanlike, unfair, and ruining alot of fun for them. Now, they can just pretend that they're not a part of their pkill community and experience. Again, YOUR behaviour is what will get you victims/opponents. Sucks to have to pay for your actions, eh? -Sandra

From: Ishmael Tuesday, May 09, 07:08PM Paying for actions because you win a lot, that makes a ton of sense. I understand

From: Sandra Tuesday, May 09, 08:07PM I doubt many will reject someone just because they win alot. However, I seriously believe that the majority would reject someone that behaves as you've described in previous appends. This, is what I was talking about. -Sandra

From: Raz Tuesday, May 09, 09:56PM It seems as if Pkill has now become DuelKill. Some Pkillers, including myself have refused duels as part of there rp -- we enjoy the "surprise" attack. I'll withold any judgment on whether "surprise" attacking will still exist after pkok is implemented. Hopefully a majority of the good pkillers will be pkok all. However, I think the element of surprise for those that do pkok to duel will not experience the total adreneline rush that has made my pkill experience on this mud what it is today. Razzzzzzz+-

From: Tirasala Wednesday, May 10, 01:40AM But Sandra, The type of PKilling that Ishmael has described is the kind of PKill that I, and apparently at least two or three others, like. I knew what I was getting into when I enabled my first character, and that's what I wanted. Seeing all the arguments and ego clashes as a non-enabled character, why would anyone that had real issues with jumps and 'rude' behavior enable in the first place? For the argument that some people just want to duel, I think that's fine. People should be allowed to duel eachother if they choose. Why not set up a Dueling Arena, like the OOC area, that's set up for this? Install PKOK in this special area only, and let people duel to their heart's content. But live the PKill system the way it is in the regular MUD for the people like us that like being jumped. Or, if that's not feasible, give us a PKOK always option that's irreversible. That way, there would be a set of people that I know will always be available for jumps and for coming to my aid if needed. I think that PKOK is just about the worst way to deal with certain people's problems with PKill, but since the imms are going to put it in anyways, those of us that can deal and like dealing with the current system should be given an alternative. This is not a balance issue of any kind, so choosing one system or the other wouldn't give any one an advantage, it would jsut be two different sets of rules to play by. Given all the questions and opposition on this board concerning pkok, I don't think it's unreasonable for the imms to consider a compromise on a non-balance issue. Tira

From: Mugwump Wednesday, May 10, 08:55AM A simple way to solve this would be for clanaccepts to override individual rejects, with additional accepts still overriding clanrejects. If there were 3 or 4 clans who wanted "old style" pkill, they could just accept each other and it wouldn't be all that different from the way pkill is now.

From: Mars Wednesday, May 10, 11:24AM Good idea mugwump! If you are in a clan then you must accept everyone in the other pk clans! If you are in a non-pk clan or are unclanned then you can pkok at your leisure!

From: Raz Wednesday, May 10, 12:16PM I think thats a fabulous idea! any chance of that? -poke- immorts Razzzzzzzzzz+-

From: General_Al Wednesday, May 10, 01:05PM It's already possible isn't it? =p

From: Robb Wednesday, May 10, 02:17PM Its legend for the losers now is it? seems someoen is bitter towards you ishy........ I guess we shoudl just accept the fact that pkok is what the immorts want so they can play by themselves and we cant change it legend isnt for the players, and aggressive pkilling isnt welcome here anymore, its candyass mud now.

From: Scream Wednesday, May 10, 06:18PM Ok lots of people here are complaining about not enough jumps when pkok goes in. true that you may not be able to jump the "Easy people" anymore and I think thats good. You people like jumping cause it gives you a Great advantage over your victim. Now when they take that away I think a lot of you pkillers will be humbled and come out of ooc more offen and fight GOOD pkillers like Craven. I do have a pkiller that jumps people all the time and he really is quite a bastard at times. I find out when I duel people I get a much more challanging fight. thus making pkill more fun to me. Gets boring bind and immolate person to death. most of my jumps were like that. Well I think we should not dog PKOK untill it comes in and we test it and find out how hard it really is to jump people. Just think most of you that jump all the time are gonna be acept all anyway, so I would just look for the very aggressive pkillers, Demonic Order, Grendels, Pirates etc. even some knights and herms might be accept all but we wont know untill we give PKOK a try so lets not dog it yet. Just think you might be able to kill some of them irritating unclanns when pkok goes in. And you know the first day or two when it goes in a lot of unclanns are gonna be accept all so theres a open day to kill :P ok wrote a lot more then first intended but anyway hope this append helps with the better side of PKOK. -Scream

From: Tirasala Wednesday, May 10, 07:10PM Why would anyone bother jumping 'easy' people? I dunno, maybe some do, but the way I see it, if you can beat them anyway, there's no point in setting a trap. I jump people that I wouldn't always be able to beat in a fair fight. Unless, of course, someone has something that I want. In that case, I just kill however possible. Despite claims to the contrary, I don't hover at level 20 jumping all the 10's that just enabled. In my opinion, any player above level 30 is not an easy target unless s/he just has lots of powerful friends that protect him while he levels. Duels may be harder fights to win, but they aren't as exciting. As an example, earlier today I caught some faded character aiming at me while I was just killing mobs. Seeing as how I was below half HP, I ran like crazy. Then I got a tell informing me that no one was really gonna snipe me, just keeping me on my toes. That's the PKill that i love, and I would hate to see it go away. My prediction, as most people know, is that PKill is going to suffer under pkok. At least, it will in the eyes of us 'dirty' pkillers. If it doesn't, I will be happy. If it does, i'll be sending out massive 'I told you so' letters. Tira

From: Laurana Monday, May 15, 05:11PM I'm looking forward to PKOK, I can't really see the problem, except people loosing the ability to jump 'easy people' like Scream said. One of the reasons I'm looking forward to it, is that I can choose not to fight certain characters, that I know will ruin the way I have fun with pkill which obviously is very individual, but that does not make one point of view more 'right' than another). I know I won't pkok all, but I won't toggle it on and off either. I'll pkok people I like RP'ing with, both good and evil characters and then they can jump me and whatever they like. But the good part will be, that I gave them permission at some point, and thus all you people out there won't have to listen to me whine about it -duck-:) Anyway, I definately think pkok will be an improvement, and it will make things more fun for me, so here's the propkok post you've been asking for :P -Laurana El Grumpy.


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