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Posted by Craven on 05/15

In regards to screams post, I'm not that good and I seriously hope that 900 people don't jump me because of that post :P As for mugwumps idea, I suggest a similiar idea last week at the q&a. Ea! liked it and from what I've heard it is now a viable option. I was told that it will most likely only work for pk clans, making a very distinct difference between rp and pk. I'm not sure how the clanaccept/reject thing will work, but I know that its a possiblity. Just thought you should all know since no imms have had time to post. Good luck on Friday. Remember to accept ministry, or, failing that, Craven :)

From: Tirasala Wednesday, May 10, 10:32PM Now that is a good compromise. Seeing as how I doubt there will be any accomidations made for rogues in this system, I'm now available to be recruited. :-) Tira

From: Mariachi Thursday, May 11, 08:03AM So, to make this in effect, with no code changes, good clan leadership can cause this to happen. If EvilClanGM and GoodClanGM talk to each other a bit, like Larnoc is trying to do on the news board, then you can tell your EvilClanmates, you have to accept GoodClan and not reject anyone in it to be a member of this clan, and GoodClan can say the same about EvilClan. Enforce within your clans a pk-all of at least your enemies, and you will actually, I think, add RP to PK among the Evil Clans. You'll be able to have wars and such, without worrying that SuperRogue will wander by and kill everyone in the midst of a pkrp battle between two warring clans. For rogue-types, it will encourage clanning, or making a real big name for yourself, so the clans will accept you as a worthy opponent. Mari

From: Craven Thursday, May 11, 12:59PM problem is mariachi, they can still disobey. For example, my clan could tell me that yes, they have accepted clanstupid. But how do I know? Ther is no way for me to check. They could run to sl and turn it all off and then turn it back on. Things like this, I feel, need to be addressed for pk clans, but not for rp clans. However, if an rpclan wants this type of thing, they can use your suggetions. But as a pkclan, its obvious that your going to be killing and killing a lot when you join. This makes an obvious distinction between the two. It makes pk clan GMs more of generals that need to have the complete trust of their clan or mutiny will occur and the "general" will be destroyed. I personally think its a great Idea and can't wait to see how its implemented.

From: Raz Thursday, May 11, 01:15PM Another Concern RedFox 1 beats the hell outta BlueDog 1. BlueDog1 then logs off gets his other guy BlueDog2 and comes back and rips up RedFox1 This is a concern because for people to play pkall, it may promote xplay. Unlike now where we can only have 1 pkiller. Razzzzzzz+-

From: Tirasala Thursday, May 11, 02:53PM Raz, I know that that's the rule, but it's very hard to enforce. Having multiple pkillers is illegal and not too hard to track, yes. But what about all those players out there that remake pkillers every month? I've run into many a cross player where I did something to an alt, alt perma'ed, then player's new pk character came after me. So, pkok may allow for faster crossplay, instead of the perma one guy and enable another lag, but it won't be anything new, I promise you. Tira

From: Mariachi Thursday, May 11, 05:49PM Craven makes a good point, but I think GM's would be able to enforce it somehow. Specially in pk-oriented clans. (no such thing as a pk clan if there's no such thing as pk-enabled, right?) I'd think that at least the code should force acceptance of your own clan, and at the very least your clan's GM, just like the GM's level limit doesn't count now. While there'd be no way to check on your clannies accepting someone for sure, you could make it clear to them that they should, and I think if people want to have your clan's sort of fun, and be involved in your clan, they would do as the GM instructs them. Maybe I have too much faith in people? But if my GM tells me, accept all grendels i'd either do so and thank my fortunate large number of hps for keeping me alive, or I'd leave the clan and become rogue or in a non-active clan. What I'm trying to say, I think, is that pkok can be successful if people play it to have fun. There are enough people that will accept all or at least certain clans to make it fun, I think. As for the nasty x-playing, you can now have more than one pker, yes, but it's still illegal for one player to have more than one char acter in the same clan. So what Raz said would be illegal xplay in more than one way, and the player victimized would certainly notice if it happened, I think, and register appropriate complaints. And the imms can check on it and kick 'em around if they done wrong. Mari, of foolish faith in fellow folk

From: Fatale Thursday, May 11, 06:42PM While this goes against the whole point of pkok, it may solve the problem of folks in pk clans not pking: have the code force anyone in a pk clan to accept all other people in pk clans. The choice of whether or not to pk is still there, all a person would have to do to disable all is leave the clan or join an rp clan.

From: Melanie Friday, May 12, 04:50AM I know I'm just a non pkenabled girl that usually doesn't care about the pkill community, but just hear me out. As obvious as it is that pkok will have a huge impact on pkill for LegendMUD, I think that it'll now seperate the real pkillers from the pansy wishy-washy pkillers. Since the lot of you "elite" pkillers (which love to jump or use any tactic possible to enjoy pkill to its fullest) seem to be worried about the direct result of a decrease in targets, wouldn't it be more of a challenge for pkill? I mean it seems that most of the dedicated and full-time pkillers will or hopefully will have "accept all" for their pkok setting. Unless of course you pkillers really enjoy teeing off on the "part-time pkillers", it might not be as bad as you expect it. Anyway, when pkok finally gets put in just leave "accept all" on if you're a "full-time pkiller" and try your tactics on your fellow peers. It might be enjoyable or not, but at least try the "Green eggs and ham" before disliking the whole bloody thing:P -Melanie C

From: Wiz Friday, May 12, 01:43PM A simple scenario for pkok: Say, CharA accepts all. CharB is dueling CharA CharC hates CharA CharB kills CharA CharC loots CharA's old eq and disposes of it. CharA now has no idea who has looted his corpse cause he is accept all. For this scenario right there, I would be surprised if anyone at all, acce -pts all Oh, CharC can be invisable, hiding, or whatnot, so CharA does not see them Ok, my only reason for not pkok-all

From: Tirasala Friday, May 12, 03:49PM Ya know Mel, you make a good point. The players that always whine and get beat on aren't going to want to play with the big boys. This may make PKill more of a challenge, if there are enough big boys to make it interesting. I don't think that many people will be accept all, but if we get this PK clan thing working, that would be fun. Tira

From: Porthos Friday, May 12, 11:26PM It seems to me that the problems along the line that Wiz has mentioned are also applicable to the current pk setup so what's the big deal. If EnabledGuy1 kills me, then I get robbed by EnabledGuy2 who loses all that eq, how do I know anymore than in the pkok situation. I don't. So if you get robbed, seek justice. Find out who did it, and blah blah blah... it's not really that different, just more potential thieves about.

From: Stain Saturday, May 13, 12:06AM bleh, i'll keep an open mind, but this I havn't heard anything good about pkok yet. Only thing that might be fun is having more than one pkiller. Far as I can tell, it's x-play related, only being able to have 1 now (why else couldn't you have multiple killers?) Not sure how pkok would solve that one, either. I'm still not sure what exactly pkok will solve at all, actually, but like I say, i'm trying to keep an op open mind, so i'll leave off with the flamin' till I actually see it and s

From: Stain Saturday, May 13, 12:13AM

From: Mariachi Monday, May 15, 09:33AM I believe having only 1 pkiller was to prevent destructive x-play and the theory now is that if someone's doing it and it's bothering you you can just un-ok them... Mari


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