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Posted by Dune on 05/24

Was backstab weakened recently? It doesnt seem to do the damage it used to do. dune Has anyone noticed this?

From: Kaige Tuesday, May 23, 12:33PM Backstab itself wasn't changed, but remember, it's also affected by the changes to damroll that went in a bit ago. -Kaige

From: Dune Tuesday, May 23, 02:43PM Are you serious? I thought the changes to damageroll where put in to fix str con and str mage people from doing as much damage as str dex peoples... Are you saying that what actually happened is that backstab got weakened? hehe whats the point then? Especially when there is soooo much old eq in the game hm, oh well. I guess I could get used to a weaker backstab. As far as I know, snipers werent the ones that were supposed to get the downgrade. Makes them all the tougher to play I guess. Dune

From: Stain Tuesday, May 23, 06:39PM yeah, yeah, my backstabs arn't too potent anymore.. I do seem to be gettin' more paras of late, though, with no change to my stats. That icky sniper luck, or some kinda code thingy or whatever it is that makes the para go down?

From: Stain Tuesday, May 23, 08:04PM bleh.. I didn't realize just how much backstab had gone down.. 40 average?!?? that's sick. why is it again that snipers need less instead of more? Oh wait, maybe it's because perception is just so crazy overpowered, eh?

From: Kirylo Tuesday, May 23, 09:48PM

From: Huginn Tuesday, May 23, 10:40PM Folks, You're right, snipers weren't the target of the recent change. We're discussing ways to fix it, please be patient. Obviously more damage is a possibility but there could be other changes as well.. Huginn

From: Ptwang Wednesday, May 24, 05:50AM What has damroll got to do with it? My backstabs used to do a lot more than others are reporting with 0 damroll.

From: Poetry Wednesday, May 24, 11:39AM get chalice holster drink chalice fill chalice teapot put chalice holster I heard that too... that damage roll has a HUGE affect on backstab damage now. Maybe thats a place to start checking? Dune


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