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Posted by Slash on 05/30

Ive had enough, I thought I would at least give it a try but this pkok has to be the worst code update ive seen in the 6 years ive been here. I know im just not providing any solutions on how to fix it, or whatever, but I cannot honestly think of anything except making a couple of duel areas for those people that want to duel, and just going back to the way pk was and is meant to be. Slash

From: Scream Friday, May 26, 04:07AM drink chalice fill chalice camel bahh As if your post was helping at all. Pkok will not be yanked and I really dont see whats wrong with pkok. I find if rather fun -scream

From: Raz Friday, May 26, 05:16PM I find it funny that all former pk'ers clamor on the chat channel how much they hate pkok. I think slash's idea would allow those that want to pkok the opportunity to duel if the immorts could set up coliseums for such combat. I think this was an idea that actually surfaced when Matrix was working on his area, well before pkok ever was thought of. Scream, maybe you find pkok fun, I am sure others do, but I'd hesitate to say that the old pkers who dont necessarily like dueling find pkok fun. Is it possible to set up pkok for certain areas/coliseums? I did a pk tourney where even the players that were not fighting could see the rounds of those fighting, is this codeable? Wondering and interested, Razzzzzz+-

From: Sandra Friday, May 26, 05:53PM I find it funny that you consider 4-5 people 'all former pk'ers'. Why doesn't that obviously HUGE bunch of people accept each other and whoever else they want, then they can be jumped/jump each other whenever?

From: Tirasala Friday, May 26, 09:05PM It's a lot more than 4 or 5 people that aren't happy with the new system. As to your suggestion to just accpet eachother, that IS the system. I'm not going to go around and except a bunch of like mind pkillers because I don't like the system of accepting and rejecting individuals at all. We that don't like PKOK don't just like what it's doing to pkill. We don't like the idea of accepting and rejecting players to pkill with. Telling us to use the system in whatever manner is not a solution because we don't want to use the system at all, that is our complaint. This is also why we want a different system to be set up, so that we don't have to use pkok. It's not just because it's put a damper on our fun, it's because we don't want to be a part of it at all. Tira

From: Mariachi Saturday, May 27, 01:14AM If you accept all and leave it there, you're not really "using" pkok, you're just pk-enabled. So it takes off the fun of skewering someone who is vulnerable, or who just doesn't want to be killed by you, but it leaves it fun for them, while you still have your fun with those who choose to be accept all. What's the big deal? It's just like before, if you accept all. Use the backstab test to see if someone has accepted you, but know now that you have more potential enemies, and that if you are the evil type, you have to keep your evil in check or certain victims will cease to be available to you. Just like if they always rented when you were on or sommat like that. Honestly, it's not that big a deal.

From: Sammael Saturday, May 27, 11:39AM I like pkok, but I thing the suggestion where if your accept all, only accept alls can fight you is a good one. That way the accept alls don't have to worry about being jumped by 4 people while their clanmate isn't accepted so he can't help. Frankly, it would ease my mind a lot.

From: Raskolnikov Saturday, May 27, 11:49AM I agree with Sammy on this one, I think that if you are accept all then only others who are accept all can fight you unless you individually accept someone who is not accept all....it would solve a TON of the problems with pkok if not all of them. I still think pkok sucks and that the people's whose idea it was and who are responsible for its design refuse to acknowledge that it sucks the way it is now.

From: Kirylo Saturday, May 27, 12:25PM yank it and be done with it, it sucks, its what you wanted as immorts, not what players wanted, yank it.

From: Se'me'lan Saturday, May 27, 03:14PM I realize this is in no way a democracy, but could we put this pkok system to a vote by the players that are having to deal with it. One look at this board and the news board and you can tell that there are many unhappy people with this system. Why leave pkok in or not change it so that the players can go back to enjoying the mud again?

From: Kirylo Saturday, May 27, 03:18PM -admits if vote came up hed use a gazillion email accounts over the countr to rig vote-

From: Huginn Sunday, May 28, 12:08AM As an FYI, for those that have "had enough", PKOK came about as an alternative to those who wanted to yank PK entirely, as it represnts alot of extra effort and problems to cater to a small amount of players. So even if for some weird reason PK went back to the way it was before, (which I haven't heard decent arguments for yet) you shouldn't be too happy. Unless of course you'd get a large kick out of seeing all the pkillers leave the mud entirely. I know that wouldn't please me, which is why I hope PKOK works. Huginn

From: Aquilante Sunday, May 28, 01:58AM I want just to say that i completely agree with Rask and Sammael i kind of like the system (because i can use all my alts) but i think that allowing only accept all people to fight accept all should make content the old guard pkill

From: Ptwang Sunday, May 28, 03:22AM I agree too o'course, but why hasn't an IMM responded about it? Can you make the change Huginn or is it up to Ea! and he's just too busy or something?

From: Fraegis Sunday, May 28, 04:25AM Kirylo, don't assume you speak for all players. A lot of players, myself included, like pkok, and it is what we wanted. It is funny how much people whine about this now. If it is boring now, since there is noone to fight, maybe there isn't that many who liked the old system, and who choose to be accept all now. Pkok is a great thing, since it allows people to play the style of pkill they want. And Se'Me'Lan, you don't see everyone's opinions on these boards. If you think that most people hate pkok, since almost everyone writes negatively about it, you might as well assume that everyone who hasn't written likes it, making the support to pkok more than overwhelming.

From: Tristen Sunday, May 28, 05:35AM Whee nother agree post. But ya, Rask, Sammael, Ptwang and now me! I would MUCH prefer to ahve only accept alls being able to jump other accept alls. Then people will actually have to keep track of who is "clanned" again and there won't be this erm, feeling that the whole mud can jump you, which wasn't exactly what I liked about pk before. Would change it back to something that you had to pay attention to, which currently, accept/reject is substituted for attention. Oh I like pkok for getting old pkillers out for some fun, but all in all I'd really really like to see the accept all change go in. Tristen

From: Tarn Sunday, May 28, 10:55AM I kinda like the idea of only accept alls being able to jump other accept alls, with the possibility of accepting others individually, if some of your favoured opponents choose not to accept all. I thought the idea behind pkok was to give players a choice in their pk style. Those old-style pkillers have what appear to be very valid reasons for not accepting all, as pkok now stands. If this change were to be implemented, it would only add to the range of choices, by making 'accept all' more feasible, and more likely to be used. Tarn (yep, still being outspoken on pk matters)

From: Nabuo Sunday, May 28, 04:14PM With the new clan systems it is possible to gather those who hate 'pkok' and create 'accept all' clans that can fight eachother possibly have a war and such. This is the only solution I can see from the standpoint of an oldstyle pkiller. Pkok is weak, but truthfully and honestly, I don't think its going to be yanked, which sucks

From: Skar Monday, May 29, 12:02AM Okay, the idea as I've seen it is that if you're accept all (AA), you can only be attacked by someone who is also AA, unless you accept them specifically. Can't you see that this would be entirely useless so long as we continue to be able to switch AA on and off at will? You complain that you can try to attack someone while they're rejecting you only to have them attack you moments later. How would this change? I'm one of the people who are mostly pleased with the current implementation. On the face of it, I actually like the idea of AA vs. AA. But I don't think that it would solve any of the problems I see people raising -- and I certainly don't want additional restrictions on changing who I accept and reject.

From: Splat Monday, May 29, 03:59AM It hasn't anything to do with being able to switch AA on and off at will but being defenceless against a mob that accept you individually. Ie. friends and clanmates not being able to help you at all. I guess it'd still be possible to accept all but reject a whole bunch of the targets allies but it's less likely to be abused than the current setup, perhaps that could change as well anyway.

From: Slash Monday, May 29, 07:05PM why not make accept all permanent, that way accept all's could only fight with accept alls, unless they wanted to specifically fight someone else. I like that (even though id like to see it go to the old way).

From: Tyrant Tuesday, May 30, 08:26AM I think that if the xp loss for death had been lowered and the old system left alone, the problem would have been solved. Pkok looks more like sour grapes from a few big imm alts who were jumped during a run or wronged pk wise somehow in a short period of time than an attempt at making things better. I know for a fact, if the xploss for pk deaths had been lowered, at the very least the number of pk chars would have quit dropping so dramatically. I noticed the number of enabled chars went WAY down when the xp system changed, then sorta steadily went downhill real slow like. Just like to remind you that the people pushing 'pkok' before it went in were (for the most part) doing so in the name of 'rp', looks like they sorta shot themselves in the foot with this one, no?


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