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Posted by Rachmaninov on 05/30

I think the OOC restrictions on enabled characters could use a new look with the institution of pkok; while this may not be so much of an issue for those trying to maintain the 'old style' of pkill, it does, I think apply to those who wish to take advantage of some of the benefits pkok offers, while pkilling in a more non-traditional way. The idea is this: remove the restriction of being able to go OOC only from inns from enabled characters who have no one in their accept list; or, if this is too difficult, remove the restriction from those who are rejecting all (essentially the same idea). As a surgeon, I thought it a good idea to enable, in case of extreme circumstances where people with the pk timer on them needed my help; (I also enabled in light of the fact that I have a fair amount of hp's which allows me to be a nice guinea pig for those who want to test out damage on me) ;P. However, there are certain circumstances where not being able to go OOC from any point in the game can be a real hindrance, such as when having to suddenly leave on an SL run. This restriction, to me, is especially nonsensical in light of the fact that I can't fight anyone, and no one can fight me while I'm rejecting all. In such a case, I can't see any reason for the OOC restriction. Thus, if there can be such a guarantee (which I feel is present when a character is rejecting all), I think it would be good to allow 'enabled' characters to go OOC from any point in the game. Rachmaninov, the now cent-less musician.

From: Aginor Sunday, May 28, 08:49AM I disagree, for one simple reason. There has to be some reason, however small, to not be PKOK set. If there isn't, then there's no reason why you should even have to ask an immortal, just have the accept/reject commands open to everybody. However small it is, the loss of the ability to go OOC at any given time is the price you pay to be able to PKOK. And there has to be a price somewhere, doesn't there? :) -Aginor

From: Mariachi Sunday, May 28, 09:56AM Ther doesn't really have to be a price. Anyway, I think if you're reject all, you should be able to go ooc from anywhere. If you have anyone accepted, then yeah, you have to be at an innkeeper, but if you haven't, then you can be able to go anywhere, thus keeping the idea that pkok is a way to turn pk on and off at your whim. as for having to ask an imm to pkokset you, I don't like that at all. I was hoping when I first learned this that this was just to apply to chars that existed at the time pkok was installed because something had to be changed in the charfile but now I hear this is not the case? anyhoo, I think all chars should be able to pkok whenever they like cause I haven't seen a proper type imm on since pkok was put in and I'd really like to have an educated opinion on its merits. Mari

From: Tarn Sunday, May 28, 11:02AM Since there is no current way to become un-pkokset, and given that (as I understand it) eventually the code will change so that we will be automatically pkokset, this really needs to be looked at. Rachmaninov's idea of being able to go ooc if you are reject all/not accepting anyone sounds good to me. Where's the difference between a char with reject all, and a char that hasn't been pkokset, in terms of likelihood of being a target for pkill. I understood the OOC/innkeeper restriction was in place to stop someone from going OOC as soon as they realised they were being hunted, or after fleeing mid-fight (although I freely admit I could be wrong on that). It's a little unfair to say 'that's the price you pay' for going pkok, when there is currently no way to redeem yourself out of being pkok. Reject all is the only way we have of turning off pkok, yet that won't allow chars to go OOC except from innkeepers. Tarn (this surgeon's not going pkok, cos I like the flexibility of going OOC from anywhere in the game. Sometimes you just have to leave in a hurry.)

From: Ryp Sunday, May 28, 11:43AM I pkok set'd myself for the same reasons as Rask. I had been thinking about posting a message like this for awhile. The only reason I see to keep the pk enabled flag on chars and have an immortal set it is so that an immortal can explain to the character who is pkok setting himself, the dangers of pk enabling. There shouldn't be a 'price to pay' for pkok enabling. It seems a bit pointless aside from what I mentioned above now that anyone and everyone can do it. Implement Rask's suggestion. Right now the ooc restriction is just a hassle for players, kind of like pkok :P

From: Sandra Sunday, May 28, 12:00PM A lot of people that have posted here weren't around when the change to access the OOC went in for pkillers. The problem wasn't so much that people fled and ran ooc, because before the timer, they couldjust flee to an inn and do the same thing. The problem was that you could hide in the OOC and wait for your victim to show up in the IC room you were waiting in to sneak a backstab, flee a room and repeat. Imagine now, if just rejecting all allowed someone set with PKOK to go ooc from anywhere. Imagine them going OOC from the room of their victim's favourite mob, waiting until the victim shows up, while most prep spells they would have on don't time down, then simply going ic, accepting and attacking. These are things we want to avoid, and while PKOK is not pkenabled, its toggle can, and most likely would, give us these problems. So, to avoid them, pkok set characters are treated, by the OOC, as pkenabled. -Sandra

From: Fuego Sunday, May 28, 05:05PM i think this nuts, your all whining that 'you cant go OOC when runs go bad' when going OOC when runs go bad is abusing the OOC area!! get over it, i think all characters PK or not should have to go OOC at an inn, caus cause when you are truly using the OOC for its real purpose, then there is no way you cant go to an inn. the fact is, people got used to abusing the OOC area, and now they want it back. Think about it Fuego read next

From: Tarn Sunday, May 28, 05:27PM Thanks Sandra for explaining why the OOC/innkeeper restriction was in place. I can certainly see why that would have been a problem in old-style pkill. But what was the imm-line I've heard at several Q&A's? 'People who pkill like that will soon find that no-one accepts them' - or something to that effect. If the idea of accept alls only being able to jump accept alls, as mentioned elsewhere on this board, was implemented, it would go in some large part to solving this problem. Those who don't accept all, would simply alter their accept/reject lists to not include someone who pkilled in such a manner. Or perhaps there could be a (10 tick?) timer after going IC, before you can accept someone? I understood that one day the code will be in, so that we won't need an imm to set pkok. Sometimes you have to leave a run in a hurry, not because the run went bad, but because of RL reasons (eg an unexpected visitor). You can't ask your SL group to get you to an inn -now- because you have to go in a hurry. And in any case, I'd really prefer not to have my chalice ticking away until I voided, just because RL suddenly called me away from my computer. Since the OOC/innkeeper issue is a valid one for some of us, when will there be a method of having the pkok flag removed? Tarn

From: Iceman Sunday, May 28, 09:49PM Ok the idea of sitting ooc waiting for a person to enter your ic chara room is well rather stupid. 1 how the hell are you gonna know that person is unlock w open w w close e lock e that ic chara room. there is only one way to check keep going ic and ooc and looking rather stupid if you ask me. if you ask me. 2 reject all when xp running. 3 another thing how will you know that targets favorite mob? I think if you know his or favorite mob then you could have attacked them before so why do your ooc ic chara crap. -iceman person that thinks that reject all should be able to go ooc anywhere in fact any chara with the 10tick timer the orginal intent for the ooc innkeeper is useless

From: Skar Monday, May 29, 12:08AM I agree with Fuego. Using OOC to escape IC complications is an abuse of the OOC. I'd much prefer it if everybody had to go to an inn to go ooc. One of the neat things about Hell is that you can't go ooc from there at all, ever. Kudos to Flagg. If you're in SL, head to the bridge of leaps and drop link. You'll be safe from the mobs. Don't change it -- allow pk characters to go ooc only from inns.

From: Darla Tuesday, May 30, 12:56AM Preventing pkok set characters from going ooc from any point, though it is only a little thing, seems likely to the deciding factor when choosing to pk. A character that may want to try out pkok, or pk only occasionally, is likely to decide that it is not worth that bother. I know that if I chose to get pkok set, it is far more likely that I would never engage in battle and never again be able to slip ooc for a quick daquiri on a whim than tha I would become an active pker. Is discouraging people from trying pkok really what you intended? It seems from Sandra's post, that you expect the worst out of us. It is hardly fair to punish those who play fairly for the transgressions of a fe a long time ago. Why not work to find a better solution, which addresses the real issues at hand?


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