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Posted by Poetry on 06/05

I think Ive come to realize, that people on legend dont like pkill. Take this as a fact, and all the changes to the pk system start to make a lot of sense. Huginn very clearly stated that PKOK was a last ditch effort to "save" pkill from from being yanked all together. If thats the case, then I guess we better take whatever the imms decide for us. So many elements of pkill are missing out of the PKOK system that I would hardly call legend a mud with pkill anymore. What pisses me off most is when people accuse me and other oldschool pkillers of just wanting to beat on weaker pkillers, etc. That is so far off the mark. You people that do nothing but SL AT and are being as selfish about what you like about legend as a lot of us are about pkill. Why cant people understand that there are ALOT of very dedicated players that like legend for pkill, and little else? Its reality, make us unhappy enough, and I Think the mud will degenerate to the nothingness of a lot of mushes moos or whatever you call those stupid things. Pkillers are a very important part of legend. No pkiller likes PKOK. NO ONE. Be careful now, dont get all excited.. my definition of pkiller is very specific.. but still encompasses enough people to make it a group. People that like PKOK arent "pkillers". They are players that like to dabble a little and just see what its like. You can make these people happy at a big expense to another subcommunity in legend. I dont know what the solution is, but some acknowledgement from imms, that an IMPORTANT subcommunity of legend took a very big hit with PKOK would be nice. Personally, I dont think legend will survive without us. No one spends more time working on characters, and learning new areas, and finding better items than us. Please change this system to accommodate not only those occasional pkillers, but the deditated ones too. I also hope you guys understand that ACCEPT ALL is no solution to this. Dont forget, that if a player didnt want to get killed by Poetry, then all they had to do is not pkenable... PKOK gives them a few more options to have fun... but takes away a LOT of fun for others... So let me introduce myself.. Im an ACCEPT ALL pkiller that sits around.. with NO CLUE about who accepts today vs yesterday.. or whenever... and NO CLUE who will decide to accept me cause I walked into the inn where they happen to be at full hps and mana with 19 charmies... It sucks. And after the prepped up unknown aggressor kills me they hang out in the house and brag about it while the timer is ticking down... cant you guys understand this? hello? Maybe it could work. I dont have any ideas except go back to the old system... but Im open to anything to make this one work. Right now, it only makes certain people happy. Poetry

From: Jesus Tuesday, May 30, 11:35AM your the only one whining, Poetry. This isn't PoetryMUD, it's not going to suit your every desire. The problem for you doesn't involve pkok, other pkillers, the xp scale, or whatever you are blaming it on this week, the problem lies within you. I have NO trouble finding a fight when I want one, with people in your range. It's very simple, people don't like your style of pk, and don't wish to pk with you, so they don't. Wait, isn't that what pkok was designed for? AMAZING. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Tulpa Tuesday, May 30, 01:57PM I'm gonna have to say I'm with Poetry on this one, I gave pkok a try and it's really fun to be able to pk with lots of chars, but it's just lacking a big part of what it used to be. I'm sure I've bitched, and complained about being jumped before, and looted, but really it's not all that bad. When PKOK was installed, the MUD took another step down. Were looseing alot of people because of it. Alot of my frieds have left, or are going to leave soon. And without friends, and the way the mud is now, there's no way many more of us would stay. Basically something needs to be changed, or were gonna loose alot of the player base. Tulpa

From: Jesus Tuesday, May 30, 02:37PM -shrug- I guess I just don't see the fun in making someone elses experience on this mud a bad one, Unlike Poetry, among others. Perhaps someday these people will realize that pkok was installed because of people like them, and they'll stop bitching, because they'll feel entirely stupid. Until then, I like pkok, I support pkok, and think if you don't like it, you should look for another mud, like you keep saying you are going to. Thou hath speaketh. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Slash Tuesday, May 30, 11:25PM Damn nice to see someone post a good explanation of why pkok sucks. Cheer to Poetry, his gripes about pkok match mine and many others. Jesus, heh you dont even deserve a response to because you are obviously no pkiller. Slash

From: Dune Wednesday, May 31, 09:39AM In response to your first append, Jesus... Im very clearly not the only one "whining". Im not saying that I want PoetryMUD. Im NOT suggesting that we should yank PKOK and make players like you, that like PKOK, unhappy. Im trying to find a solution to make everyone happy. Not just you... and people like you. Seems to me that what you want is JesusMUD. I would appreciate if you censored your comments and kept them to constructive discussion... Not everyone likes PKOK, thats pretty clear. Dont those people have a say and a voice too? or just you, Jesus? Poetry's player

From: Dune Wednesday, May 31, 09:46AM Let me also quote your second append... "I guess I just dont see the fun in making someone elses experience on this mud a bad one, Unlike Poetry, among others." Your comments and aggression on chat and boards have made my experience on this mud a bad one. Ive tried to combat it with similar behaviour.... but it doesnt seem to work.. and Ive tried to involve imms to come up with some sort of agreement that limits how we interact... you refused. I dont want to hear your slander about what Im like anymore. You have a very different experience with me that most players. Your vocal aggression and dislike for me isnt shared by anyone. Your appends are mostly unconstructive ooc attacks on me and what you view me to be like. Im not going to insult you, or say anything back to you anymore. Im kindly asking you to stop.. especially appends like the one to this post, in which Im representing a fair amount of people that agree with me, not targeting anyone.... and just overall, trying to be constructive. All I could say is that I tried to work it out with a fair 2-way agreement, but you refused. Poetry's player

From: Kidd Wednesday, May 31, 04:24PM ok...I dont usually type a lot, and im not going to this time but I've tried pkilling with all my chars...its quite fun...but everyone still has one true pkiller...(pk isnt very good with your mob killing chars) I like pkok for the ONLY fact that you can enable more then one char and p pk with them...other then that..well I dont. I dont know of a solution to it...I dont know of a way around the problems that I see with pkok...but I know I didnt have these feelings in the old pk system...I lik Kidds player

From: Kidd Wednesday, May 31, 04:27PM I messed up...I didnt have these feelings in the old pk system but I liked the old way...

From: BabaYaga Monday, June 05, 07:34AM Oooookay, having read these posts I'm not sure what class at all I fall under anymore! Am I a pkiller! Am I not! Do I care! -drool self- Point is, there just may be another class being left out here. I don't generally go around jumping people because -mourn self- I'm just not terribly aggressive as a pkiller. But neither did I, or do I hide (I currently have one pkok all who never turns it off). I kinda like being jumped. I DON'T like looting or multi-ing, because I take those personally in most situations. This is all just leading to the fact that I bluntly like the old pk system better. If pkok was meant to heal the rift between clanned and unclanneds, it hasn't. It's just shifted the terminology between clanneds/unclanned an added a third class into the bargain -semi-clanneds. Optimistically speaking, I'm really hoping that a) the only pkokall can fight pkokall will go in, b) given some time, people will level up all new eq people, and not be afraid to pkok with those. One of the main reasons why I DON'T have all my many alts pkok'd all is quite simply -old eq. I'm a munchkin numbers gamer to the heart. And I am most definitely not willing to lose old stuff. BUT. If the hit/dam were wiped from all old eq without changing stats (so people don't suddenly lose skills from those nifty new minuses on hernes or log in way overrent, almost all of my alts would pkokall, excepting the pure healers. Oeerk. Just an old lady's senile babblings. Baba Yaga

From: BabaYaga Monday, June 05, 07:41AM Oh er, to show just how unaggressive I generally am, Jesus cast about 4 spells that my pkokall's sink caught, at Aengus the other day, I didn't attack him. I didn't feel like it. But -flopdrool- I think most of you younguns who know me wouldn't call this old lady cowardly.


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