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Pkok and the opinions of a psycho

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Posted by Asmodean on 06/05

I'm going to make an attempt at explaining how I see pk. This may or may not agree with Poetry's ideas, but I'm going to give it a shot. I think that pkok does what it was intended to do. It takes pk and puts it in the hands of the players for the most part. It lets them decide who they fight, when they fight, and why they fight. If you don't like a certain player, you just don't fight them. Very simple and very easy to get around, type reject person and boom, no worries. All in all, it puts the power in the hands of the players, not in the hands of imms or code. One main problem with this is that its been proven time and time again tha people aren't particularly responsible when given power of any magnitude. We tend to abuse it and think of only ourselves when we should be thinking of the whole, considering this is an online gaming community which means there is more then one person behind the controls. In pkok, you can easily ruin someones day. Walk up to them, have you and your friend accept them, and if they are pkok all and grouped with they're friend, to bad, he can't help. Or maybe I just died to a mob. You weren't accepting me before but now, hey, you hvae a vendetta against me and I have maybe 10 hitpoints. Wouldn't this be the best time to get me? Oh, i won! How exciting. Now I'll just go sit in my house now for 48 ticks, reject, and its never a problem again. Now, given, these are both extremes and will be rejected by many. The problem is that these fears are all too real. Look at Poetry'es post? Most people dislike the idea of being vulnerable while they're enemy is strong, and pkok magnifies this many times over the old system. The difference being, I don't know who my enemy is. I just know he always has the advantage and could come for me at any time, most likely when I'm not full. The problem with pkok is accept all. Plain and simple. It allows anyone to attack you while you may only attack those who KNOW they have you accepted. I propose an idea I've heard countless times and that I think would work. I propose that accept all can fight only other accept alls UNLESS they accept an individual. So, for more clearity, lets say I'm accept all and Gareth isn't. Gareth and I want to duel, therefore we have to both accept each other to fight. The only way a non accept all can fight an accept all is if the accept all accepts them individually. This gives the rpers and the dabblers all the room they need to have fun in pkok and lets the people who don't want to do anything but pk without constant danger of fighting someone who normally couldn't fight you. While a bunch of people could still just accept all and attack you, at least your buddy could now assist you now. I know this post was long and probably boring. I appologize. I wrote this over a course of an hour while watching a movie. :) But the facts are clear. At lesat the facts from my point of view. I think you should make pk a bit more fun for the more hardcore fans without sacrificing what you've already done. I think with the above suggestion or a different one, this is possible. It would make the most people happy with a system that was designed for that very reason. -Asmodean, Craven, Sammael, Mandarb, and countless other "pkillers"

From: Jessamyn Tuesday, May 30, 09:43PM I'll be frank. i'm lousy at pkill. i never won a fight, and i stopped logg logging him on cause i didn't like being jumped. so for me, pkok was a great thing. i can fight duels with specific people, and not have to worry about being jumped as i level. However, Asmodean does have a point, and so does poetry. i say that the accept all thingie be put in, it does m make a lotta sense. errr yeah. that's it. nice short append. -goes back to happy herb running-

From: Jen-Jen Wednesday, May 31, 06:34AM I have been in pkill, not very actively, but still. And frankly what people are saying about pkok is starting to annoy me. Yes - it was a good idea to install, it gives players the option of using pkill in RP as well which is something I _really_ like. No - pkok isn't a good thing for the oldstyle pkillers who want the element of jumping, but who now have to worry about being jumped by one or several fully prepped enemies they had no idea could attack them and who will reject them just as soon as the tick timer runs down. And even though we'd perhaps like to think that the players here are mature enough not to do that - I think that would be optimistic to the point of stupidity. Please, help us all be happy and make the 'accept all' players only be targets for other 'accept all' or personally accepted others. There's my opinion /Jen-Jen's player.

From: Dune Wednesday, May 31, 09:20AM I like all these ideas, but it still weird that someone could still prep up, accept all, attack when you are at 10 hps, and then wait off the timer in a house, and reject all. It doesnt really solve the problem, although its good start. Accept all shouldnt be some easy thing to turn on and off. As long as it is, you are going to get that kind of behavior. People will never know who is "clanned" on a certain day, and then unclanned 1 RL hour later. I know the problems with the system well, but I still dont have an great solutions.:( Maybe bring back the old pksystem.. and then give unclanned an option to dabble by oking certain people at an experience cost? SOMETHING has to be good about accept all to push people to doing it. I dunno, I dont really like that idea, now that I think about it. But Im still brain storming. Dune/Poetry whatever, everyone knows=p

From: Splat Wednesday, May 31, 09:52AM Well, I don't think it'd be that much of a problem, I like the idea of people in a group being able to defend a group member who's jumped but possibly suffer for it being accept all for 50 ticks. Would be nice if it were a lot longer actually. But, to address the 'possible misuse' of such a system that Dune spoke of, the individual could receive a message that they have been accepted and the person doing the accepting could get 3 or so rounds of skill lag from it. In fact, I may even accept all without the other change if I was informed of an incoming wolfpack this way.

From: Tirasala Wednesday, May 31, 04:08PM I must say, I do like the idea of accept all vs accept all, or the alternate accept always that has come up here and there. It gives us old style pkillers what we want while not taking anything away from people that just dabble with pkill thru pkok. I don't completely agree with Poetry that the MUD would perish without pkillers, but it would definately take a step down that path. Do any of the imms have anything to say on this? Tira

From: Kidd Wednesday, May 31, 04:33PM ok I got another idea...its going to be short... My opinion as someone said in a past post about on and off pkok... LIKE the old system pk wasnt something you could -toggle-...it was a permanent thing...(unless you retired) My idea is well...once you accept all, you can never reject anyone...and I think it was asmodean that said accept all vs accept all... it would be the best of both worlds as I see it at the moment...the old pk system (accept all) and the others that want to accept for rp purposes blah blah I like my idea...it seemed good at the time I typed this little blurb uip up rather, and i'd appreciate if it was looked at with an open mind...than thanks Kidds Player

From: Sterling Wednesday, May 31, 05:30PM I figured I would give an opinion from an rp pkiller's side on this issue. Before pkok, I was a pkiller. MOST of my pk was rp related. This means that I wasn't a 'hard-core' pkiller. While I think that the idea of accept all vs accept all may be a good idea, I have to admit that the addition to the same in which Kidd posted is something that I would have to disagree greatly with. While I am an rp pkiller, I do enjoy getting into fights with those of which would normally be accept all in this system. And I would dislike the fact that I could no longer enjoy fighting and learning from those pkillers. One may ask why I wouldn't just accept all in this case. The answer to that is that while I like to pkill with most, I do wish to pk the way others may enjoy. So, my opinion is that if we go with the accept all vs accept all, and the ability for those with accept all on to be able to accept an individual and that individual able to accept just them and fight, I'm all for it. If, however, accept all is only to be able to fight against another accept all, with no ability to change or add to that, then I would have to say that this greatly reduces my fun in pk, and its not something I'd enjoy. Sterling

From: Kerstin Wednesday, May 31, 11:46PM I'm gonna add my vote here- I also really like the idea of having accept alls only attackable by other accept alls, or by others who they specifically accept. Currently, there's no reason to accept all. So, yah. Nothing new to add, I'm just very much in favor of what's been said above. Kerstin.

From: LadyAce Thursday, June 01, 12:07AM I like the suggestion above as I understand it...but rather than using the pkok all command, what about something like 'pkok oldstyle' or some other spiffier name -- which would be an oldstyle, untoggleable without a redeem, type of setting. Players set pkok oldstyle could be attacked by anyone else pkok oldstyle, at any time, no matter what. pkok all could then be reserved truly for "all" -- everyone and anyone, but toggleable. As for how doable this is or whether anyone but me likes the idea... we'll see :) -LA

From: Rufus Thursday, June 01, 02:42AM My idea (and this is _my idea_) not any type of official one, would be to have a 3rd channel of pkill like ladyace mentions. It could turned off, but once you turn it on, you have to die a pk death in order to have the option to turn it back off. -Ruf

From: Splat Thursday, June 01, 10:49AM Previous append died due to restarting, making sure the next is ok.

From: BabaYaga Monday, June 05, 07:48AM I like the third kind of pk option too, but I think it should be a redeem, not just a pk death. -flop- It's too hard to track who's erm... bah...clanned. And not, with just one pkdeath being able to turn it off, plus some people turn anndeath off. Baba Yaga


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