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pkok and the ideas of some other psycho:)

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Posted by Poetry on 06/02

Ok, I think I might have something that works... this isnt really my idea... its a combo of stuff that asmo and kidd said, and someone else. But all together it seems to work. How about we make a couple conditions... 1. In order to attack someone that is accept all... you have to be accept all ALSO. 2. Accept all overrides your reject list. 3. Accept all can be turned on at ANY time to assist a group mate, or save an SL run.. BUT.. costs 10 million experience to turn off... kind of like a half redeem, but not really. 4. Someone that is not Accept all could still duel someone that is accept all, if the accept all person specifically accepts them too. I dunno about the cost 10 million xp... seems high to me.. but still much better than the 25 million it used to cost. I suppose that this should be MUCH lower for characters under level 50... but lets see first that people actually like this idea. If its liked overall... then we could discuss what kind of costs removing accept all should carry. It doesnt have to be experience, but it should have some high cost. This way, everyone is happy. People that like PKOK could accept only specific people, and dabble. Accept all people dont have to worry about unknown aggressors.. and if someone does pop up, they will be around for a while at least.... as a "clanned", untill they could cover the cost to remove accept all. We could remove the accept all cost, and just make a VERY long timer Thats fine with me, although others may not like it. The idea is way open at this point, but I think that with some brain storming, it has potential to make a lot of people happier. Anyway, I hope you guys like this. Poetry:)

From: Skar Thursday, June 01, 01:34PM I think you'll find that even fewer people will be accept all under this proposed system. I've been accept all since this system went in -- with the exception of when I felt I had to drop link during AT or something. If I had to lose 10 million xp just to protect myself when I couldn't go to the inn, I would instantly turn off AA, never to turn it on again. I think most people would do the same. There's just no advantage to being AA under this system. I can fight anybody by accepting them individually, I'm actually not risking as much, and I won't lose xp when I change my mind or have to drop link. If this goes in, you'll actually lose at least one person who's currently accepting everybody -- me. I would almost prefer an all-or-nothing system -- where you're either AA or you're not pkill at all, but you can switch in on and off. That way, no invulnerable wolfpacks or other nasty things that people can do when none of your friends can assist you. Having a heavy xp fine to use pkok will ensure that nobody will use it.

From: Poetry Thursday, June 01, 01:42PM So Skar would be someone that accepts a person here and there, and just dabbles in pkok.... someone that goes accept all is someone thats in the frame mind of being "clanned". You see, before it was all or nothing.. clanned or not clanned. Now its... kind of clanned.... like skar.. you could pk on an individual basis... or its pretty much oldschool clanned.. once you are in, there is a cost to get out... but not as big a cost as there used to be. Isnt it the best of both worlds? You are right, Skar, in saying that not a lot of people will accept all.. but I think it will be more than the amount of people that accept all now... and more than the amount of people that "clanned" in the old system.

From: Reaper Thursday, June 01, 01:47PM Well, hrmmmm, I'm pretty stoned right now, and I just don't know what to quite say about this subject, but PKOK sucks donkey -The Reaper

From: Skar Thursday, June 01, 01:49PM I'll repeat here what I told Poetry: the main reason that I'm AA is the principle of the thing. I'm AA mostly to provide a target for the people that enjoy that style of pk -- I'm not good enough to actually ruin any body's day. But I don't feel strongly enough about your fun that I'll accept a 10 million xp fine when I need to drop link. (laugh) You know what I'd do under this proposal? I'd accept everybody I could see in the who list, individually. Then I could still reject all and drop link with no xp penalty. I wouldn't be able to jump anybody that was AA, but I'm not a jumping person anyway. I think the proper compromise is that you must be AA to fight AA, or be specifically accepted by the AA. It won't solve all the problems, but it certainly solves a few. I like it, but I don't like xp fines.

From: Poetry Thursday, June 01, 01:55PM Thats fine, but I still have a problem with the fact that people could be "clanned" one hour, and "unclanned" the next.. as many times as they want, at no cost, except the fact that they just have to sit in the house for a while. Thats why people dont accept all freely. Cause you never know whos clanned, and whos not. With SOME sort of cost to enter and exit.. at least people would stick around for a while. Maybe 10 million xp sucks... can anyone think of something else? And Skar, you are very noble for staying accept all for people to jump... but somehow I dont think too many people are going to attack you=p I know Im not going to. -tkiss- Poetry

From: TaxCollector Thursday, June 01, 02:22PM I am not an experienced pkiller so bear with me if I say something stupid :) But wouldn't Rufus' idea in an append to the previous post be a good compromise? That way there -would- be a cost to turn accept all off. You would have to -die- in pkill first to be able to do it. I also like Skar's idea - not here on the board, but he said it on chat and credit where it is due :) - about having to turn off accept all within a few ticks after your pk death or not at all, to prevent abuse. It would also give people a chance to avoid getting multied. My spontanous feeling is that this would make most people if not thrilled, then at least much less unhappy? I don't know if this append makes much sense, as I said I am not an experienced pkiller and freely admit that I could be entirely wrong. But even if I am, maybe it's not -quite- necessary to call me an idiot because of that? ;) TaxCollector

From: Z'x Thursday, June 01, 04:40PM Just a quick little addition...in my eyes...I can see everyone being happy with the old system like LA said, with the new system...the combination seems very reasonable...and well it sounds like good old pk again...Just another vote for the oldstyle Z'x

From: Mac Friday, June 02, 01:41AM I think Lagmonster mentioned this before, don't know why I didn't append but there really should be some kind of incentive to accept all from a low level, in the past level 35 was the limit so you had some risk til hitting 50, but now that's gone, perhaps there should be something like a 10% xp bonus while accept all.


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